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March 4, 2008


The Board met in special session with Chairwoman Ronda Hornbeck calling the meeting to order at 9:12. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Tommy Rowe, Ronda Hornbeck, Wade Poulsen and Bill Lloyd being present. Commissioner Paul Mathews is absent at this time, but there is a quorum present. The agenda was posted on 2-26-08 to comply with the open meeting law. The Invocation is offered by Bill and Tommy led the Pledge of Allegiance. County Manager John Lovelady is present.

#2-BUDGET FY 2008-2009
Auditor Dan McArthur is present for this item.

Tracy Lee/Xtreme Technologies/IT is the first budget considered. Tracy has charged each department for use of the technology system. Tracy is trying to establish IT accounts, regular (based on approved POs) and an accumulating fund. Tracy would like to start accumulating money today for the large purchases that could potentially “bust” the budget. Storage, network and server are the charges that will begin to accumulate. The total proposed amount for this budget is $301,201.19. The total amount that will go into the accumulating fund is $48,736.94. Tracy advised that all of the internet traffic that the county is using runs down two DSL links. Tracy has included more bandwidth in his budget. Tracy advised that there are a couple of items that he didn’t take out to the various departments. There are no computers that will be purchased in the upcoming year. Tracy will be purchasing a new server for the email system. Tracy advised that he could get by with the approximately $127,000, but that is bare bones. Tracy advised that he would rather keep the storage, network and server. Tracy wants to set aside $10,606 annually for additional storage space, $13,950 annually for the network and $24,180 annually for server. Tracy’s first choice is $176,501, second choice is $301,201. Tracy advised that if the county is cutting, then they should look to cut the suggested new onetime expenditures and suggested new recurring annual expenditures. Tracy stated that the $301,000 is about $20,000 less than he was given last year. Tracy is requesting $3,700 to operate the color printer. Leslie suggested that charging for copies be considered to make the printer more cost effective. Wade advised that the amount for the cost of the printer needs to be split and added into the services category between Planning/Building. Tracy budgeted $5,400 for supplies/replacement parts. Tracy requested $20,000 for training, which will keep him and his certification for operations up to snuff. This training is specific to this site and he won’t be able to use it anywhere else. Tracy is asking to contract GIS services in the amount of $132,400. Ronda advised that Planning budgeted for a GIS person. Ronda advised that this is a county position; even if this individual works in a certain department they can help with all departments. The Assessor has budgeted money to outsource her GIS as well. Bill stated that the GIS person needs to be hired independently as opposed to being attached to one department so that they can be used by everyone. Tracy advised that he can do the actual GIS himself. If this person is hired, there will have to be a mechanism in place to pull the funding out of each individual budget. Chuck’s main concern is to allow for allow for all of the departments to have access to the GIS person. Tracy prioritized his items: 1. $127,000, 2. accumulating $48,000, 3. bandwidth/connectivity $124,700. The first thing that the Board can cut will be Tracy’s proposal for GIS.

Next addressed is the Recorder/Auditor budget. Recorder/Auditor Leslie Boucher reviewed her budget. Mining maps is a duplicate and $7,000 will be removed. Mining maps have been increased to $9,000 as there are more mining claims. $20,950 will be removed and put into the Federal In Lieu Fund for IT. Wages are increasing from $101,000 to $113,584 as Leslie has a part time person who will get a cost of living increase, Amy gets cost of living and a step increase, and Leslie gets a 3% increase and longevity. The total amount for tentative approved for the Recorder’s budget is $170,212, this includes $9,000. Leslie advised that next year her budget will go up as she will have to do newspapers.

