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Marriage Information

Getting Married

Marriage applications are accepted at the Clerks Office between the hours of 9:00 amand 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Official identification (i.e. drivers license or official ID card) will be required.

Questions that they are required to answer include: Social Security Number, Father’s full name, Mother’s full maiden name and the states that they were born in, if the applicant has ever been divorced he/she will need to know where/when.  The cost is $55.00, the license is good for one year and can be used anywhere in the state of NV.  There is a Justice of the Peace in the courthouse (Mike Cowley, 775-962-5840) and one in Alamo (Nola Holton, 775-725-3357), but appointments are usually required.  There is also a Senior Judge in Panaca (Sarah “Pete” Getker) who performs ceremonies (775-728-4610).

Performing Marriages

New ministers can apply for a license to perform marriages with the Clerk’s office as well.  Applicants will need to fill out the ministerís application (whether it be temporary—this applies to ministers from another county/state—or standard) according to the instructions and will need to provide copies of their ordination papers. 

Instructions for Standard License

License To Perform Marriages - Standard Form. This form should be used by ministers desiring to perform marriage ceremonies in Lincoln County regularly. This form must be notarized by a Public Notary.

Instructions for Temporary License

License to Perform Marriages -Temporary Form. This form is meant to be used by ministers practicing outside of Lincoln County that want to perform a marriage ceremony within Lincoln County. This form must be notarized by a Public Notary.





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