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July 17, 2008



The Board met in special session with Chairwoman Ronda Hornbeck calling the meeting to order at 9:12. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Bill Lloyd, Tommy Rowe, Ronda Hornbeck and Paul Mathews being present. Commissioner Wade Poulsen is abstaining from his duties as a Commissioner at this meeting. There is a quorum present and the agenda was posted on 7-10-08 to comply with the open meeting law. Tommy led the Pledge of Allegiance. County
Manager John Lovelady is present as well.


Ronda noted that this meeting will not be done in closed session; all interviews will be handled in open meeting. Holly McNaught is the first individual interviewed. Holly advised that she can help the county based on her background; she brings skills into the county that will help the department. Holly isn’t designated as a department manager but has supervised interns in a previous job. Holly has also managed projects. Holly has experience reading and reviewing blue prints. Holly has looked at plans from the civil perspective as well as several other perspectives; she’s very comfortable with this. Holly owns a home in LC but currently lives and works in Las Vegas. Holly is a civil engineer but not registered professional engineer. Holly addressed the pending growth in the county and described the ways that she is prepared to contribute and aid in the development. Holly described her strengths, including being very detailed oriented. Holly is a problem solver. Holly described her weaknesses as a need to developer technical skills, developer a better understanding of codes better and managing people. Holly has done cost estimates before on an informal basis. Holly said that her first day of work would include learning standard operating procedures, computer system and overall day to day workings of the department. Holly’s view of her most important role in taking this position is to understand what is going on and enhance these things. Holly has worked to help develop a program to track permits. Holly discussed her belief as to the need for building permits/codes; they’re there safety. Holly believes that the public works director would encompass many different departments and have a wider role in relation to infrastructure projects.

The next individual interviewed is Mark Jones. Mark feels that his experience with capital master plan will best help the county. Mark described his management experience, which included five office staff. Mark’s previous responsibility included reviewing blue prints even though he isn’t an engineer. He reviewed them for compliance specification. Mark’s only concern with this position is about the work that will be involved with the growth in the county. Mark advised that there will be a lot of preplanning required for the growth. Mark has dealt with PTA organizations and has plenty of experience with controversy/confrontation/disgruntled people. Mark feels that his personal strengths include communication skills, ability to explain procedures and experience with capital master plan and annual plan. Mark described his weaknesses as getting too involved with the job and spending too much time on certain jobs. Mark likes to see projects from start to finish and gets frustrated with having things change and possibly be dropped. Mark believes that training procedures will be the main focus of his first day, including learning the daily operations of the department. Mark has not worked with a permit tracking program. Mark believes that building permits/codes are needed so that people don’t put up “shacks” in the middle of town. Building permits/codes also protect people from danger. Mark’s last position was a 24 on-call job; he understands that this position could entail more than the standard 9 to 5.

Orlando Sandoval has removed himself from the interview process.

Next applicant interviewed is Cory L. Lytle. Cory feels that he can help the county in many ways; he grew up in the county and is familiar with the changes occurring in the county. Cory has a basic knowledge of development that has happened over the last few years and where it will be going in the near future. Cory understands what needs to be done to ensure that things go in the correct direction. Cory described his experience with managerial tasks, which have included managing operations of an entire pozzolan plant. Cory worked to develop programs to employ up to 22 people. Cory currently supervises one employee for BLM. Cory will handle controversy/opposition/angry public by applying the law to all, but also keeping an open mind as many situations vary. Cory will also be a strong communicator. Cory described his understanding of the duties of this department, including the need to wear many different hats and work on many varied tasks. Cory would be willing to continue his education and pursue engineering. Cory said that so many things are going to change that it is a necessity to continue education. Cory realizes that this will not be a 9 to 5 job and that it will entail a great many more hours, including accepting phone calls in the evenings in the off hours. Cory strengths include the ability to communicate with people. Cory is familiar with cost estimates. Cory described his strengths, including pride in what he does, good communication skills, quality work and that he likes to be efficient. Cory cited that one of his weaknesses is taking on a few too many tasks at once. Cory described how this job differs from public works director. Cory felt this job would have a few more avenues that would require the stretching of an individual’s knowledge base. Cory’s priorities for the first day would be to get caught up on current and pending issues and getting a schedule lined up to deal with the
various projects. Cory would be continuously working to gain knowledge of some of the lesser things. Cory feels that permits and building codes are necessary for safety, good administration and the generation of money for the county. Cory has limited experience with reading blue prints. Cory worked part time for Bulloch Brothers Engineering when he was in
school and he helped civil engineers to read the blue prints. This gave Cory several tips and taught him somewhat about blue prints. Cory reads blue prints for some of the projects he currently works with. Cory can read blue prints for houses.

Lee Bradshaw is now interviewed. Tommy disclosed that he is third cousin to Lee Bradshaw. Lee stated that he could help the county because he’s lived here his entire life. Lee also feels that he has a strong background in the construction/building area. Lee feels that there isn’t anything that he can’t figure out with time. Lee has managed his own construction company in LC. Lee will handled disgruntled, upset people/controversy on a case by case basis since each situation will be different. Lee described his understanding of the duties of the director of building/safety. Lee would continue his education where needed. Lee would be prepared to contribute to the growth in the county by planning ahead and implementing several things. Lee is well versed in cost estimates. Lee outlined his strengths as being very level headed and that he’s “old enough to know better, young enough to continue learning”. Lee described how this position would differ from a public works position. First emphasis, first day on the job, would see Lee learning the job and
prioritizing. Lee described the main reason for getting a permit as a way to keep a handle on what’s being done and to ensure that things are built according to uniform building code. Lee has quite a bit of experience reading blue prints.

Last applicant interviewed is Wade Poulsen, who has stepped down from his duties as a Commissioner. Wade will help the county based on the experience that he has with administration, including project oversight. Wade understands the county’s needs and the direction that it’s going in. Wade described his experience managing employees and departments, which is extensive. Wade is very adept at handling controversy and angry people. Wade outlined his understanding of the duties of the director of Building Administrator, who is the enforcer of the ordinances/codes, including the need to prepare and handle a budget, communication with others, create written/oral reports, ensure that all buildings are up to safety standards/requirements. Wade would seek to continue his education if offered this position. Wade is prepared to contribute to the affects that the county will see from the growth by aiding in the maintenance of the rural county feel for the northern end of the county while ensuring that the standards set forth for the growth in the southern end are consistent and maintained. Wade is adept at creating cost estimates. Wade outlined his weakness as being impatient. His strengths are that he’s determined, has common sense, can look at a wide variety of situations, get to the heart of the matter and find a solution. Wade also has administrative and managerial strength. Wade described how this job differs from the public works
director; public works is much broader. Wade’s first task, if hired, would be to get up to speed on the day to day details for what the job requires. Wade is very adept at reading blue prints. Wade believes that there is a need for building permits/codes to generate revenue, maintain safety and to create control so that things are done lawfully and in a consistent manner.


There is some discussion as to the applicants. Top three applicants are: Cory Lytle, Mark Jones and Wade Poulsen, in no particular order. Bill made a motion to offer employment as Building, Safety & Facilities Administrator to Cory L. Lytle at the rate of $55,000 per year, (if Cory denies the offer then employment will be offered to Wade Poulsen); seconded by Tommy. Paul is opposed. Motion carries. John will contact the applicants today.


There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Bill made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:21; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor.

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