Pioche Public Utility and Pioche Town are now addressed. Larry Stever, Glennon Zelch and Nathan Adams presented the budget. There is an increase from $114,518 for Pioche Town to $133,653, which doesn’t meet the 3%. However, they have the money to do it, if the Board agrees. Part of the increase is due to the SNPLMA grant and more money was put into those accounts due to the labor that will be required. Once the project is completed, more money will have to be spent for upkeep. Ronda stated that SNPLMA will not be completed in this budget cycle. Glenn said that if the money doesn’t have to be spent it won’t be. Larry advised that he will be bringing the diving board issues to the Board. The increase allows for what will need to be done to get prepared for the grant. The Board agreed to take the number to $121,491.59 from $133,653. Glenn advised that there will be a fairly hefty increase for the pool. Town Hall has repairs for $15,000, $10,000 for street lights and $10,000 for signs. Leslie asked for a split in the Pioche Public Utility to have water, sewer and electrical broken out; one budget but separate departments. Dan agreed to do this. Ronda stated that the county is carrying insurance on the retirees. There are certain departments that General County will have to pay for regardless and there are certain departments that should pay for their own retirees. Larry stated that two people were included in their budget, but there is another that will have to be covered by their budget and he wasn’t included. Only the insurance was considered, not sick and annual. Ronda asked that the information for the retirees be turned in to Leslie as soon as possible. Kerry said that there will be several “unknowns” out there that can just up and retire without a whole lot of notice. Services and supplies has increased from $611,871 to $931,138. Developer costs have been incorporated into services/supplies; it needs to be separated and be listed as a separate department to list developer projects. Leslie further stated that if it is identified on the vouchers she will be able to do a line item. Either way, these monies need to be identified and separated from services/supplies.

Road Department is now discussed. Leslie advised that the situation with the retirees will affect RD. Caliente didn’t request a single penny last year, but this year they requested last year’s installment and this year’s installment for a total of $200,000. Kathy said that there isn’t anything in writing saying that they can have that money. Ronda asked that the RD get the money off the books at the first of the year. Ronda questioned why the City doesn’t give the county a certain percentage of room tax and RTC. For the funds to come out, Kathy has to have a letter requesting the money in quarterly installments. Ronda asked if there was some way for the Treasurer to write a letter saying that if the requests weren’t timely the monies would be forfeited. The Board believed that this money is given to the City out of the goodness of their hearts, but no one was certain as to how this exchange came about. Dan stated that he’s been told that there is a written agreement. Kathy said that the county should be within their legal right to say that if they miss two or more quarters then they lose them. This money is supposed to be requested every quarter, but with is sitting in the road fund it makes it look as if the RD has much more money than it does. Dan asked if it would be possible to move that money from the road fund and move it to the City fund. It would sit there and continue to earn interest. The county would keep the interest, but when requested the exact amount would go to the City. There is discussion about setting up a separate road fund, but this comes to naught. The Board agreed to just set up a separate fund for the money. The interest will be figured by Kathy and moved to the General Fund. The fuel tax money marked for Caliente will be moved to Fund 22. Dan stated that the money needs to go into the Road Fund and then be transferred; Kathy will prepare the voucher every three months. Ronda stated that the Board needs to write a letter to Caliente advising that they must request this money in a timely manner. $6,000 will be removed for Honor Camp. Ronda stated that this fund is upside down and more is being paid out in wages than anything else. Steve advised that he has two that will be retiring this year and is getting closer and closer to a zero end balance. Ronda suggested that Steve might have to maintain the employment ratio status quo once the people start to retire. Steve advised that he doesn’t have the retirement medicals figured into his budget. Steve will need to figure in at least two people, possibly four. The Board agreed that the question becomes whether or not Steve will be able to replace the retirees based on the fact that wages and benefits far exceed services/supplies. This budget needs to heal itself and then he can hire. $1,766,288 is the amount that will be put into this budget. Steve stated that they have good equipment right now and equipment purchases can be delayed for a year or two. $100,000 is removed for capital outlay as the RD will not be leasing anything this year. Ronda asked Steve why the RD isn’t purchasing smaller trucks. Steve said it is because you pack spare tires, 130 gallons of fuel. All of the crew trucks are like that. They purchased small trucks before but they got pounded to death. Steve said that when they used the little trucks before there wasn’t any savings. Steve said that they run red fuel in everything they can.

