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Information on Stinging Insect Allergies, along with summer comes those flying, crawling, things with the little STINGERS pointed straight at you....

Tips to Prevent Flu - Simple, inexpensive personal health advice for preventing the spread of flu.

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When the body is unable to cool itself by sweating, several heat-induced illnesses such as heat stress or heat exhaustion and the more severe heat stroke can occur, and can result in death. Read and Print this handy reference sheet to learn how to identify heat stress and protect yourself and others from heat related illness.

Flu season is here once again - Tips to Prevent Flu - Simple, inexpensive personal health advice for preventing the spread of flu.

Hand Sanitizer Safety Tips - While it is convenient to use waterless hand sanitizers to clean your hands, especially if soap and water are not available, remember that these most often use ethyl or isopropyl alcohol as a primary ingredient. Both of these forms of alcohol are toxic, especially to small children, so these products should be used with care. Read more...



If you were exposed to radiation from the nuclear testing at the Nevada Test site, call for your FREE cancer screening exam. Radiation Exposure Screening and Educatioin Program (RESEP).

Downwinders Radiation Exposure Screening - Now available in Caliente! Call Nikki at 775-725-3121 extension 102 for more information. Visit the Nevada Downwinders RESEP Web Site for forms, information on claims, and more information about the downwinders program.

Las Vegas, Nevada:(702)992-6888
St. George, Utah: (435)688-5990
Cedar City, Utah: (435)586-5051
Hildale, Utah: (435)874-2217
Caliente, Nevada (775)726-3121 Extension 102 (Nikki)


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