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Lincoln County Commission Meeting

October 15, 2007


October 15, 2007

The Board met in regular session with Chairwoman Ronda Hornbeck calling the meeting to order at 9:03. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Tommy Rowe, Paul Mathews, Ronda Hornbeck, Wade Poulsen and Bill Lloyd being present. There is a quorum present and the agenda was posted on 10-09-07 to comply with the open meeting law. The Invocation is offered by Wade and Bill led the Pledge of Allegiance. District Attorney Greg Barlow is present as is County Manager John Lovelady.

#2 Approve/Deny minutes of September 17, 2007 and October 1, 2007 Commission meetings.
#3 Approve/Deny Notice of Intention to Act on a Resolution to Augment Budget; Road Special Revenue Fund $52,107.00 and Road Capital Project Fund $52,197.00.
#4 Approve/Deny increase from $55.00 monthly cellular phone allowance to $80.00 for County Manager.
#5 Approve/Deny travel and per diem rates specified in the State Grant for Emergency Management personnel to attend HazMat Explo in Las Vegas November 5-8, 2007.

Tommy made a motion to approve the consent agenda; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

Recorder/Auditor Leslie Boucher presented the vouchers. Wade made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

RECORDER/AUDITOR Leslie Boucher presented the cash balance reports. General County has a balance of $889,488.08 with estimated expenditures being $129,555.47. This leaves General County with a balance of $759,932.61. Transportation has a negative balance of $10,711.95 with estimated expenditures being $646.91. This leaves Transportation with a negative balance of $11,358.86. Nutrition has a negative cash balance of $5,412.74 with estimated expenditures being $8,192.02. This leaves Nutrition with a negative balance of $13,604.76. Taxes will be apportioned at the end of this month, so that will help this negative balance come back into the black. Detention Center has a negative balance of $116,569.17 with estimated expenditures being $58,039.04. This leaves Detention Center with a negative balance of $174,608.21. Sheriff Kerry Lee will speak with Clark County to see if they can send the check directly to Treasurer Kathy Hiatt. DISTRICT ATTORNEY Greg Barlow advised that there are a couple of trials coming up shortly. A senior judge will be coming in to handle one of them. Greg has been in contact with Norcal and will meet with Paul Yamamoto next week. Greg has spoken with Jeff Pitegoff in relation to the mining claims, which are still in litigation. If they were sold while still in litigation the county will be exposed to liability. Ronda requested that Greg write a letter to John Houston concerning his request for sale of the 43 mining claims. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR Marge Gunn-Nutman reported on the wild land fires Summit Impact Report for September 2007. Marge discussed the state mitigation plan. Marge reviewed the various sediment areas within the county and advised that from building exposure, the county is eligible for $234 million in loss. Marge has completed NIMS 700 and 800 in the last two weeks. Marge may take NIMS 300 while she is in Las Vegas at HazMat Explo. Marge will be leaving to attend a Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation program today. FEMA sent the state their funding, and the state is now working on their awards. Saturday was the grand opening for the Pioche Fire Department’s new fire hall. Marge would like to make this an alternate “EOC”. Pioche Fire Department now has a generator. Bill stated that he understands that the generator is to be put on a trailer, to be hauled to wherever the Command Center is set up. Marge stated that this is a butane generator and will require a huge butane tank. Marge questioned how this would be able to be hauled. Marge suggested that she might find funding for a pad and building for the generator and then to designate the fire department as an alternate EOC. Marge is suggesting that the Commission look at setting this up on a pad and getting a butane tank. Marge has requested $5,000 for a grant to hold an exercise. It needs to be done when it is cool, but Marge doesn’t want it to conflict with hunting season next year. The training session will cover incident command systems and evacuation for Eagle Valley, Mt. Wilson, Caselton and Pioche. Marge has a year to plan this and it will consist of a training session, lunch and then the exercise. Marge has spoken with Pioche Fire Department, who is enthusiastic about it and willing to be involved. Ronda stated that this is a good idea. COMMISSIONER BILL LLOYD advised that he met with the Panaca and Pioche