Next discussed is Treasurer. The Board agreed that the charges for Tracy Lee/IT will go into the IT Override. Kathy’s increase in services/supplies is based on stamped envelopes and tax bills; it’s only an $800 difference. Kathy stated that she is mailing out a great deal more bills as the population has increased. This isn’t an issue that the Board can get around as it is based on population. Tracy was supposed to get Kathy a cost to scan 13 years of back tax rolls. Leslie is waiting for a price on a laptop and she is also contacting High Desert for a price. Kathy will contact High Desert concerning the license fees. There is some discussion about buying a corporate license for High Desert. Kathy asked that petty cash be raised to $5,000. The Commissioners will have to do a resolution to change the amount for petty cash and fixed assets. The Board agreed that Kathy’s budget was fine and would stand as submitted. Kathy asked if there was any way that the county could get back on the state insurance. John stated that PEBP is giving no guarantee for costs, but the feeling from other county administrative folks is that it is cheaper for the county to stay with what they are doing. Kathy stated that at the end of the year when someone retires, the $600 comes out of their retirement. John advised that the county will pay it. John stated that no one really seems to know what is happening. Teamsters will not pick up the county at the end of December unless you retire before then. There are still some lawsuits out there. Ronda asked if Teamsters has said that they will not pick up anyone after a certain time unless they pay. Kathy stated that if you’re not retiring by the end of December, the Teamster insurance will not cover retirees. Dan asked if this was true even if the county writes a check. Teamsters don’t want to take them because of their age and it will mess up their fund. Teamsters aren’t happy that the county is on the insurance. Teamsters want to eliminate the county, if possible because we don’t pay the Teamsters dues. John said that there will be a meeting in April to figure out what is going on. PEBPS is supposed to have a handle on what the costs will be. If the county joins PEBPS, then the county will have to pay a per retiree fee. The retirees have a choice as to who is covering them now, Teamsters or PEBPS. John will work research this between now and April. This changeover, if it’s going to happen, has to be done before the end of September. The county will still have to pay for the retirees. John will also check to see what the expiration date of the contract with Teamsters is. Bill stated that Teamsters is a lot better insurance than PEBPS. Ronda questioned if the county is willing to take the chance as to whether or not the retirees will be covered. Harry Birkmier is present on behalf of the Panaca Fire District. Harry’s salary increase is included and comes to $1.00 per hour. Harry advised that he has never received the interest on any of their accounts. John believed that the interest is addressed in a resolution that says that the interest is to stay with the PFD. The Treasurer might be waiting for a letter from PFD asking for the interest. There was about $70,000 from BLM in revenues this year. Nothing was added to the emergency fund; it’s just a carryover from last year. Ronda encouraged Harry to put something in that fund. Harry advised that they will have to buy apparatus in 2009 and they’ll need to start setting aside money soon. $5,000 was put into communications. Ronda stated that if there is a large fire within PFD the county will come to PFD first and tell them to pay for it; this is the purpose of the emergency fund. Harry stated that they made a contribution last year to cover three years. It was $13,000 and Ronda questioned how far that would go. The PFD board will have to make a decision on this because money needs to be consistently going into this fund. Services and supplies at 3% will be $20,000; the request is $36,000. The Board agreed to cut services/supplies to $15,000 and fuel is left at $5,000. Harry stated that training and communications will be cut out completely to make the budget work. With the 3%, $125,340 is the total expenditure budget. The capital outlay request will be left in this fund so that it isn’t commingled with anything else. Total for salaries will be $25,730.22 at 42 hours per week for 52 weeks.

Clerk’s budget is now reviewed. Salaries come in below the estimated 3%. $99,216 will be left for salaries/wages. $55,500 will be moved from services/supplies to elections ($13,200 was eliminated from the original request of $68,500 as the state is paying for programming). The total estimated amount for election is $55,500. $158,310 is the total allowed for the operating budget. This leaves approximately $17,511 for services and supplies. The total budget for the Clerk’s office is $213,810.

Now discussed is Emergency Management and Marge Gunn-Nutman is present. Marge will retire the end of June if this position doesn’t return to full time. When the grants start coming through everything goes through Phyllis’ office. Phyllis receives a copy of the grant once it’s approved and then assigns it a number for tracking purposes. Ronda advised that when Marge retires that office will have to be relocated to a county building. Marge stated that the Board needs to understand that this person will not spend much time in their office as they are in the field a great deal. Marge said that until the county makes this a full time position again there will be no matching funds from the state. If the state is willing to fund 50% of this position, the Board is all for it. The understanding would have to be, though, that this is a part time position until the funds from the state are received. Wade advised that it will have to be on the next Commission agenda to address this issue (requesting funds from the state and making this a full time position contingent upon the 50% funding from the state). The Board will also have to develop a scope of work. A certified emergency manager will spend nearly one year going to school. The Board agreed that, for this budget, only part time will be included in the budget. John will draft a letter to the state requesting that Emergency Management position be full time and that they state fund 50%; this will be on the next Commission agenda. The total Dan will apply the 3% to the county’s portion of the budget; this leaves a total of $33,610 ($19,580 for salaries/wages, $12,588 for benefits, $1,442 for services/supplies).

