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Fire District Map - This is a map of Lincoln County that shows the areas covered by each fire district.

Lincoln County Code Concerning Open Burning

Burning Permit Requirements

U.S. Fire Administration - Working for a fire safe America

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Lincoln County Fire Protection District


Fire Chief - Rick Stever
e-mail -
mail - Box 90   Pioche, Nev.   89043
phone - 775-962-2376
fax - 775-728-4257

Christmas Season Safety Tips

NOTICE: There is a new requirement for local burning permits when burning within Lincoln County. For more information please review the new burning permit web page.

Wildfire Survival - It takes a Community. You Can Make a Difference!

The Living With Fire web site has useful information to help Nevadans live more safely with the threat of wildfire. The Bureau of Land Management Fire Assistance web site has information about community assistance available to educate and prepare its citizens to live safely in the areas where wildland and urban areas meet.

Burn awareness and prevention and keeping homes safe from the leading causes of home fires.

Home Fire Safety Tips

Burn Awareness Tips

Test the water to see how warm it is before putting a child in the bath. Make sure the hot water is turned off tight so a small child cannot turn it on and scald themselves.

Wear short or close-fitting sleeves when cooking on the stovetop to prevent a sleeve from catching fire.

Store and dispose of old aerosol spray cans properly. If a can is in a fire it can easily explode and spray burning material all around.

All local fire departments have a program that they present at schools to encourage awareness and fire safety to the kids. They are instructed to share this information with their parents and share it with the family. Have a family discussion this week about fire safety within the home and establish a plan of what to do if there is a fire at home. Remember to establish and rehearse an escape plan in case of emergency. The family should have an established place to meet outside the home in case of fire to ensure that everybody is accounted for.

Ten Easy Ways to Protect Kids from Burn Injuries

Fire prevention is something that all adults and families need to be aware of. Look around your home and try to identify and eliminate hazards that may start or increase the possibility of a fire.


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