Fire Departments Thursday. They asked him about the county’s request to include Eagle Valley and Mt. Wilson into the district. Bill was told that they don’t have the equipment or people to cover that area. Ronda has spoken with Larry Stever about forming a county-wide fire district. Ronda suggested that this issue be included on the next Commission agenda. The issue of the county-wide fire district needs to be researched. Bill stated that any planned meetings need to include all of the fire district chiefs. John stated that all of the entities need to decide what they can do individually and this will be covered on the next agenda. John will make certain that all of the fire chiefs are invited to this meeting. Ronda asked if a county-wide fire district is created, will any of the existing fire districts have to be closed down to be included in this. Wade asked how an existing fire district can increase their boundaries. Dylan Frehner advised that Pahranagat Valley Fire has this on their agenda for this upcoming fire district. Dylan stated that if a county-wide fire district is created it will only cover the areas that are left out; it will not envelope the existing districts. DA Greg Barlow will research this issue. COMMISSIONER WADE POULSEN hasn’t heard anything back on the land sales, which are coming up. Mike Baughman is working out an agreement with Steel Tech. The appraisal value was $3,001 per acre for the industrial park and the residential was somewhat less. Ronda spoke with Manuella from the LV office, who will mail the EIS to the county. Chris Hanefeld is present from BLM. BLM has sent out the press release for the direct sale and will follow it up with the competitive notice soon. Ronda stated that the Airforce has advised that this is a specific fly zone and have requested some restrictions to be put on the deed. There is a meeting here tomorrow at 11:00 concerning this. LV will discuss how they are going to address the complaint that they’ve received from the Airforce. COMMISSIONER PAUL MATHEWS reported that he attended the LC Task Force meeting in Mesquite last weekend. Paul feels that things are moving along and going well with Mesquite. Paul advised that the representative from the water district seemed to want to put everything back on a barter system. Paul stated that everything needs to be valued back to cash; not barter. Paul has been tracking the progress at the airport in Panaca; things are going well. COMMISSIONER TOMMY ROWE reported on the meeting with the NRC staff to tour the Caliente Route. Tommy went to the NACO conference in Elko. Tomorrow there is a tour of the Meadow Valley Wash with the LCAT group. Tommy and Bill have been asked to be on a committee from the school district and public investors in regards to getting new track and field facilities at Lincoln High and Pahranagat Valley High. All of this will come from private donations, but they have to show that they have public support. JCCIAC meeting will be held tomorrow at 4:00. COMMISSIONER RONDA HORNBECK advised that she attended the meeting in Mesquite as well. There is a lot of work to do and the relationship with them continues to improve. Ronda met with BLM concerning the new position that the SO will have; funded by SNPLMA. This position will patrol the wilderness areas and park areas as well as Little Ash in Alamo. This position will come into place early next year in the spring.

LC School District is requesting that LC/LC Nuclear Oversight Program pay Mr. Walker, the teacher who oversees the web page program and students, directly as opposed to reimbursing the school district for his pay. Connie Simkins advised that things will work much smoother if payment is made directly to Greg Walker for his services. Jason Pitts supervises what goes into the program. Jamie Pyle has worked full time to coordinate between Jason, Mr. Walker and the students. Currently, there are five web students in the program, who work part time. The students are paid through the nuclear waste office. Tommy made a motion to make payment through the Nuclear Oversight office directly to the teacher of the web program; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

Wade stated that there was a voucher for $18,000 for coyote eradication for N4 Grazing Board. If a rancher has a problem, they call animal damage control unit of USDA, which is in Ely. They come with a government trapper on foot, mule or four wheeler. They also use aircraft. The Grazing Board has agreed to support this program in the amount of $18,000 per year to shoot the coyotes/mountain lions when they are bothering the cattle and sheep herds. The county only works as a bank in that it administers the money for the N4Grazing Board.