County Manager is now discussed. Brenda Mason is still shown as 1/3 of a person with a 3% increase. This will still be the same, but John would like to look at making this person at least ½ time as opposed to 1/3 time. Bill suggested that John needed a full time person. John stated that a part time person is still needed for Meadow Valley Justice Court and grants even if he’s given a full time person. 3% numbers are: salaries, $81,425, benefits are $14,119, services/supplies is $22,660 for a total budget of $118,204. John has a $2,000 increase in December based on his contract. John also gets the 3% CPI increase. This means that $85,801 is correct for salaries and Dan will put this in. This is an increase of $6,000 over the initial three years of his contract. $122,580 is the total amount for the County Manager’s budget.

Grants are now reviewed. $86,055 is the total for Grants budget. Phyllis said that she might be getting a grant that would allow for a part time person. The 3% rule won’t apply to the Indigent Fund or Long Term Care. Dan will roll $34,000 forward in Medical Indigent. Thompson Opera House balance will roll forward. Ronda advised that BLM’s solicitor now has to look at the HCP, which will put the deadline back to about December 2008. Through LCLA, LCRDA sales the county has the right to ask BLM for money to make it to the end. A bill will have to be submitted to BLM for what the county believes it will cost to get to Section 10. A check was received from UPRR and will go into Fund 14. $34,000 will be budgeted for Fund 14 Grants.

Sheriff is now discussed and Kerry Lee is present. Salaries are budgeted at $722,228 but the 3% would be $725,909. Services/supplies are budgeted at $223,992, which is way over the 3% cap. There are two officers that will have to be sent to POST; training increased. Wade asked Kerry what would happen if the 3% cap was put into place. The Board agreed that $161,092 is the total allowed for services/supplies. The Board agreed that wages would stay at $722,228. Kerry advised that he will look at this to see what he can cut, but there are certain things that he can’t cut; they are mandatory. Training has increased to $11,000 from last year’s $7,500. Fuel has increased to $45,000 and will be removed from the 3% cap. $14,692.10 will be moved to Federal In Lieu for IT Override. Investigation has increased from $10,000 to $30,000 for this year. Narcotic investigation is usually used as a grant match if they put in for some equipment. The investigation costs are unpredictable. Investigative costs will be dropped to $10,300. The Board advised Kerry that he needs to decide what he will cut and live within the $161,092.

Detention Center is discussed. There is an IT cost of $80,390.90, which will be moved to FIL. Will the county continue to pay the insurance on the DC when it’s completely paid for? If so, then the county will pay the insurance; if not, then it will come from the DC. Kerry advised that they would like to renegotiate the rate with Clark County; it isn’t in the works right now. The $10,000 for building insurance will remain in DC budget and if needed, money will be transferred over from the General Fund to cover it. Gary Davis suggested that in order to get a true sense of the cost for DC dispatch should be pulled out. All dispatchers are civilian dispatchers. Dispatch has been identified at $294,447.91. Jailers still fill in for dispatch. Call offs are filled by DC people. There is some discussion about removing dispatch from DC, but it is decided to leave it as is based on the fact that the total cost has been identified. Raw food has been increased to allow for the increase in inmates. Wade advised that they are trying to get away from cutting budgets; department heads should be able to run their own budgets. Kerry stated that he can’t make income cover both dispatch and DC. Dispatchers are asking to be considered a bargaining unit. Wade stated that they might not get what they are hoping for if that’s the route they take. One thing that isn’t figured into the dispatch is Toni. There is a possibility of one retiree, but nothing definite. The connectivity for AFIS to Spillman should be listed under Tracy Lee’s IT requests. Capital outlay includes, by priority: 1. intercom system (IT based), 2. blacktop for front parking lot, 3. electronic secretary, 4. refrigerator, 5. jail computer system, 6. fingerprint connectivity, 7. SERT equipment, 8. medical equipment, 9. sump-pump.

