Painting of oldest building in Meadow Valley, NV

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Painting of oldest building in Meadow Valley, Nevada Painting of oldest building in Meadow Valley, NV

Panaca is a small farming community located 15 miles north of Caliente and 10 south of Pioche. It is 1 mile east of U.S. 93 on State Route 319. Cedar City, Utah and St. George, Utah are the nearest cities - both are approximately 82 miles from Panaca. Las Vegas is located 165 miles south of Panaca.

Panaca was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1864 and was within the Territory of Utah at that time. In 1866 the Nevada border was moved east to its present boundary, which placed Panaca in Nevada.

This historic and picturesque little town is home to the Lincoln County High School and Middle School, which provides public education to the youth of northern Lincoln County. Some of the historical homes of the original settlers still remain and can be seen on walking or driving tours. The first general store to be built in Panaca still remains on Main Street and has been restored and is in use as a seasonal museum.

Panaca's primary industry has always been farming. Today it is the eastern gateway to 5 state parks: Cathedral Gorge, located approximately 2 miles from Panaca; Kershaw Ryan near Caliente is approximately 16 miles, Beaver Dam, which is accessed from U.S. 93 south of Panaca is 35 miles, Spring Valley which is north of Pioche is 30 miles and Echo Canyon, also north of Pioche is 24 miles. For more information on what to see and do in Lincoln County, Nevada please visit the Tourism web site.

To the north of Panaca and directly east of Miller's Point (part of Cathedral Gorge State Park) is Condor Canyon. It once held a railroad track, a mine, and a small mining community. Some ruins of the mine structural foundations remain. About two miles west of Panaca is a small airport that accommodates small planes and helicopters. It has recently been renovated.

Panaca is host to the Pioneer Days annual celebration. The year 2014 marked the 150th birthday of Panaca as well as of the state of Nevada. The annual Lincoln County Fair and Rodeo are also celebrated each year in August at the Panaca Fair and Rodeo Grounds. This event is often paired with a Mud Bog located across the street from the Fair Grounds and sponsored by a local mud bog club. Motorcycle and ATV races are also frequently held during the summer months in northern Lincoln County. For more information on special events, please visit our Events web page.

Lodging is available at the Pine Tree Inn and Bakery, which can be reached by calling telephone number 775-728-4675.