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June 1, 2009



The Board met in regular session with Chairman Paul Mathews calling the meeting to order at 8:04. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Tommy Rowe, Ronda Hornbeck, Paul Mathews, Ed Higbee and Bill Lloyd being present. There is a quorum present and the agenda was posted on 5-26-09 to comply with the open meeting law. The Invocation is offered by Greg and Paul led the Pledge of Allegiance. County Manager John Lovelady is present as is District Attorney Greg Barlow.


Ronda made a motion to go into closed session; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor. Ronda made a motion to go into open session; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor.


Tommy made a motion to pull Items 4, 5, 7, and 8 from the Consent Agenda for discussion; seconded by Ronda. All voted in favor. Tommy made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Items 3 and 6; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


This item concerns the transfer of Hollin Osborne to Head cook at $7.50 per hour, Angela Davis to Assistant Cook at $7.25 per hour, and to replace Caliente Senior Center Janitor and Site Worker at $6.85 per hour. Minimum wage increases to $7.55 on July 1. Tommy feels that these increases shouldn’t be considered in view of the minimum wage increase. Ronda further cited that Hollin was already made the Head Cook on July 21, 2008. Ronda questioned why Hollin was receiving a raise to be head cook if he’s already head cook. Paul discussed the request to hire a replacement site worker and janitor. Are these existing positions? Yes, people have just been shuffled around and this resulted in a vacancy. An employee was lost and upon moving people around the gap was created, Phyllis stated. Ronda made a motion to hold off on increases for Hollin Osborn and Angela Davis as minimum wage will be increasing in July (their wages will be increased to $7.55 accordingly on July 1); seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor. Phyllis advised that the janitor position will be $7.55 per hour, effective July 1st as well. Ronda made a motion to approve the hiring of the site worker for Caliente Senior Center and a Janitor (if these people are hired prior to minimum wage increase they will start at current rate; once minimum wage increases July 1st the positions will increase to $7.55); seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.


Connie Simkins advised that they continue to have difficulty in getting the maps from BLM and the promoters in time for them to be reviewed. There is a checklist that Lincoln County requires of the promoters for these events. These items must be met prior to the off road race committee approving the events. There is a new district manager at BLM and Connie asked that the Board make direct contact with this person to advise him of the checklist of requirements. Ronda will invite the new acting field manager, Mike Herder, to a meeting concerning this issue. Nathan Adams, who is in an off road club, advised that BLM has asked that they keep the maps tight lipped as they don’t want the kids out running the courses prior to the events. Connie cited that the committee has never pre-released maps to anyone so that they might pre-run the course. Greg stated that a speed limit needs to be included in some of the road crossings. The county isn’t closing roads; they’re public roads and the racers run at very high rates of speed. This could result in fatality. Connie is supportive of these events, but she wants to ensure that they are done safely. BLM is supposed to contact every property owner and every grazing permittee. Tommy made a motion to approve the Ground Shakers Motorcycle race on July 4th and make contact with BLM; seconded by Ed. Ronda asked Ken to contact Ground Shakers to ensure that they ride within proper speed and signage. Ken has already spoken with Ground Shakers about this. All voted in favor.


John Lovelady advised that there is a class of employees who don’t automatically receive increases without the Board’s action; Leslie Hernandez is part of that class and is working less than half time. Ronda made a motion
to deny the pay increase for Leslie Hernandez from $13.73 to $14.41 for one year completed, effective May 12, 2009; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.


Ronda advised that increases should be frozen in light of the budget crisis. Bill made a motion to approve the pay increase for Denice Brown from $14.41 to $15.13 for one year completed, effective June 16, 2009; seconded by Tommy. Ronda and Ed are opposed. Motion carries 3-2.


Recorder/Auditor Leslie Boucher presented the vouchers. There is a bill for Three Square that Leslie requested be held until policies and procedures are put in place. Ronda made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented, with the exception of the voucher for Three Square; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.


RECORDER/AUDITOR Leslie Boucher presented the cash balance reports. General County has a balance of $633,706.99 with estimated expenditures being $154,717.93. This leaves General County with a balance of $478,988.76. Transportation has a cash balance of $25,511.64 with estimated expenditures being $1,707.42. This will leave Transportation with a balance of $23,804.22. Nutrition has a cash balance of $21,488.97 with estimated expenditures being $6,027.18. This leaves Nutrition with a balance of $15,461.79. Detention Center has a cash balance of $192,252.34 with estimated expenditures being $75,138.27. Detention Center will have a balance of $117,114.07. Solid Waste has a balance of $68,613.15, with expenditures being $17,250.00. This leaves Solid Waste with a balance of $51,363.15.


