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Lincoln County Commission Meeting


April 6, 2009


Note: Those items with a designated time will be heard at that time, or as soon thereafter as the Board can accommodate. All other items do not have a
specific time and will be heard at the discretion of the Board. If you wish to speak on any item that is on the agenda, you must sign in with the Clerk at the

9:00 1 Call to order; Roll call; Invocation; Pledge of Allegiance.



2* Approve/Deny minutes of the March 16, 2009, March 23, 2009, March 25, 2009, and the March 30, 2009 Commission meetings.

3* Approve/Deny Tax Strike for APN:06-041-51, Mark & Dawn Vernon, 17,793 assessed, House is only 80% finished, $489.04.

4* Approve/Deny 2010 Agreement for Welfare Set-Aside Program in the sum of $10,000.00 for assistance to low income residents for rent and utility payments

5* Approve/Deny Notice of intention to act on a Resolution to augment budgets for General County Fund in the Amount of $148,491.00 due to a larger opening balance than anticipated. Reading of Resolution on April 20, 2009 @ 10:00 a.m.

6* Approve/Deny Renewal of Interlocal Contract between Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV) and Lincoln County Assessor.

7* Approve/Deny hiring of replacement bus driver for the Lincoln County Transportation.


8* Approve/Deny vouchers (an itemized list of bills is available for public review at the county Auditor’s office prior to the meeting).

9:30 9* Board of Highway Commissioners: Under Separate Agenda.

10:00 10 Lincoln County Liquor Board: Under Separate Agenda

10:00 11* Approve/Deny Resolution to Augment Medical County Indigent Fund, beginning fund balance, in the amount of $29,000.00.

12* Approve/Deny Resolution Authorizing the Creation of Lincoln County Fire Operating Fund.

13* Approve/Deny Resolution Authorizing the Creation of Lincoln County Fire Emergency Fund.

14* Approve/Deny Contract for medical services provided by Lincoln County Hospital District to Lincoln County.

15 Officer/Department Head Reports.

16* Discussion/Action : Source of funds to pay for car camera’s until reimbursement from grant, in the amount of $42,000.00 from the Office of Traffic Safety.

17* Discussion/Action: Approval from the Board of County Commissioners for Emergency Management Manager to sign agreement with Department of Motor Vehicles for F Endorsement Certification Course in Lincoln County.

18* Discussion/Action: Contract Amendment for time extension until August 31, 2009, to ENTRIX, Inc. to complete development of the Southeastern Lincoln County Habitat conservation Plan.

19* Action/Discussion: Donation request for the Lincoln County High School rodeo scheduled for April 24th and 25th at Panaca Fairgrounds to assist with the cost of putting on the rodeo, the major cost being the stock contractor, other costs include prizes, judges, announcer, and hay for stock.

20* Discussion/Action: Letter to Tracy Taylor, Nevada State Water Engineer, re: Department Of Energy
water application filings.

1:00 21* Discussion/Action: Continued Public Hearing on an Ordinance amending Title 4 of the Lincoln County

Code by adding two chapters relating to business license regulation and amending the other seven

existing chapters.

22 Update: Lincoln County Ambulance Services, Louise Buettner.

23* Approve/Deny Hiring of Paralegal/Legal Secretary for the District Attorney’s Office.

24* Grant Items:

a) Discussion/Action regarding Community Development Block Grant additional stimulus funding
available for additional applications from the County.

25* Building Items:

a) Discussion/Action: Thompson Opera House(TOH), continued use of TOH, proposals for
management and public comment.

b) Discussion/Action on Special Events Permits(SEP), public comment on draft of SEP, fee schedule
and application process.


26* Planning Items:

a) Approve/Deny Letter to be sent to BLT Group to fulfill obligation of completing a 5 year staffing
plan for the Toquop Area as proposed by Zucker Systems for an amount not to exceed $22,500.00.

b) Discussion/Action : Mission Statement, definitions, parties to the plan and assumptions for the
proposed revision to the Lincoln County Capital Improvement Plan.

c) Approve/Deny letter to be sent to United States Postal Service, Address Management Service Unit to
request verification and integration of new addressing system.

d) Discussion/Action : final approval of Alamo Town annexation map as drafted by county surveyor to
include parcels A,B,C and D of the Alamo Industrial and community expansion area. Parcels
included are: 00802101, 00802106 and 00802107.

e) Discussion/Action : Introduction of Ordinance to abandon portions of 2nd Street North in the Town
of Alamo adjacent to parcels; 00404220, 00401115, 00401114, 00401112 and 00404219.




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