Jason Bleak is present for this item. Grover C. Dils has been changing the culture a bit and the logo has been renovated. Jason presented the Board members with shirts, pens and a letter. Jason read a letter from the Hospital Board. August 7, 2007 is the first day that services were rendered in the Alamo Clinic, which is open two days per week. The goal is to have the clinic open at least four days per week. Jason stated that all of the support that has been given for this project and for hospital improvements is much appreciated. With two days per week, they are averaging 25 patients per day. They have a physicians assistant in Alamo that is working at the clinic. Currently, they don’t have X-ray capability as the cost is so drastic. A long term goal is to get this machine set up and going. If 15-20 patients a day are seen, four days per week, it will be enough support to get the machine in place. Tommy commended Jason on the quality of service and morale of the people. Phyllis stated that the last payment is being made with today’s vouchers on the clinic itself.

Phyllis Robistow, Grants Administrator, presented this item. CDBG advisory committee presented and item to forum that for the current year only, each entity eligible will only be allowed to put in for one grant. This is an effort to let CDBG catch up with itself. It was promised that this would be for one year only. It will be important that those who present do so very well as only the number one ranked application will be going to CDBG. Seven eligible applications have been received: Panaca Multi-Purpose Building ($400,000); Track Field in Alamo; Panaca Farmstead 2008 sewer improvements (lift station replacement), new well and update model of existing water system; LC Planning Department capital improvement plan; Alamo Industrial Park: Phase I Improvements. Bill and Tommy have been working on the committee for the tracks for LC High and Pahranagat High. It is estimated that both will be six lanes. Tommy stated that they are trying to get the one at LCHS completed with nothing but donations. Rick Hardy advised that he doesn’t have the authority to rank the school requests, but his board supports both. If any one agency has more than one project, the Board would like to see them rank their own applications prior to the Board’s decision to rank. This item will continue discussion at the 11-5-07 Commission meeting. The county will not be sharing funds with Panaca Farmstead as they are their own entity. Larene Rogers is present from the Farmstead. The lift station is in dire need of replacement. There have been numerous call outs during the weeks and it is difficult to get parts to repair it as it is so old. There are a lot of children that play on the street where it is located. Recently, the fees have been raised for water and sewer to start to cover these things. It has been recognized that land may be available from the BLM to move the treatment ponds. It could take years to get the land and the funds to run the sewer to the south of town. If the ponds were moved, it would allow for a gravity fed system. Clint Wertz advised that there are several locations that could be acquired for the placement of the ponds. They are in the area for the subject area for the R&PP. Clint stated that there will be minimal costs to acquire lands and there are suitable sites that would work. The lift station is the only item being considered. The ultimate goal is to move the ponds and create a gravity fed system. This would eliminate the lift station altogether. This project is for a new lift station. Ronda asked Larene if they were to receive only ¼ of the grant amount could the project move forward. Larene stated that they would be tickled with anything as the project has to go forward and they would probably have to get a loan. Phyllis suggested that this be done in conjunction with USDA. The next project discussed is the new well for Panaca. Phyllis suggested that Panaca Farmstead again consider looking at USDA for a grant for a portion of this project. Larene advised that they don’t