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Winter Safety Tips

Miller's Point wearing a cover of winter snowBe Prepared for Winter Weather - Exposure to cold temperatures, whether indoors or outside, can cause other serious or life-threatening health problems. To keep yourself and your family safe, you should know how to prevent cold-related health problems and what to do if a cold-weather emergency arises. Read more...

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but the weather can make it a dangerous time of year as well. Keep yourself and your family safe and prepared for winter weather with these winter safety tips.

There are a wide variety of sports to enjoy during the winter months. ATV riding, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are possibilities in Lincoln County. There are ski resorts within driving distance for those that enjoy downhill skiing and winter sports in these areas. Whatever you choose to do this winter, practice winter sports safety. Keep warm and be prepared for emergencies. Read more about winter sports safety.

Winter Safety Tips for Senior Citizens - As tough as the cold weather is on everyone, it's particularly dangerous for senior citizens. Jim Miller, editor of Savvy Senior, a syndicated newspaper column, was invited on the "Today" show to share some steps seniors should take to stay safe as the mercury plunges. Read more...

Exercise and Cold Weather: Tips to stay safe outdoors - Dressing in layers, protecting your hands and feet, and paying attention to the forecast can help you stay safe and warm while exercising outdoors in cold weather. Read more...

Extreme Cold: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety

Cold Weather Tips for Your Pets - Your pets can't talk to you to tell you they are cold. Watch out for signs such as shivering, lack of activity or appetite, distressed sounds, frost or ice buildup on their fur or hair, etc. The following guidelines will help you protect your pets in cold weather.

Consumer Product Safety Alert - Snow Throwers

Shoveling Snow Safely - Every winter people hurt themselves shoveling snow, ranging from minor aches and pulled muscles to fatal heart attacks. What people often fail to realize is that shoveling is more than just a chore. It puts a lot of stress on the body in a short period of time. Read more...

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