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September 15, 2008


The Board met in regular session with Chairwoman Ronda Hornbeck calling the meeting to order at 9:12. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Paul Mathews, Ronda Hornbeck, and Bill Lloyd being present. Commissioners Tommy Rowe and Wade Poulsen are absent, but Wade is expected to join the meeting later. There is a quorum present. The agenda was posted on 9-09-08 to comply with the open meeting law. The Invocation is offered by DA Greg Barlow and Ronda led the Pledge of Allegiance. County Manager John Lovelady is present as well.


#2 Approve/Deny minutes of the September 2, 2008 regular Commission meeting.

#3 Approve/Deny Tax Strike Tim & Yvonne Mason, APN 11-210-18, 17, 100 assessed, house and barn 85%Finished, portion of barn valued as living quarters.

#4 Approve/Deny Tax Refund T-Mobile Corp changed to Omni-Point downsized equipment. Unsecured taxes for fiscal year 2007-08 CM709 $1,734.58, CM710 $1,932.11, CM711 $1,667.09. Total refund is $5,333.78.

#5 Approve/Deny Division for Aging Services grant in the amount of $25,118.00 for Congregate Meals.

#6 Approve/Deny Division for Aging Services grant in the amount of $56,389.00 for Home Delivered Meals.

Clerk Lisa Lloyd advised that Item #2, the minutes of 9-2-08, are not ready to be approved and asked that they be held for the next meeting. Paul made a motion to approve the consent agenda with the exception of Item #2, 9-2-08 Commission minutes; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


Recorder/Auditor Leslie Boucher presented the vouchers. The Board discussed the pay increase for public administrator that has been submitted as part of the vouchers. The Board discussed the requirement for the pay increase to be presented for approval in a regular Commission meeting, which hasn’t happened yet. Ronda advised that, to her knowledge, during the budget session an increase wasn’t included for this year. The Board directed Leslie to pay the regular amount until the salary increase is brought before the Board for approval. Paul made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


County Manager John Lovelady presented these items.

b) Amendment of Cost Sharing Agreement between Lincoln County Power District, Alamo Power District #3, Lincoln County Regional Development Authority and Lincoln County regarding costs to process application for Right of Way from Bureau of Land Management for electrical service to Alamo Industrial Park—The amount for this agreement is $5,000 above the originally approved amount. The power districts have already paid and want to be reimbursed by RDA and LC. This item pertains solely to the agreement (this is an amendment to the original agreement with the same parties) and the reimbursement will be voted on at the next Commission meeting. There is a typo on the signature page that will have to be corrected. Paul made a motion to approve the amendment to the cost sharing agreement; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

c) Resolution declaring October 16, 2008 as International Credit Union Day in the County of Lincoln—Paul made a motion to approve; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

d) Recommendation for appointment to the position of Human Services Director and set salary for the position—One application was received, Antoinette Pinkham. John will monitor during the probation period. Bill made a motion to appoint Antoinette Pinkham to the position of Human Services Director with a starting salary of $31,000 (after six month probation period it will increase by $1,000, for a total of $32,000), effective September 16, 2008; seconded by Paul. All voted in favor.

e) Recommendation for appointment to the position of Lincoln County Emergency Manager effective October 1, 2008—John presented the Emergency Manager classification. There were two qualified applicants, Richard Stever and Richard Higbee, interviewed. The committee that did the interviews recommended Rick Stever for this position. This is a 19.5 hour position with no benefits. Ken Dixon said that it is critical that whoever is hired be available within the first hour of any incident. Paul made a motion to appoint Rick Stever to the position of Lincoln County Emergency Manager, 19.5 hours per week, effective October 1, 2008; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


This is under a separate agenda.


This resolution pertains to all advisory boards and Ronda asked that the document should be amended to state that. John commented clarification is needed and he will work on making the necessary changes. The clarification will include that this doesn’t apply to just town boards. No action is taken and this will be brought back before the Board at the next meeting.