Caliente budget is now discussed. Caliente contributes $55,000 for the contract for policing, which is only a portion of the $123,733.69 budget. $5,253 is the total for services and supplies. It is discussed that perhaps Caliente needs to pay a 3% increase for their contract. John will put it on the agenda for the Commissioner to write a letter of request for a 3% overall cost increase for the contract. Gary suggested that it be opened up for negotiations. Kerry reviewed the vehicle capital projects, Fund 42. The jail van is included in this as are the patrol vehicles. $82,000 will be coming in from Airforce money. Ronda stated that any extra vehicles need to be sold.

Museum is now reviewed. Robert Sidford advised that the old courthouse is in really poor shape. Ronda spoke with Senator Reid’s group, who is willing to help out through an appropriation. This will require a match and the deadline is June 7. Ronda believes that the county can seek the appropriations, but wasn’t certain how quickly it would go through. Chuck Brechler will have a cost for a complete re-roofing. Some of the bricks need to be re-pointed. Another thing that has been looked at is replacing the windows. Chuck stated that these are not standard size windows. New windows need to be put in that will replicate the originals. This is a 50/50 match. Robert stated that the roof is key and must be done as soon as possible. Robert advised that there are displays that can’t be erected due to the condition of the building, which could have an effect on tourism. Chuck stated that the spring to the west of the old jail is forcing the wall towards the courthouse; it needs to be drained. $34,840 is the total amount budgeted for Museum; this includes the 3%. The Board agreed that when Phyllis got a figure from Chuck she should pursue appropriations.

Library is reviewed. $40,362 is the amount the Board agrees to for salaries. The bookmobile comes out of a grant. $88,709 is the total amount budgeted for Library, including the 3%.

Denice Brown is present to discuss Social Services. The total for this fund is $52,067. Senior Nutrition is now covered. Salaries/wages is $81,995, benefits are $26,108 and service/supplies are $88,824 (with the 3%). The total allowed for this budget is $196,928. Denice said that she isn’t going to make the ultimate decision on who should be cut because she sees the people. If the Board wants her to cut, they will have to tell her which direction to cut. In order to continue the program, Wade advised that they need to find what can be cut. Fuel is removed from services/supplies but left at $12,000. This is removed from the calculations to figure the 3%. Dan asked what the "per meal" cost is. Denice didn’t have it based on projected numbers, she has current numbers. Dan questioned what is causing the meals to increase in price. Services and supplies is raw food, containers to send the food out, garbage sacks, cleaners and anything that has to do with preparation of the meals. Raw food is strictly raw food. Denice stated that this program is social services; there will never be enough money to keep it going. Ronda stated that the concern is that the augmentations are never enough. If the current trend continues, this fund will end approximately $30,000 short. Wade suggested that a criteria for homebound delivery needs to be created. If there are only three to four in each town there is no need. Denice stated that the state requires that her office keeps documentation as to why people are being delivered meals. The increase for 2007-2009 is 32%. The county doesn’t generate that high an increase in revenues every year. There is only a 3% increase in property tax every year. This program is increasing by 15% every year. Bill stated that the 3% property tax only applies to homes; it’s not ranches or land. In order to continue funding this program, another county program will have to be cut. This program continues to increase as more and more meals are being served. No matter how many meals are served, this program gets the same amount of money from the state. Every year after the budget is set an augmentation is still required in order to make this budget whole. Wade stated that something to be considered is cooking in each individual site. Denice said that this will be a huge investment as each site will have to be made into a commercial kitchen. This will increase the costs significantly as these sites will now have to be manned. There are only three full time employees in Nutrition. In order to cook on each site it would double the full time staff. A truck and delivery person would still be needed to deliver homebound. It isn’t possible to charge for services; they can only ask for donations. Property taxes are the really the only source of revenue. Property taxes cant’ be raised because you’ll still only get 3%. It comes back to another program having to be cut in order to fund this program. The Board agreed that this will be put on the list of priorities to see how the additional funding requests can or can’t be funded. Nothing is cut from this budget right now as the Board wants to see what is left over in carryover. $74,679 is the amount that will have to be considered for funding. Denice is short $60,000 in the current year. Tommy asked if the suggested donations could increase from $2.00 to $4.00. Denice said that they could, but it will have to be approved by the state. It costs $7.61 per meal. 60% of this is homebound. The raw food and supplies is $3.43 per meal, which doesn’t include vehicles, personnel, and buildings. The county is losing about $4.00 on the overall cost of each meal. On an average day in Alamo, 20-25 meals are served. There is some discussion about commercializing Alamo’s kitchen to accommodate the growth and the rising costs. Ronda asked if it would be less expensive in the long run to revamp Alamo’s Senior Center. Denice wasn’t sure; cost estimates to bring it to code and to enlarge the building will have to be derived. The whole kitchen will have to be redone and the health inspector will have to advise how this has to be done. $49,465 is the amount spent on Alamo based on the $7.61 per meal. Total meals for the year are approximately 33,000. Caliente doesn’t put any money towards their seniors, but have told Denice that they give them a break on their sewer and water. Ronda said that Caliente needs to help their seniors as well. Alamo is the only town that responded to aid with the cost of the seniors; there is no power or water bill at all for Alamo. Ronda reiterated that Caliente needs to help as it is getting tougher for the county to fund this. The City of Caliente is an incorporated city who is basically saying that the seniors are the county’s problem. Ronda feels that Caliente needs to step up to the plate and take care of their seniors. If the county split the cost for Caliente’s seniors it would supplement the program by approximately $42,000. Denice will look at each of the utility bills to see what it costs per year. The compensation that the Board would like to see from Caliente is the $42,000, which is half of the cost for the Caliente seniors. Caliente has the same problem as the county; fixed tax rate. Denice will get actual cost breakdowns of utilities and meals for Caliente in addition to all towns. Wade reiterated that $74,679 is still the amount needed to fund this program and the ideas for such funding (letters to each town for help).