have land for the well at this point, but they are considering some that Kenny Lee may want to sell. Phyllis stated that the project will not be funded if the Farmstead doesn’t have the land. Phyllis suggested that the water well needs to be the third on their list as the water PER needs to be done first. Larene stated that the sewer system will not last another thirty years. There are three board members who would like to see the ponds move as it would be less expensive to have a gravity system as opposed to what they have now. Bill stated that all of the available BLM is far out of town. Paul advised that the elevation of the land in the White Wash area is actually pretty high, which means that it would be fed uphill. .01 is the arsenic level for Panaca and it has to be .001 by 2010. There are available water grants through the EPA. It is estimated that $100 billion will have to be allocated to bring all the water systems in the US into compliance. Wade said that the well would be more important than the arsenic treatment at this time. It would allow for a blend of good water with arsenic water to bring it into compliance. Ronda suggested that Panaca Farmstead contact Virgin Valley Water District to see how they are handling things as they are in this same situation. Larene stated that well #4, the newest well, has been near dry all summer as it has dropped very badly. The Alamo Industrial Park will be for engineering that needs to be completed. Last year, LC requested $250,000 and was granted $90,000. There is enough money in the grant to buy 61 acres, and the Board agreed that 34 acres will require the initial engineering needs. The engineering will be for roads, lights, and whatever infrastructure is needed. Anything can be used for the match on this, i.e. Phyllis’ time, Commissioners’ time, county/federal money. Every grant that Phyllis can get that isn’t federal money to match the EDA grant will lower the loan amount. The only thing that LC has right now that can’t be used is the $25,000 rural enterprise grant. State Economic Development money to purchase the land and CDBG money can be used to match the EDA grant. Ronda stated that the grant passed through EDA with “flying colors”. Notification will be received shortly and the request will go through the second committee for approval. Clint Wertz presented the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) request. The project cost is $120,000. As it stands, LC is not in compliance with statute as CIP are required to update every three years. Many of the items that come up on a regular basis to the Board involve making decisions about the need and funding for public facilities. As it stands now, there is now guidance for how to judge one project against another other than discussion that takes place in the meetings. LC also lacks options for what types of funding are available to fund various projects. This forces the Board to act on a case by case basis for all communities in the county. The last CIP was a skeleton plan that met minimum state law requirements. This plan was completed in 2001. Currently, the county is in the process of reviewing 1 of 5 development agreements for the county. Many county residents are concerned about the large projects and whether or not the county is able to predict what facilities will be needed to service the public. Clint stated that the county needs to know what the price tags are for the projects. CIP would identify new facilities as well as maintenance and upkeep of existing facilities. The CIP would contain a strategic plan for handling growth and providing needs to residents as well as a whole host of other issues. The CIP would develop a priority list for capital projects, timetables for projects and possible revenue sources. The window of time is shrinking before the county gets hit with development. This type of plan is needed to move forward with various grants. To levy impact fees of any kind requires a current CIP. No action is taken and the ranking of these proposed projects will be addressed at the 11-5-07 meeting.