Paul made a motion to approve the pay raise for Daniel Steward; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


Cory Lytle presented this item.

b) Approval to hire Kevin Holton as a part-time building inspector for the Pahranagat Valley area—This was advertised in the newspaper and subsequent interviews were held last week. Since that time it has come to Cory’s attention that there is another interested individual. The advertisement had an official closing date and applications were received prior to the closing date. After the committee interviewed and made their choice is when this other person came to light and expressed their interest. John believes that it will have to be re-advertised in order to interview this new person. Cory included some maintenance of the Alamo Annex as part of the job description; this creates a direct conflict as Richard Simpson has a contract for building maintenance. Kevin Holton is not a certified building inspector as of yet. This is basically replacing Lee Nelson, who was not certified and issued building permits in the Pahranagat area. There is some discussion about the best way to pay for this position. This individual will have to be trained by Clint to administer the planning portion of the work as well. If this person works on an on call basis it could cause issues based on the amount of time that will have to be spent on each inspection. The Board requested that more information be provided as to an inspection time table (how long it takes to inspect certain things, i.e. footings, electrical). The Board agreed that it would be better to pay this position on an on-call basis as opposed to hourly. It is agreed that at
this point re-advertisement shouldn’t be considered. Paul made a motion to table this item to the next meeting; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.

a) Update—Cory is working on the Pioche Town Park as well as the Emergency Management building. Cory will meet with contractors concerning the Thompson Opera House later this week. There is a signed contract in place for the roof of the Lincoln County Courthouse.


d) Application to State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for a grant for the Million Dollar Courthouse in the amount of $150,000—$150,000 has been applied for through Senator Reid’s office. The SHPO application would be the match. Phyllis suggested that she submit for at least $150,000, if not more, to the Commission on Cultural Affairs (CCA). There is no match for CCA funds. Paul made a motion to approve the submittal of the application for $150,000; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor. The County Manager will sign the application.

a) Update—Phyllis presented a letter of thanks from NV Rural Counties RSVP Program, Inc.

c) Senior Nutrition 501(c)(3)—Phyllis met with Toni Pinkham and Marv Richardson. Marv has supplied copies of their by-laws and articles of corporation, which are to service the seniors in Caliente. It is possible to expand the boundaries of this 501(c)(3) to include the rest of the county. Phyllis advised that Caliente is willing to work with the county to find and write grants for food related things and transportation for the seniors. Caliente doesn’t want the Senior Nutrition program dropped. There is a food bank in Las Vegas that is willing to sell canned goods, toilet paper, paper towels for $.09 per pound, but it can only be done with a 501(c)(3). This will drastically cut the price currently being paid to Sysco. The Senior Nutrition program would be kept under the county and the 501(c)(3) would be used an additional funding source. Toni would coordinate all of the various things to the Caliente center, since that is where the cooking is done. Ronda is concerned that all that seems to be happening is talk, not progression. If the county wants to completely divest itself of the responsibility of the program, then meetings will have to be held in the each community. If the county wishes to continue being responsible for the nutrition program, then Caliente can be used to aid with funding the program. this means that the county is set up to press forward and the donations received by Caliente will supplement the county program. The Caliente Senior’s are looking for money to add an extension to the Caliente Senior Center; in exchange for the county using their non-profit status, Phyllis will work with them to find grants for the addition to the building. Once the grants are in place for the Caliente Seniors they have full control of them. Phyllis also suggested that it would be possible to buy Alamo a freezer and take frozen meals to Alamo once per week.

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Wade joins the meeting at this time.

