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Heart Health


Every journey begins with one step, whether it’s climbing a mountain or preventing heart disease. This American Heart Month, CDC is offering weekly tips for better heart health. Take your first step on the road to a healthy heart.

Heart disease is a major problem. Every year, about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. About 600,000 people die from heart disease in the United States each year—that’s 1 out of every 4 deaths. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. (Exerpted from CDC web page February is Heart Health Month)


Did you know that 1 in 4 women die of heart disease?

Compare that number to the 1 in 30 that die of breast cancer. With the odds of death from heart disease, it seems like a good idea to learn if you are a woman at risk of heart disease.

These pdf documents provide some tips and web page links to help you learn more about Women's Heart Health and determine if you are a woman at risk of heart disease.

The Heart Truth - Did you know that 80 percent of women in the age group between 40 and 60 years of age are at risk for heart attack? Read about women's heart attack risk factors in this informational brochure. (pdf document)

Heart Handbook for Women - Research on women’s heart health is exploding. Nearly every week, it seems, the media report on new ways to prevent and treat heart disease in women—and it can be hard to keep track of it all. In this updated edition of The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women, we have put together all of this new knowledge in one easy-to-use handbook.

Recipes for Heart Health

Tests That Can Help Protect Heart Health

Heart Attack Warming Signs

Some heart attacks are sudden and intense, but most of them start slowly, with mild pain or discomfort. Here are the signs that can mean a heart attack is happening:

If you or someone you're with has one or more of these signs, call 911. Get to the hospital right away.

If you're the one having symptoms, and you can't access the emergency medical services, have someone drive you to the hospital right away. Don't drive yourself, unless you have absolutely no other option.




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