Tommy made a motion to go into Panaca Fire District Board; seconded by Wade. All voted in favor. Bill made a motion to return to Commission meeting; seconded by Paul. All voted in favor.

Lunch 12:15-1:00

Chris Hanefeld and Kalem Lenard of the BLM presented the “Hells’ Half Acre OHV Trail System”. October 23 will kick of a 45 day public input period. These are roads and trails that will be used for rock crawling. The south Pahroc wilderness is close enough to the designated area that there might be concerns about this. There is also occupied desert big horn sheep habitat as well as desert tortoise habitat. This is approximately 80 miles of existing roads/trails that will be used. Wade advised that a portion of this has been identified as a recreation area. It consists of 1,000 acres. Wade suggested that this could be a good marriage between the recreation area and the trails. This trail will have to be sustained and maintained. There have been a couple of field trips into the area to include the grazing permittees and NDOW as well as other interested groups. Chris and Kalem have been in contact with the Yucca Chuckers, who hold a race up through this area every year.

Chris Hanefeld addressed the aviation for 2008 in regards to fire. There was a proposal to make changes to the aviation for 2008 fire season, which included the reallocation of some resources. Helicopters were going to be changed to Type II. However, the 2008 season will conclude with all of the same resources as 2007.

Candace Jordan and Jason Pitts made a power point presentation concerning the status and contents of the Draft Caliente Rail Corridor Alignments Impact Assessment. Jeremy Drew with Resource Concepts reviewed their findings. Many issues were covered by RCI, including Grazing allotments, grazing systems, public lands, vegetation and forage, loss of livestock, construction, maintenance of the rail, wildlife and wild horses. LC Short Route has fewer impacts that the DOE Caliente Corridor. The Short Route is 18% shorter. Candace reviewed the issues that L&H evaluated, including: possible rail alignments, private property impacts (from the perspective of the property owner), community/county-wide impacts (demographic, economic, social structure, public services, social well-being), statutory and other applicable requirements, delimitations and limitations of the study, references, acronyms and abbreviations, list of preparers, grazing allotment specific analyses, and community at large specific analyses. Vaughn Higbee addressed L&H’s key findings. Preliminarily studied numerous alternatives, including the two chosen for detailed analysis and the Antelope Canyon option, which will be described in more detail by Jerry Parker. When this study was initially launched, L&H considered detailed analysis on the Antelope Canon option, but the entire team decided it was more defensible to choose an option already determined feasible from an engineering perspective by the DOE. Cottontail Pass alternative, with the specific alignment shown to permittees and land users, was not a popular option amongst those impacted. Short Route has many potentially promising features, particularly when combined with the Antelope Canyon option that Jerry Parker will discuss. They are estimating 17 trains, one way, per week for the nuclear. This doesn’t include commercial. There are some private property parcels that will be impacted as they are base property to AUMs. There is never enough grazing for ranchers to actually be profitable. What happens is that people buy allotments; there is either a water base permit or property base permit. Because there are AUMs tied to that, they are an integral part of each of these ranches. In order for BLM to allow them these permits, they have to be tied to a base. Paul stated that he is concerned about the private land owners in the heart of Meadow Valley. Even though they have the right to sell, there is a problem when the tracts of land are being broken up. A larger area is being impacted than the train area. Paul further said that the other concern he has with the private ground going through the Caliente Corridor, how the land is divided/sold as the tract is chosen, is that it will have an impact on what the view of the county is in relation to whether or not that is irrigated and maintained. Vaughn stated that something that needs to be addressed is what this will do to the tax base. If it is in private hands, it’s being taxed. If it becomes rail, that changes things altogether. PILT may be affected based on whether or not DOE has a right-of-way or owns the property. Being able to use the ROW allows for thousands of other acres to be irrigated. Ronda stated that the problem with Rainbow Canyon is that homeland security has said that LC will not cross their property. Ronda questioned what happens if they own that property up there…it creates a split in the community and creates the need to cross back and forth multiple times. Vaughn stated that there is no way to know exactly what will transpire if this happens and this is put in place. Vaughn believes that the impacts will be much more extensive due to the spin-offs, if this occurs. Generally, people prefer that the rail line avoid private property to the maximum extent. Many also mentioned truck transport as preferential mode within NV. If rail line is to cross private property, many want just compensation for the entire parcel of land they own as the ROW often renders the property useless in the owners’ opinions. Jerry Parker, of ENRRC, reviewed alternative routes to DOE’s major proposed routes. Jerry reviewed the 1990 study by DOE to see why the other routes were rejected. Private property issues, BLM issues and Nellis Airforce issues are some of the reasons that routes were rejected. Jerry reviewed the Antelope Valley Route in order to avoid private property altogether. Jerry believes that DOE used a model to find the easiest grade through LC. Ace Robison stated that there will be an observation with concern to mitigation having to do with trucking versus rail within this report. Connie Simkins stated that she has ordered the full EIS. It consists of six volumes. The public meeting for LC is 11-15 at the Youth Center. The contractors will have team meeting in the morning and the JCCIAC meeting will be tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. Marge Detraz advised that it is time to get back to reality and common sense. All it takes is one land owner saying no, and what will happen with this rail corridor? As long as Bob Lux, Bob Halstead, Governor Gibbons and the NV Delegation are against this it won’t happen. The Board should be supporting the NV Delegation. Marge asked how many people have been lost as the downwinders. Marge stated that this money doesn’t belong to the LC Commissioners. Ronda warned Marge that she can only make comment on the presentation. Marge stated that she and Louis Benezet are opposed to this and have been since 1995. The same consultants that we have now are the same as in 1995. There are no newspapers in this state that want Yucca Mountain. LC will not get the railroad or Yucca Mountain.