#14-ORDINANCE #2008-07

Clint Wertz presented this item. Present include Stephanie Allen, Bob Gronauer, Chris Armstrong, Matt Davis, Ken Dixon, Mark Teepen, and Mark White via telephone. An agreement with the applicant has been reached on all items and has agreed to modified standards for Title 14. Clint recommended approval. There is some discussion concerning the fire/sheriff facilities. Ronda questioned what point in time a temporary facility would be required for Lincoln Highlands (LH). If LH is never required to build a temporary facility, then LH will only have to purchase its prated portion of the equipment (this will be based on build out). Ronda is concerned that LC will have to buy equipment in the event that a temporary facility is never built. Stephanie Allen, counsel for LH, advised that one of the developers will be required to purchase equipment, under 4.05 (Reimbursement Section), but the development will determine who purchases it; it will not be LC. All developers will contribute to the purchase. Ronda is concerned about the payment of the prorated share. The intent is that two fire trucks will service the LCCRD, purchased through pro rata sharing, whether they are housed in temporary or permanent facilities. If there are required substations there could be a need to purchase additional equipment. Stephanie said that it is their understanding that all developers will share in the cost for the equipment to be used at the temporary facility, if needed; the equipment will then be moved to the permanent facility. Ronda doesn’t believe that the development agreement addresses the need for the equipment to be moved to the permanent facility once the temporary facility is no longer needed. The equipment will be purchased with the intent to eventually be located at the permanent facility. Once the equipment is purchased it will belong to the fire district, not the developers, advised Bob. Once established, the fire district will take over the running of the district, including the placement of equipment within the district. There is a table within the development agreement outlining the pro rata share. Mark Teepen advised that an amendment to their agreement will be required to cover this, since it states that they will have permanent locations on their property. Paul said that Eagle Falls (EF) development agreement was a starting point and the language had to be such that there was some responsibility and it wasn’t a loose end; an amendment isn’t entirely unnecessary. At the time, EF was the only agreement that LC had; it was necessary to tie it to some responsibility. During the EF negotiations, it was outlined that whichever developer came first would have the obligation to cover the provision of facilities that the county needs; the second developer would pay its pro rata share. DA Greg Barlow advised that EF and LH are the only two going forward at this time and an amendment can be made; these are obviously the two that will commit to building the permanent facility. Bob said that the first developer will obtain or be legally obligated to construct these facilities. Since BLT went forward first, LH restructured their deal and the county couldn’t require LH to construct the facilities. Based on the county’s approval of the BLT agreement, the responsibility to build the facilities was transferred from LH to BLT. There are caps in there, about 3,500 building permits. LH’s obligation today is to give cash contributions for the proportionate share. Bob continued by saying that this agreement has been negotiated to include that BLT will take the lead to build the facilities and LH will pay a pro rata share. Bob advised that the Commission took the responsibility for LH to be the first to build the facilities by approving BLT’s agreement first. Bob further commented that LH will write the checks when the 3,500
permits are in the LCCRD area; this is the agreement that was negotiated. Mark T. advised that it has been stated in previous meetings that LH would match their public facilities language verbatim to BLT, if BLT’s was adopted first; the language is nowhere close. Secondly, the structure of BLT’s agreement is that at least one fire station and one police fire station would be required in each of the development areas. BLT has agreed to build one permanent fire station and one substation on their property as well as contribute to the satellite government center. In the event that BLT moves forward first it was agreed that the satellite center would be located on their property with LH paying their share. If the facility is built on LH, then BLT will pay their prorated share. The only thing in question is where the government center will go. There was no question in Mark’s mind as to the permanent fire/police station as he was told several times that every development, the first two in particular, would have one on each site and provide fire/EMS. Mark W. understands that the
EF agreement has already been inked; if someone is trying to change that it will require an amendment and it’s binding as written. The only thing that can be changed at this point is the LH agreement. There are different obligations for each facility. Mark W. believes that EF has to construct one permanent fire facility, based on the agreement. If the permanent fire facility is needed on LH’s property because they are going first it will be EF’s responsibility to build it. EF’s obligation is clearly outlined in the agreement, regardless of who goes first or second. The satellite government facility will be built by EF as well, as outlined in the agreement. Mark T. advised that EF has agreed to build the permanent fire and police facility. However, the government center will require that all developers pay their share; the question is where it will be sited. Mark T. further stated that if it is sited in EF they will fund it and build it. There is only one fire station, one
substation and one government facility required for the LCCRD area. LH only agrees to participate in one facility, the government center. Mark T. understood that every developer would be required to build fire/police to support their community, but all developers would be required to pay for the government center. Mark T. agrees with this and offered to amend their agreement to reflect that. The intention was never that BLT would build permanent fire facilities on other developer’s sites. Mark T. commented that it was their impression that all developers would have to build a temporary and permanent facility within their own developments. Mark T. also advised that decision at the last meeting was that any and all updates to the agreement were to have been made one week prior to the 9-15 public hearing. Mark T. didn’t receive the updates until 9-11, he hasn’t had sufficient time to review the agreement and is requesting a continuance. Bob said that the agreement was delivered to everyone last Monday. Changes were made to the BLT agreement the day of the hearing; Bob felt that there was sufficient time. Mark T. advised that they have substantial financial interest in this agreement. If the permanent facility is built on their property reimbursement will be expected, said Mark T. If it is located on someone else’s
property, BLT will contribute their fair share. Ken Dixon reminded everyone that the county still maintains control of these areas. If the contract is approved today and a fire facility is needed elsewhere it will be based on a special need; this special need would have to be addressed through Clint’s office as a planning item. At that point, it can be addressed as a special
need and negotiated as such. Clint reminded the Board of the amendment process. Mark T. submitted a memo for the record concerning public facilities. Clint commented that it has been staffs intention all along that the public facilities and equipment would be shared, the county must realize that each agreement is a contract between each of the developers. There is nothing requiring the county to have two identical agreements. At this point, Clint recommended approval. Based on conversations with Mark W., Clint and Ken believe that the public facilities issue is covered. The sheriff’s permanent facility will be built when the 3,000th building permit within the LCCRD is issued. Prior to that, there will be a temporary facility in operation. When the 3,000th permit is pulled there will be a requirement for a permanent fire, sheriff and government facility all due at the same time. Ronda read the ordinance by title. 21,272 needs to be added to the ordinance language. Wade made a motion to approve Ordinance #2008-07, which adopts the development agreement for Lincoln Highlands Development Corporation and C&O Holdings, LLC (parcels A & H, Toquop Planning Area) and to approve the staff recommendations; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


