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Lincoln County, Nevada is a land filled with mountain ranges, windswept valleys, wild horses, cattle ranches and folks that like the country life.


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Look here for future events. There are basketball games to see and the weather is mild enough to make hiking a pleasurable experience, even in winter. ATV riding is a popular activity and Lincoln County is home to the Silver State ATV Trail and the Chief Mountain ATV Recreation Area.





There will be a radon presentation for the public on February 2, 2016 at 6 p.m. at Caliente Fire Station. To learn more about radon visit our National Radon Action Month web page.

In Nevada the caucus system has replaced the primary election system. If you want to influenced which democrat runs in the presidential election you need to attend the democratic caucus for your area. In case you ever wondered, a caucus is defined by Miriam-Webster dictionary as "a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party or faction usually to select candidates or to decide on policy; also: a group of people united to promote an agreed-upon cause"

You need to be registered to vote. You can register to vote at the County Clerks Office. You may also register to vote on-line at the Nevada Secretary of State on-line voter registration web site.

Democratic Caucus -This caucus is open to all registered Democrats. If you are not already registered but are eligible to vote, you may complete a registration form and participate on the day of the caucus. If you will be 18 by November 8, 2016 and are otherwise eligible to vote, you may participate in the caucus.

The Lincoln County Democratic Caucus is held on Saturday, February 20, 2016 from 11:00 am to noon at all the locations listed below:

Pioche and Ursine: Pioche town hall, just south of the courthouse. Doors open at 11:00 am, which is also when registration begins. The caucus begins at noon.

Caliente and Panaca: Caliente Olsen Senior Center, 240 U.S. Highway 93, center of town in Caliente. Door open and registration begins at 11:00 am, the caucus begins at noon.

For more information about the local Democratic Caucus, contact Bill Hartman at 775-962-3110. To find the location of the Nevada Democratic Caucus for your area you can go to the Nevada Democratic Caucus Locater web site and enter your full address. You will be shown the location and a map for getting there from your address.

Republican Caucus - To participate in this caucus you must be a registered voter with the Republican Party at least 10 days prior to the Caucus. If you will be18 years old on or before November 8, 2016 you will be welcome to participate when you register as a Republican. A government-issued photo ID is required.

The Lincoln County Republican Caucus is held on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the location listed below:

Caliente Fire Station, U.S. Highway 93, Caliente, Nevada - All precincts will meet at this location to vote for the republican candidate to the 2016 presidential election. There will be booths set up for the individual precincts at the Fire Station.

For more information about the local Republican Caucus, contact Dave Hurd at 775-962-3158.

For more information on the Nevada Democratic and Republican caucuses you may access the Nevada Secretary of State 2016 Presidential Caucus web site.






Silver State Classic Challenge street car race will be held on State Highway 318 near Hiko, Nevada on May 15, 2016.








Silver State Classic Challenge street car race will be held on State Highway 318 near Hiko, Nevada on September 16, 2016.










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