Mason Stackhouse, head coach of LCHS wrestling team, presented a request for donation from the county for singlets and warm-ups. Mason is looking at starting a youth program for 1st grade and up. Mason presented a quote in the amount of $1547.00 for 28 uniforms. Mason is also having a rifle raffle and some other fund raisers. Ronda stated that to her knowledge the Commission has never purchased uniforms as it would open a flood gate. Ronda said that the Board has never stepped into the realm of funding equipment. Paul stated that he wouldn’t mind the Commission stepping in to help with a community based program. The pressure needs to remain on the school district to purchase high school uniforms. Mason asked that a separate fund for the community program be set up. Wade stated that the problem is that if the Board gives something to a middle school or high school program, where does it stop? All of those involved in school sports need funding and it won’t be possible to start funding one without funding the rest. Wade stated that a number of years ago, there were some people that took out a loan for equipment for the middle school players. This cost was then passed on to the players in the amount of $50 per player for the season. Wade agreed that the school had to step up to fund this request. Tommy stated that he would make a donation if Mason would send one of his wrestlers by the house. The Board agreed. There is a turkey shoot on the 27th. Wade suggested that Mason work a concession stand at the raceway in LV. It is a good opportunity to earn $3-4,000 in one weekend. No action is taken.

Tom Johns presented this item. a) Update re: Toquop Power Plant—Tom presented a newsletter concerning the Toquop Energy Project EIS. Public review and comment period is from 10-12 to 12-11, 2007. The draft permit will be issued late this month; final permit by the end of the year. The plan is to complete all permitting for the project by early next year and start construction before the third quarter of next year. Renewables are quite a bit more expensive as competitive thermal resources. Wind is a non-predictable resource. They are looking at a combination of solar along with their power plant. They have a fair amount of property that would allow for some renewables being done onsite. This plant is significantly cleaner than the Reid Gardner plant. Tom is scheduled to have a meeting with the Mesquite mayor later this week. The feedback received from Mesquite is that they would get the emissions but not the taxes as the project is located in LC. Tom stated that there will be significant amount of economic opportunity for Mesquite based on where the workers decide to live. Peak employment during construction there will be well over 1,000 people employed on the job site. The project will cost about $1.4 billion. There will be about 130 full time people once the project is up and running and there will be seasonal employees as well. Ronda stated that a letter will be sent to Senator Reid and a resolution supporting the project will be considered by the Commission. The website for this project is BLM also has information about the project on their website. b) Toquop Environmental Impact Statement—This item was addressed under 17a.

Wendy Rudder presented this item. Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire District is putting together a request from BLM for an R&PP in Hiko to get a fire station there. Currently, there is a shack/lean-to on NDOT property that isn’t sufficient anymore. A different place is needed to put the truck. BLM has advised them to ask for more than 16 acres; so, they are requesting 200 acres. They would like to put in a training facility that would cover vehicle extrication, fire training and hazardous material. If they are able to put in a facility in the Hiko area it will save 15 minutes response time. This structure would house one water tender/pumper and one ambulance. Letters of support will be needed for this project. Cost issues will have to be addressed in the near future. At this point in time, the area will be fenced off but otherwise will remain undisturbed. The FD will not ask the county for any money. Tommy made a motion to provide a letter of support for this R&PP, which consists of 200 acres; seconded by Paul. All voted in favor.