Glennon Zelch presented this time. Glenn advised that they advertised for a utility manager with one applicant. Ronda reminded Glenn that the Board made a motion in a previous meeting to hire this position at $63,000. Ronda questioned why PPU didn’t plan to hire this position at the approved $63,000 as opposed to $64,890. PPU made the offer to Nathan Adams and they’d have to go back and renegotiate. Ronda commented that there is a legal issue as the approved amount was $63,000. In order to change, one of the Board members will have to reopen this issue and approve the higher amount. John said that the previous offer of $63,000 was made to Nathan and he turned it down. The DA said that this doesn’t have to be reopened based on the fact that it was re-advertised and reoffered. Paul made a motion to approve hiring Nathan Adams as Pioche Public Utilities Manager at $64,890; seconded by Bill. The employment agreement states that this
position will be paid $64,890 and then it agrees that next year he will be given a 5% increase and on top of that another 3%, or whatever COLA is. Glenn said that he would’ve been eligible for longevity next year. Bill commented that he is in favor of the salary at $64,890, but is opposed to giving Nathan all of the other increases above that. Paul said that with an 8% increase every year this will become an exorbitant rate very quickly. Paul stated that he didn’t reference the contract
with his motion; it was only to hire at the $64,890, nothing more. Paul isn’t comfortable with the 8% in the next year. There must be a separation and it has to be understood that Nathan will lose all of his seniority since it’s a new position. Wade asked if anyone has researched a comparison with Goldfield, Alamo Water & Sewer, or other closely related entities. The number of hookups is what needs to be considered to get an equal comparison for manager salaries. The ASW manager earns about half of this and they have approximately 400 hookups. Wade felt that the first offer was fair and equitable. Ronda advised that she has a problem with the fact that the Commission approved $63,000 and then PPU came back because the young man was unhappy with the original offer. Wade is opposed. Motion carries 3-2. County Manager John Lovelady will prepare the employment agreement. Ronda instructed Glenn that if Nathan doesn’t accept this, PPU needs to go back out for advertisement.


SHERIFF Kerry Lee reported that they will be conducting an exercise to meet the federal mandates. Pahranagat Fire District will host it on 10-1 at 8:00 am in Alamo. This exercise will involve a hazardous materials spill on the highway. LC School District will be involved as well. Evacuation in place will be done. There will be some officials from the state present. The DUI stop that was held over Labor Day went very well. There were no DUI arrests from the checkpoints. Bill advised that he had several complaints for foolish things, such as being stopped for not having a light on the license plate. Kerry said that this is probable cause and they had several arrests result from this type of stop.


Clint Wertz, Planning Director, presented this item. This is a vacation/abandonment for John and Patricia Williams to modify an existing 30’ multiple use easement and replace it with a limited use ingress/egress utility easement on APN 001-250-10 (access in favor of parcel 04 to the north) and to remove the 21’ access easement from the west side of APN 001-250-11 and dedicate 2,491 square feet along Bartolo Road to Lincoln County on the east side of APN 001-250-11, located
in the town of Pioche. The applicant was concerned that Bartolo serves the same area of land. At this time there are no objections. Paul made a motion to approve the vacation/abandonment for John and Patricia Williams, subject to all signatures being in place prior to the Commission Chair signing; seconded by Bill. Greg advised that in future, it should be required that all parties sign off on the map with the exception of the Commission. All voted in favor.


