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Lincoln County Home Page > Emergency Management > Burning Permit

Burning Permits

There is a requirement to obtain a burning permit for any type of burning within Lincoln County. The State of Nevada has a new requirement for all counties to issue burning permits to ensure that open burning complies with state and federal requirements. Lincoln County already has an open burn policy that does comply with the state and federal requirements. The State of Nevada is primarily concerned about burning items that discharge a high level of particulates and pollutants into the atmosphere. For more information, visit the Nevada Bureau of Air Quality Mobile, Smoke and Area Sources web page.

Residents are encouraged to get a burn permit to burn weeds, limbs, grasses, etc., on their property from their local fire department. There is no charge for the permit. Permits may be obtained from:

Fire District Map - This map shows the local fire district areas.

If your property is not in one of these fire districts, or you are not sure which fire district you are in, please contact Rick Stever, Emergency Manager for Lincoln County.

Some fire districts will have a specific time period they will endourse open burning. Citizens are encouraged to contact their fire district officials to see what the schedule is for their area.

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