Chuck Brechler presented this item. a) Update—Chuck met with the bond/financial consultants last Thursday. A presentation/workshop will be held next Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. The Toquop Drainage Master Plan has been received. Chuck received an email from GC Wallis that his comments and another group are the only comments that have been received. 100% report will be out 10-25. 11-13 at 1:00 p.m. at the BLM office there will be a special meeting for RTC, Commission and NDOT to review programs and the application for additional projects within LC. Chuck and Ken Dixon would like to see a list of projects that LC feels are important and have this be presented. There are a number of projects, including safety lighting in Panaca, junction by Pioche and other places in LC. Ken and Chuck will work on this list. The Task Force Meeting in Mesquite was held on 10-10. It was one of the better meetings that Chuck has attended and something of an agreement was reached about the things that the Task Force needs to work on. The next meeting will be held in January. b) Lincoln County Flood Control District—At the last meeting Ken was asked to collect names. Kevin Phillips is the only one from Caliente that has agreed to represent Caliente. Ross Stirling, Vaughn Higbee, Kevin Phillips, Glenn Zelch and Steve Combs have agreed to sit on this board. This has been advertised. Paul stated that he feels it is important to have a Panaca and Caliente representative. Paul will work on this. No action is taken. c) Proposal of 2007-05 to revise section 4 of the LC Code by adding Ch. 9 to cover special events, motion picture and television filming—This item is off.

Phyllis Robistow presented this item. a) Update—Phyllis provided this in writing. Two sets of test strips for the asphalt have been done. The first test strip didn’t pass. The results from the second test strips are not in. Adam Levy from Eagle Valley has a check to present to the Board for $2,000 for this project. Phyllis advised that it might be possible to get grants to repair the Cold Springs drop structure as it isn’t a dam. Larry Stever presented a cost estimate for the electricity improvements for Pioche in the amount of $1.9 million. Phyllis will continue to work on this as there aren’t grants for this type of upgrade.

John Lovelady presented this item. a) Update—John attended many of the same meetings as the Board members at NACO. John continues to work on SB544, and there might be some deadlines that have to be met. By the end of the year, an actuary may have to be provided as to whether or not the county is better off by staying with the Trust or going with Public Employees. John will work on these numbers and provide a written report on SB 544.

Clint Wertz, Planning Director, presented this item. a) Update—Shannon Simpson has been working on developing a database, mapping county roads and cleaning up parcel maps. Clint estimates that March of 2008 will see the completion of the addressing system. b) Creation of the Rachel Advisory Group under NRS 244.1945, to advise Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners on matters related to land use, public health, community services and infrastructure—Clint advised that holding quarterly meetings in this area would help. These meetings will start after the first of the year and Clint will post agendas. Clint recommended five members be appointed to this board and it would work similar to a town board. Clint will charge $550 per year for posting agendas and traveling to the meetings. The boundary can be determined and Clint was planning on using the Rachel Planning Area, which is a very large area. Jim Medlin advised that they have seven people interested in serving on this board. This will be advertised just like the Flood District was, which will allow for all interested parties to submit their names. Tommy made a motion to take the steps to create the board and advertise for board membership; seconded by Wade. All voted in favor. c) Revised work plan for the Planning Department—This item is off.

John Crossthwait stated that three weeks ago there was a motor home fire in their park. His guys did a good job until Pioche Fire Department got there. It took about 45 minutes for them to get there. John has asked repeatedly about the situation of the truck that is sitting out there. In the past, John donated a lot of money towards the fire truck. John stated that if they’d had access to a truck with some pressure, more than likely it would’ve been over with. They saved one trailer with guard noses and had the fire about 75% contained. Ronda advised that the truck was licensed and the Emergency Management Coordinator advised that there wasn’t enough qualified man power to allow them to be a fire department. It is no longer possible to exist as a volunteer fire department due to the lack of qualified manpower. There is an age limit that has to be met and within that these people have to be certified. Those that were taking the test couldn’t qualify. The DA at the time was involved in this at the time and advised that charges would be filed if the truck was used. Ronda advised that they are in talks with the fire districts about expanding their boundaries. Tommy stated that the POOL/PACT couldn’t provide insurance and this was another reason that the truck was eliminated. The building that is out at Eagle Valley has a heater and there is equipment, including turnouts.

There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Paul made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:22; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

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