Tri-County Weed is up. Brandon Vaught is present for this item. Tommy questioned if this fund wasn’t different because they are self-sufficient. Brandon advised that their growth has outpaced their budget expectation and they had to ask for an augmentation this year. The budget submitted by TCW was for $550,000. LC is the only county that approves TCW’s budget. Wade agreed with Ronda that this fund doesn’t affect LC in any way except that LC is the budget controller. Ronda advised that TCW has meetings. All approvals for salary increases must go before the TCW board, so LC isn’t the only board offering approval. TCW has its own controlling board but they also bring salary increases before the LC Commission. It is anticipated that this fund will end with $244,000. There is discussion about cleaning up the budget to reflect real numbers. When there is no money in the bank, Leslie will have to stop paying bills. If TCW starts to run out of wages they will cut people. $450,000 is included for the building, which TCW hopes will sit in Ely. At this point, LC will hold the title to the building. Right now, titles to vehicles are titled under Tri-County Weed but they are under the county’s insurance. TCW is not classified as a district. If the county buys the land, they will own the land and the building as the W2s have LC on them and LC is paying the insurance. Brandon advised that they are trying to acquire an existing building. Dan stated that they will have to go through the bid process if they build a building. Nye County will fund the loan for the building that will be located in Ely and LC would hold the title. The Board agreed that Nye would own the building if they hold the lien. Dan suggested that Brandon make certain that the building be run through the LC books. TCW is asking for a 4% increase, but the Board has approved a 3% increase for all other county entities; Brandon agreed to do this. The numbers will be adjusted to reflect the 3% with fuel and materials being removed from the equation. The Board advised Brandon to figure out the fuel costs while applying the 3% to the remaining amounts for their budget. There is some discussion about who is authorized to sign the contracts and it is agreed that authority has to be given to Brandon to sign it. Brandon asked that the cooperative agreement be reviewed by the Board as he believes that authority to sign is given through this agreement. Authority is delegated to the position through the agreement. Any of the three District Attorneys should be able to handle going after someone if they don’t pay, but the Board would like to review it. Brandon stated that the cooperative agreement just went through the AG. Brandon will bring numbers to Leslie to be addressed at the 3-25 meeting.

Holly Gatzke presented the Cooperative Extension budget. There are no issues with this budget and it stands as submitted. Holly asked that when there is more cash coming in in the future she be allowed to take her part time position to full time.

