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Safety Recalls

This page contains information concerning important safety recalls of products that have presented serious safety concerns. If you have any of the type of items reported here, please check the model numbers and immediately remove hazardous items from service.

Salmonella Sample Prompts Tomato Recall

A Florida tomato grower is voluntarily recalling its grape tomatoes after a sample tested positive for salmonella. These tomatoes were sold in plastic trays and pre-made salads sold through several national supermarket chain stores in the western U.S. Affected states are Arizona, Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Read more...

Ford F-150 Pickup Recall Notice

A potential short circuit in the air bag component of 2004 through 2006 model years Ford F150 pickups is cause for a recall notice issued by Ford Motor Company. . Read more...

Notice from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

If you use a portable electric heater please make sure you don't have one of these.  If you do stop using it immediately and return to Walmart.

EFI Model P-50ES surge suppressor power strips

If you have one of these power strips please remove it from service immediately. Destroy the power strip by cutting the cord and throwing the pieces away. Open this document to see pictures of this model of power strip that have burned due to electrical short circuit.


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