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Home Safety

There are many causes of fires around the home that we often overlook. The challenge is in identifying those potential risks and taking steps to address them. The home safety web page offer information on several areas of home and family safety.

Jack-o-Lantern Check our Halloween Safety Tips web page for information on ways to make your children safer during their trick-or-treat explorations in your neighborhoods. During this night children are often focused on getting from house to house and may not be watching for cars. As drivers, please be extra observant on Halloween and watch for those small trick-or-treaters that may jump out at you in the night.

Electrical fires are a common cause of home fires. For some great links and tips related to electricity safety read more....

It is that time of year when people are going to start building fires in homes for heat.  For your safety, and to prevent home fires, be sure to clean chimneys and stove pipes.  Creosote build up can affect the air flow out of the stove or fireplace and can eventually lead to a fire that may cause substantial damage. Check smoke alarm batteries or install smoke alarms if there are none in the home. Read this article about holiday lights and Christmas Trees, and cooking. Be aware of potential hazards and have a SAFE holiday season.

For more information about home smoke alarms visit our web page about smoke detectors. There you will find some very important information about the types of smoke detectors and what types of fires they will detect.

For more information about home smoke alarms and fire sprinklers, please visit:

FEMA Encourages Americans to Be Prepared As They Turn Their Clocks Back

WASHINGTON,D.C. -- With Daylight Saving Time coming to an end, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is encouraging Americans to take advantage of the November 7 time change as a reminder to make sure their families are prepared for a possible emergency. A few simple steps like checking smoke alarms, developing a family communications plan, and putting an emergency kit together can go a long way toward keeping families safe. CLICK LINK BELOW:

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Bureau of Land Management and members of the Eastern Nevada Narcotic Task Force caution those venturing into Nevada public lands anytime to be mindful of the potential for the discovery of hidden marijuana fields. Read more...


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