Clint Wertz, Planning Director, presented this item. This vacation/abandonment is for Alamo Power & Pahranagat Valley Federal Credit union to abandon a portion of 2nd North Avenue adjacent to APN 004-011-15, 004-011-14, 004-042-20 & 004-042-19 located in the town of Alamo. This was previously approved but the final approval ordered was never completed. This is basically a redo of a map and survey that the county already has. The map isn’t present to place before the Commission at this time and required signatures aren’t in place. Prior to finalization the new map will have to be drafted, signed and recorded. Wade made a motion to approve, subject to all signatures being in place prior to the Commission Chair signing; seconded by Paul. Elwyn Robinson wanted to ensure that his right of way is shown on the map, which it is. All voted in favor..


Clint Wertz, Planning Director, presented this item. a) Update—The Planning Commission approved the 1,500 bed prison in the Rachel Area. The clock has started for anyone who wishes to appeal. A few additional conditions were put on the application. Department of Defense was there and had comments. A petition was provided to the Planning Commission with 85 signatures. Approximately 1/3 of the population was opposed to the prison. The request didn’t have a fatal flaw that would allow for Clint to recommend denial. The operator will have to enter into a development agreement. There are 34 property owners that can appeal it.

b) Lincoln County Planning Department Fee Schedule revision—Clint reviewed the proposed fee schedule. The Planning Department is a special revenue department. Most of the fees that Clint is proposing to change are the larger projects. Vacation/abandonment has increased to $650. Clint is implementing an HCP overlay review fee in the amount of $400. Technical review for projects fee ranges from $5,000 to $50,000. Wade made a motion to approve the fee schedule for major land use zoning, minor land use zoning and administrative fees; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


a) Update re: status of Yucca Mountain Licensing; Caliente Rail Alignment Records of Decision (ROD); Surface Transportation Board (STB) processing of Department of Energy (DOE) application for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity—DOE has filed an application with BLM for a 12 year extension for the repository land within the NV Test Site. 8-22-08 NRC denied NV’s right to object to application. Aerial photography of the county continues and this year
they are working on county roads. The ROD is expected at any time and Connie is working on a “Tracks” Newsletter. Mike Baughman reviewed the status of license and the Caliente Rail Alignment. It is anticipated that within 10-14 days NRC will publish notice of public hearing; this kicks off the 60 days for the county to file any type of notice or contention. Mike is reviewing the license application to prepare the recommendation for the Commission as to whether or not LC
should seek to intervene. ROD is expected for the Caliente Rail Alignment this week. It is expected that BLM will issue their subsequent ROD within a few weeks. The DOE ROD can’t be appealed, but it is possible to appeal the ROD issued by the BLM. DOE has applied to the STB for a certificate of public conveyance and necessity. DOE was required to provide responses to comments, which are being reviewed by Mike and the program consultants. STB is leaning towards not having a public hearing on the application. The ten counties are mulling over the desire to have public hearing in NV. The cooperation of BLM will make a huge difference to the mitigation. DOE has committed to no loss of AUMs to ranchers.

b) Review recommendation and make selection of web students of Lincoln County High School web creation and maintenance program in Panaca—Vaughn Higbee met with Steve Hansen, principal of PVHS. Steve indicated that they really don’t have the staff or time to run a program for the web students. Jason Pitts advised that six students applied for the program: Dantley Walker, Alyssa Huska, Shelby Taylor, Trent Tibbetts, Jeremy Avery and Brandon Babcock. There are five positions that need to be filled, if one stays. Jason recommended that all of these students be hired. Wade made a motion to hire Dantley Walker, Alyssa Huska, Shelby Taylor, Trent Tibbetts, Jeremy Avery and Brandon Babcock for the web student program and to keep the existing student; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


