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Reporting animals running loose: (Lincoln County Code Chapter 6-1) It is helpful if you know the owners of the animals, but even if you don't please call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at 775-962-5151.

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"Government ought to be all outside and no inside.  We believe it a fair presumption that secrecy means impropriety. "
Woodrow Wilson

County Commissioners - List of the current County Commissioners and their areas of responsibility.

Boards and Committees - List of the current Town Boards, Game Management Board, Fair and Recreation Board, Regional Transportation Committee, Debt Management (Bond) Commission.

Lincoln County Code - This code contains county approved business and license regulations, health and safety codes, animal codes, law enforcement codes, vehicle and traffic codes, public ways and property codes, public services, building regulations, flood damage prevention, planning and development code, Toquop Township Planned Use Development, and Coyote Springs codes.

Ordinances - Check this link for draft ordinance information and for adopted ordinances.

Resolutions- Check this link for draft resolution information and for adopted resolutions.

Meetings - Public meeting minutes and agendas.



There are approximately 339,000 veterans residing in Nevada eligible for services.  For more information, call NOVS toll free at 1-866-630-VETS (8387) or visit their website at

Lincoln County OHV Regulations - Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) General Requirements

Financial Statements and Audits - Report on Financial Statements and Supplemental Material for fiscal years 2008 through 2012.


This section will contain public notices except for public meetings.


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