Jean Lucht presented the budget for LC Health Nurse. Jean requested a raise for Sheila, who is working 35 hours per week but getting paid for 20. Sheila makes $800 per month and pays her own withholding. There is some discussion about Sheila being a contract employee. The county pays a portion of Jean’s wages. There is some discussion about giving Sheila an increase similar to part time clerical, $13.73 per hour. This would make her an employee who would be covered by industrial insurance. This position would be kept at 19.5 hours for a total of $13,922.22. There is some discussion as to whether or not Sheila would be interested in working part time for Jean and coming up to the courthouse to work the rest of the week, for a full time job. Jean will ask Sheila if she is interested in this and get the information to Leslie. The Board indicated that they understood that if Sheila goes part time she will have to be limited to 19.5 hours per week or 1,040 hours per year.

Mike Cowley presented the budget for Meadow Valley Justice Court. $13,000 for IT will be moved to FIL. Mike requested salary increases for whatever the county is negotiating and isn’t asking for any other raise than what staff receives. There is an increase in travel and per diem. Mike will have to attend training for Court View. Salaries right now are based on whether or not Lorena will stay for one more year. If Lorena retires and is replaced, Mike will advertise in house for this position. Salaries will drop substantially if Lorena retires. Lorena is emphatic that she will retire this May. Mike didn’t budget for her retirement and expects that he will have to ask for an augmentation. Leslie asked that AA fees be increased as both justice courts and the district court use this. $139,428 is the total allowed amount for MVJC budget. Dan stated that he understands that if the AA fees aren’t used within a two year period they are then rolled over into the General Fund.

Chuck Brechler presented the Building Department. Estimated revenue is $161,000. $44,800 is a new position for an extension of the BD into the Alamo area. There is some question as to whether or not this position is needed based on the slowing of the housing market and growth. This position will be needed to cover Rachel, Hiko and Alamo in the future. BD is proposing it but understands that it might not be necessary. If eliminated, there will have to be some compensation for travel and manpower to travel there. Coyote Springs has said that they are not doing anything until 2009. Based on what is happening in the Toquop area it is expected that nothing will occur until 2009. Wade suggested that this position not be created this year as it isn’t warranted at this time. This will remove $52,000 from BD budget. CS and Toquop will go under a contract basis for inspection, which will be completely funded by building permit fees. Total services/supplies/wages is $147,000. $17,000 for IT will be moved to FIL. Ken & Joanne have an increase from $54,000 to $56,000. The Board agreed to leave the BD total budget at $147,000. Total revenues will be increased to $169,500. Flood Control is budgeted at $8,000. The FC board has a taxing ability of $2,000.

Sue Austgen is present to discuss Panaca Town. Sue advised that the budget is being increased from $81,000 total to $88,000. They want to make sure that the money they have is budgeted, which will allow them to do necessary repairs to the community. Ronda advised Sue of the 3% cap. The Board agreed that $83,430 is the allowable amount for the budget under the 3% increase cap. Panaca Town will have to figure out how to allocate the $83,430 and work within that amount. Panaca would like to put whatever money they have in the budget so that they can spend it; they only have about $2,500-3,000 per year from taxes. This money can be rolled over from year to year so that it can accumulate. Maintenance in their community has been neglected for quite some time and they are now trying to get on top of that. Dan will budget the entire amount for capital outlay. $2,315 is what is currently in capital outlay and in the FY 08-09 budget another $2,500 will be added. Panaca building fund is the money that comes in from the rental of the post office. They need to have an asbestos report done on the town hall/post office as well as some remodeling needs to be done. As budgeted, the Panaca Town Building fund is budgeted for $10,000 more than actually exists in the fund. Dan advised that an adjustment will have to be made to bring this number in line as the fund actually has $9,074. Dan will budget the total $9,074.