Marge Detraz presented this item which concerns consideration of cancellation of current contracts with legal counsel retained by the LC Nuclear Oversight Program for licensing process for Yucca Mountain Repository now taking place in Washington, D.C. Marge said that she was removed from the last Commission meeting in spite of the fact that she’d filed a request to be on the agenda with the County Manager. Marge is requesting that contracts with Barry Neuman, Bret
Whipple and Carter Ledyard be cancelled. Ronda advised that the Board will take this into consideration. Wade made a motion not to cancel the current contracts with legal counsel; seconded by Paul. Bill asked Marge why the Board should cancel the contracts and asked what they’ve done. Marge reviewed who the county is being represented by. Marge asked to discuss the existing policy and contracts with Robison/Seidler, Intertech, Jason Pitts, Mike Baughman, Mayor Kevin Phillips and all JCCIAC members. All voted in favor. Marge cited the attorneys that will be representing the State of NV so that they don’t get Yucca Mountain licensed. Louis Benezet commented that he appreciates Marge’s courage to continue bringing concerns to the Board. Louis feels that there is great importance for the Board to review how they spend the large sums of money received. The committee that was appointed to review this meets very infrequently and Louis doesn’t believe that they are very up to date concerning what is going on. Louis believes that it is very vague as to what the attorneys are accomplishing for the county. Louis reviewed the sums of money paid for counsel and the uncertainty that they are actually going to be required to do anything for the county. Louis said that it is the same case with the other contractors who've been hired; contracts continue to increase and the county pays a great deal of money for them. Louis
asked who is protecting the citizens of LC from exposure to nuclear waste and ensuring that the money is spent to that end. Louis questioned the point of spending funds to educate a Commissioner and Council Member by sending them to Redwing; they could’ve just sent them to Yucca Mountain for free. Paul advised that the trip was very nonpolitical.. Paul reviewed what he was able to learn from the scientists by making the trip to Redwing; it’ll help him to make better
decisions on the future. Louis feels that the major contention with DOE is the past exposure to nuclear waste that citizens have experienced. Louis asked that the Board members look at the choices when this amount of money is available. Marge commented that she and Louis have two audits with the DOE from 2003 and 2005. In the audits it says that you can’t use nuclear waste money for these trips. Connie Simkins advised that they continue to work on the mitigation for the health study that Louis has addressed.


Brooke Haworth presented a request for a donation of $1,200 to go towards the PVHS trip to Washington, D.C. in 2009. Wade made a motion to approve the donation of $1,200 to PVHS (to be paid through Fund 94, Education Fund); seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


b) Application submittals to the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA) Round 10 projects—Carol Bass advised that Round 10 has opened. It is the county’s responsibility to let the municipalities know that they can apply for these grants. Grants are submitted directly to Las Vegas office after consultation with Ely office. In order for the
county to resubmit a grant they still have to go to consultation with BLM. A meeting will be held for the BLM consultation portion of this on 10-15 at 2:00 p.m. Phyllis commented that the final walk through at the Alamo Children’s Park has been done. SNPLMA is going to Congress with their 10 year projects. Phyllis has submitted two photos to include in this publication. BLM is changing the SNPLMA reports. Currently, there are 13 open SNPLMA projects and Phyllis is doing the quarterly reporting on these. LC was awarded, in Round 9, for the LC park upgrades, including Panaca Pioneer Park and DC Day Park. Phyllis has discussed these with Cory and John and they are looking at saving $100,000 by doing a design build, which can be done under the SNPLMA rules, as opposed to using an engineer. Part of the bid contract will include the design. Phyllis built reimbursement of the county employees for these projects into the grants. LC has also been awarded Echo Canyon Camp Ground expansion in the amount of $2 million. Ronda questioned how this will work with the park personnel based on the budget cuts they are experiencing. Alamo needs to come in and do a second phase on the Alamo Rodeo Grounds, the amount is unknown. Panaca needs to finish the rodeo/fair grounds phase two. Ronda suggested that Room Tax Board take a vote to build a sign that says “Lincoln County Rodeo Grounds”. Ronda suggested that the grant for the firemen’s park be completely revamped. Ronda suggested that Phyllis look into putting in a rubberized walking/running track. Caliente needs a phase two on both Dixon and Super Park. In addition to that, Caliente would like to go in for the two projects from Round 6 that didn’t rank very high; rodeo grounds and shooting range. Phyllis will check with SNPLMA to include land downstream for habitat for the willow flycatchers for the MV Wash Linear Park
application. Clint suggested that once the open space plan is finished Caliente could just buy land. Ronda will meet with Phyllis to discuss how to handle these projects. Ronda suggested that Phyllis put as much as she can into the LC Fair and Rodeo Grounds. Wade made a motion to pursue the Panaca Fair Grounds, the 2nd Phase of the Alamo Rodeo Grounds and a fence for the softball park, and two projects for Caliente to complete Super Park and Dixon Park; seconded by Paul.


There is no public comment.


There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Wade made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:59; seconded by Paul. All voted in favor.

Attest: ___________________________________ Approve: _________________________________

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