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May 26, 2009


The Board met in special session with Chairman Paul Mathews calling the meeting to order at 8:00. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Tommy Rowe, Ronda Hornbeck, Paul Mathews, and Bill Lloyd being present. Commissioner Ed Higbee is absent. There is a quorum present and the agenda was posted on 5-19-09 to comply with the open meeting law. Paul offered the Invocation and Bill led the Pledge of Allegiance. County Manager John Lovelady is present as well.

#2-FY 2009-2010 BUDGET

This is the time and place set for continued hearing on the budget. Dan McArthur is present. Phyllis and John have worked through the budget and presented suggested changes. Fines and forfeitures is at $380,000 but it was discussed that Meadow Valley JP in Pioche is bringing in an extra $3-5,000 per month due to chasing old fines and forfeitures. Phyllis and John have suggested increasing forfeitures. Brenda Mason of MVJC advised that they are nearly at the end of the first phase, which includes sending post cards. The second phase will include suspending driver’s license. Right now, MVJC is unable to go after residents of Canada. After discussion it is decided that fines and forfeitures will not be increased as Brenda believes that they will be short at least $8,000 in the current year. Current year will bring in $370,000, which results in being short in carryover. Forfeitures is left at $380,000. Executive Officer includes an increase in wages by $500 due to Denice’s step increase. Social Services is discussed by John and Phyllis. Wages are dropped to $11,873 and benefits decreased to $4,515. This is the result of moving 2/3 of the Senior Nutrition position under the Homemaker Grant. Leslie will not be augmenting the Senior Nutrition budget in the current year, but it will be close. John advised that raw food costs may be substantially reduced. Senior Nutrition is at a $0 ending fund balance in this current year. The salary will be paid through the Grant Fund. Grant Administrator salaries increase to $52,605 and benefits increase to $19,580. Buildings and grounds insurance is discussed; it is increased from $90,000 to $100,000. Juvenile Officer wages are changed to $49,992 and employee benefits are $32,923. MVJC wages are $74,289 and benefits are $36,414. Transfer to Planning is decreased to $86,213, which impacts services/supplies in Planning (this is $10,040 adjustment). $21,829 is the positive impact to the budget so far. Ending fund balance is now changed to $284,518, this includes no raises. If there are no agreements with the Union, $96,000 will have to be deducted from this number, which results in an ending fund balance of $188,000. There is some discussion about a COPS grant. The Sheriff went to the COPS program and applied for a 100% grant to pay for an existing officer’s pay. The administrators of the grant have $1 billion to spend on the program and over $9 billion worth of applications. The screening process will be very extensive and there could be several delays in granting of these monies. The COPS grant will pay for an existing position for three years; this will apply to the lowest paid officer, salary and benefits. This grant isn’t taken into consideration as the odds of receiving the award are extremely slim. Building Department is discussed. Revenues aren’t flowing in as anticipated and there is a potential shortfall of $30-50,000 in the current year. This year, for permits, $46,176.46 has been received, which is several thousand below the budgeted amount ($176,000). LS Power is 90% certain they will come in at the end of the year for permits; even with this, we will still be short on revenue. Much of the prospective revenue for Building was development driven. Clerk Lisa Lloyd advised that the bill to move the Primary to June is on the floor. She received an email Friday advising that it was 99.9% certain that the bill would pass, which means that an additional $28,000 will need to be included in her budget for 2009-2010 to cover elections. Ronda discussed the solid waste increases. The proposed amendments from Norcal will be on the 6-1 agenda, which include them accepting the 3% increase for this year. Norcal wants between 6-12% increase and the Board has said between 3-5%. Norcal wants three more years on the contract. Norcal will have a deferment account that will put the rest of the 30% into an account. If waste comes in from L.A. it will be docked against the account. Norcal has said that they will not hold the county liable for any of these monies. Ronda advised that if the contract amendments aren’t approved the county will have to make up the difference of the waste on the 30%. Norcal has said that they’ll agree to the 3% this year and forgive the previous years’ increases but the county has to agree to the amendments. Treasurer Kathy Hiatt asked why the county continues to sign this contract. Kathy questioned the amount of times that Norcal has been in breach of contract and why the county continues on with the contract. There will be discussion on 6-1 about what will happen if the county breaches. The $40,000 shortfall in the Building Department will impact the Land Act money, Planning and Development. Cory advised that there is another transmission line coming right behind LS Power; this should result in revenue for the county.

Negotiations with the Unions are now discussed. Gary Mauger has been contacted, but John hasn’t heard back from him. Teresa Seevers advised that the other units aren’t currently present; dispatchers unit advised her they weren’t aware of the meeting. Sheriff’s Office and Road Departments aren’t represented, either. John advised that another meeting has been scheduled for 5-29 to discuss the situation with the Union. Teresa questioned, if the freeze is approved, is it to be interpreted that no increases will be given to anyone, regardless of whether they are Union or not. Ronda stated that this is correct; there will be no increases for anyone; this doesn’t just apply to Union employees, but applies to every county employee. There will be no increases whatsoever. Ronda further stated that with the direction that the county is heading in now, the freezes should start immediately. Brenda cited that it isn’t fair to freeze raises right now, especially for those that will get theirs in June. Everyone else has received their raise for this year with the exception of those that are due in June. Dan advised that the freeze is based on June 30th. Ronda reminded everyone the ending fund balance continues to go lower. Everyone is saying that they don’t want to lose their raise/step. Ronda cited that the Board is asking everyone to live with the paycheck that they have now; if they can do that, they’ll have jobs for a couple of years. Ronda further cited that the Board is trying to make certain that everyone gets to keep their job. Ronda would prefer to see everyone keep their job rather than some people get scheduled increases. Tommy feels that the end of the year freeze date needs to be honored. Last pay period payroll change forms for Senior Nutrition were submitted. Senior Nutrition is already going to be very close. Leslie stated that the increase in minimum wage needs to be considered for the Senior Nutrition employees; why not wait until July as these increases will take place anyway. Judge Mike Cowley asked the Board to keep everyone equal. Paul advised that he intends to have a closed session with the Board on 6-1. Some of this pertains to the Board waiting to hear from Union reps and several other ways to cut money. Paul is working towards ensuring that his plan is known and understood. Paul advised that he doesn’t want to do anything prematurely or that will cause hardships. Paul has a plan. Ronda asked about the 5-29 meeting. Paul doesn’t see any point in having the 5-29 meeting until the closed session is held. The closed session will be early in the morning, perhaps 9:30. Discussion/Action pertaining to the FY 2009-2010 budget will also be on the 6-1 agenda. At best there is only about $10,000 worth of property that can be sold that is held in Treasurer In Trust. May 29th scheduled meeting is officially cancelled. There is no further business.


There is no public comment.


There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Paul adjourned the meeting at 10:06.



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