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Lincoln County, Nevada is a land filled with mountain ranges, windswept valleys, wild horses, cattle ranches and folks that like the country life.


Upcoming Events

Look here for future events. There are basketball games to see and the weather is mild enough to make hiking a pleasurable experience, even in winter. ATV riding is a popular activity and Lincoln County is home to the Silver State ATV Trail and the Chief Mountain ATV Recreation Area.


The Fourth of July is just around the corner! Remember to celebrate the holiday by flying your flag. Alamo and Caliente will both be holding celebrations for the holiday. Alamo's schedule runs from July 1 through July 4. Caliente will be celebrating on July 4. Schedules are available on-line on the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce web site.




Silver State Classic Challenge street car race will be held on State Highway 318 near Hiko, Nevada on September 16, 2016.


Western Pyrotechnics Association Fireworks Event, October 6 through 10, 2016. Event and camping will take place on the Delamar Dry Lake on the west side of the island on the dry lake bed.








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