Clint Wertz reviewed the Planning budget. $27,913 was removed for IT. $12,000 is the stipend for Planning Commission and about $3,100 of that is mileage. County surveyor is decreased to $4,000. It is estimated that Clint will hit $6,000 this year for per diem. Training is dropped to $4,000. Postage will be decreased to $1,000. Legal notices/newspaper will be decreased to $800. Telephone is $2,000. Clint is getting a service contract on their copier and it costs $900 per year. Office supplies are $3,000. Copying and Printing is reduced to $200.00. Office equipment includes filing cabinet and map cabinet. This should be included under capital outlay. $6,300 is moved from this category to the “wish”/priority list. Professional dues are decreased to $800. Publications are left at $500. GIS has ongoing software for which maintenance/license fees are paid. GIS software is decreased to $4,600. The total number allotted for Planning services/supplies is $47,840. When the extra person (currently budgeted at $65,000) is removed from this budget services/supplies drops by $12-14,000. If the developers are assessed for any position a true cost needs to be developed that includes salaries and all associated costs. Clint believes that one of the developers will fund a new position. Clint needs a position to get things set up before the commencement of various projects. This position is contingent upon the developer funding; if there is no funding, there is no position. There is still a difference of $4,992 for services and supplies that will have to be addressed as the total still exceeds the 3% cap. Clint stated that he had no base budget last year and that is part of the reason that his costs are up this year. Clint advised that when he was interviewed he was told there was $650,000 in the planning/development fund and that it was to be used to get his office up and running. Clint advised that he has used very little of this money and is now asking for the additional $5,000 for services/supplies to come from this fund. Clint itemized the SLUPAC position even though it doesn’t technically belong in his office. The Board agreed to remove SLUPAC from Planning budget and put it under Commissioners/General County. This drops services and supplies to $44,800, which the Board agreed to as a final allotment.

Housing Authority is given $47,307 as a total.

Assessor will be addressed on 3-25.

Pahranagat Valley Justice Court hasn’t submitted a budget yet.

Ambulance total is budgeted to be $65,000; this includes the 3%. Ambulance has budgeted to purchase a new ambulance.

General County is now addressed. Miscellaneous overhead is budgeted at $394,160. Leslie advised that employee benefits will have to be increased. Juvenile will be held until 3-25. Solid waste will be addressed on 3-25. Commissioners insurance is cut $7,637. Commissioners’ raises need to be factored in and Dan will increase this based on NRS. RTC is reviewed. Ronda feels that $100,000 needs to be left in emergency. However, RTC budgeted the entire amount. Dan believes that a capital improvements plan needs to accompany the $400,000. RCI will be doing a master plan for RTC. Budgeting the entire $400,000 will take RTC into the red so Dan will work the numbers to bring it back to a zero ending fund balance. LC Fair & Rec will be putting on a rodeo and fair, but Bill pointed out that it isn’t included in the budget. The $26,000 for the current year will be dropped to eliminate the negative ending fund balance. Fair Board will be zeroed out. Room Tax will be budgeted fully and the 3% cap doesn’t apply. $10,000 will be set aside for the fair. Dan will drop the current year expenditure to $30,000 and budget the entire amount for next year; this will make the fund whole. The State has heartburn over this fund. In the audit report it’s called Room Tax, but the cash flow sheet calls it the Fair & Recreation Board. The Board agrees that it will be called the Room Tax Fund. Wendy is asking that she be paid $100 per month, whether there is a meeting or not. Ronda advised that there is no need to send out bills every month. A box of bills can be given out at the beginning of the year. The bills come in with no backup often and it appears that Wendy is traveling for RTC. Another issue that will occur under RTC is that there is a feeling that a need exists for an executive director of RTC. A budget item was received for this that said that Wendy was going to take this position. One of the individuals at the meeting had an issue with that; it was a professional services contract. The person who had a problem with Wendy doing this felt that there was a conflict in interest as Wendy sits on so many boards.The Board now discusses Alamo Town Board. This budget is below the 3% and the Board agrees that the numbers will stay as submitted. Ronda advised that she doesn’t recall Wendy’s contracts coming to the Commission; they’ve been addressed by the town board. Wade believed that a couple of years ago would be when Wendy submitted them. All of the contracts were addressed at the same time and the Board believes that this is when Wendy presented the $86.00 per hour. A contract has to have a start and end date in order to be legal. Ronda asked that these contracts be readdressed on the Commission agenda as there is no end date. All contracts will be addressed on a future agenda based on the pending contracting policy.

District Court is reviewed. Leslie advised that court costs are up for this year and she will have to augment this budget. $5,877 for IT is moved FILT. The amount presented by Tracy for IT for the DC today is $6,249.34, which is an increase from the original amount submitted to the department heads. District Court stands as submitted.

There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Bill made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor.

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