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Downwinders Radiation Exposure Screening - Now available in Caliente! Call Nikki at 775-725-3121 extension 102 for more information. Visit the Nevada Downwinders RESEP Web Site for forms, information on claims, and more information about the downwinders program.

New Options for Paying Property Taxes - The Treasurer's Office is excited to announce new payment options for paying your property taxes. New options include telephone payments, credit card, e-check, and on-line payments. Visit the Property Tax Payment Options web page for more information.

REGISTER YOUR OHV - It's now the law in Nevada. As of July 1, 2012 you must register your OHV used on public lands for the purpose of recreation. Read More...

Welcome to Lincoln County, Nevada

Desert FlowerLincoln County, Nevada is a land filled with mountain ranges, windswept valleys, wild horses, cattle ranches and folks that like the country life.





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April 22 is Earth Day. Get outside and enjoy yourself. Take a hike, ride a bike, plant something. Just enjoy this wonderful world that we live in and appreciate it. Remember, it is up to each of us to keep our communities and our ecologies healthy. Celebrate Earth Day - be kind to the earth!


It's Tax Season and the Scammer's are busy

Popular scams listed on the IRS web site involve e-mails received informing a person that they are due a refund and need to log onto a web site and register their personal information to receive it. Another scam claims to have your IRS PIN (personal identification number) and you need to log on and enter personal information to get your PIN. Read more about it at the IRS web site. Another fraud scam involves unsolicited telephone contact by persons claiming to be representatives of the IRS demanding immediate payment of taxes via credit card, debit card or a prepaid card. They will threaten you with fines, possibly legal action, if you do not pay immediately. Again you will be asked for personal financial information. The IRS will not initially contact you by phone. They will send an official letter through the mail. Read more about this scam at the IRS web site.

Lincoln County Code - This code contains county approved business and license regulations, health and safety codes, animal codes, law enforcement codes, vehicle and traffic codes, public ways and property codes, public services, building regulations, flood damage prevention, planning and development code, Toquop Township Planned Use Development, and Coyote Springs codes.

Lincoln County requires building permits prior to construction of property improvements. To learn specific requirements and how to obtain permits visit the Building Department web page.

County Board Meetings - This page lists county meeting minutes and agendas for boards such as Board of Commissioners, Highway Board, Planning and Zoning Meetings, Panaca Fire Department

Lincoln County Commissioner Meeting Webcast: Live streaming video of County Commission meetings is now available.

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