This item pertains to an amendment to Teamsters Bargaining Agreement and to the Lincoln County Law Enforcement Association Bargaining Agreement. The Commission may have to make a motion to set wages and work out the details later since this is the very last day to work on the budget; it’s due today. LEA is amenable to the freeze but they would also like to bank their annual leave. Sheriff Kerry Lee advised that he would like to see it built into the agreement that the leave can’t be used if it will result in a need for payment of overtime. The new twist on the amendment is to bank the annual leave indefinitely and it can be taken only when approved by a supervisor and as long as it doesn’t require overtime to fill the absence. It will be difficult to
bank this leave and track it. Kerry asked that the additional leave be tracked separately. There would be no reason to raise the cap on the regular annual leave and Kerry requested a couple of years to use it up. There is some discussion concerning the difficulty of carrying this on the books. LEA is asking for an indefinite period to use the time, but Kerry asked that it be used within a couple of years. The use of this leave is to be done at the department’s convenience. Teresa Seevers discussed the freeze and asked for assurance that steps won’t be lost during the year-long freeze. The Board agreed; if the freeze happens the employees will just pick up where they left off this year in the next year and no steps will be lost. Clerical is requesting the annual leave banking, too, over a two year period. There is some discussion about requiring employees to take one day off per month. The last time this was discussed, the rolling of the annual leave into the next year didn’t result in any savings. Dan McArthur stated that if this leave is at the supervisor’s discretion that’s a benefit, but liability still exsits and the county’s just putting off the day they’re going to pay it. If revenues don’t increase within a year or two this will still be a problem for the county. The problem that needs to be controlled is the time and a half in the SO. If there are no extra costs for the one day being off then the county can handle it a year or two from now. Paul advised that the Road Department is already overbalanced with salaries and questioned what kind of position the doubling of the annual leave will put the RD in. Steve Chouquer advised that everyone in the RD is maxed out on annual and sick; he doesn’t believe they need more. However, the RD employees want to be able to bank this leave. Clerical and Sheriff’s have worked really hard with the Board to come up with an agreeable solution. Steve cited that the RD should stay where they are at. Dan said that if that much time can be taken off then it leads to the question of whether or not the departments are overstaffed. If so, it will result in laying someone off, which solves the problem. The county is $300,000-400,000 upside down and if the situation isn’t addressed right now it will be worse next year. If this trend continues, Ronda cited that it will result in 12 layoffs next year. There is no actual, hard copy amendment before the Board at this time for consideration so no action is taken.

#11-FY 2009-2010 BUDGET

Dan McArthur presented the current budget standings. Dan advised that he’s failed to make the change for the election costs; he will add in an additional $28,000. Current ending fund balance is $263,289; this includes all wage freezes. The Building Department deficit of $60,000 isn’t included either; this needs to be addressed and decided on how the shortfall will be covered. At the last meeting it was decided to augment the Building Department fund with monies from the Land Act Planning Fund. Bill cited that the BD has always lived on what they’ve brought in; if they can’t live on their earnings then this department will have to be cut down. Lincoln County Land Act Planning ending fund balance will be changed to $0. Next year’s ending fund balance is at a
$210,000 deficit beyond revenue. With many of the compounding issues next year the county will zero out. The county is in a situation where property taxes will only increase, at the most, by 3%. With that projection, and with all of the raises, longevity and COLA, the 3% will be completely wiped out. $100,000 has to be added back to the bottom line as well. Dan reviewed the county’s revenue sources. Sales tax has actually decreased over the last three years. With the revenues being flat, when the county gets into the following year (2010-2011) the revenues will be negative. Ronda advised that all counties will be reapportioned for taxes in two years. Paul discussed the fact that there are short term and long term solutions to be considered. Raise freezes are short term. Position and program cuts are long term. A balance between the two is needed in order to eliminate layoffs next year. Paul discussed the need for an ending fund balance and asked if the Commission wanted to establish a firm number. The county has dropped by $310,000 this year. Even with the freeze on wages, the county is still upside down by $263,000. The county is dropping from $573,000 to $263,000. Statutorily a minimum of a 4% ending fund balance ($182,689) is required, with a max of 8.3% ($379,080) which is the suggested rate. $182,000-379,000 is the statutorily required range for ending fund balance. The statutory point of view doesn’t take into account the fact that LC has had higher ending fund balances. Year after year step freezes isn’t a long term solution; it isn’t fair to balance the budget on the backs of employees. Ronda worries about the budget and being upside down. Over a ten year period, the county’s nest egg has dropped by $1.5 million. Ronda made a motion to freeze all of the bargaining units’ salaries and all county employees’ salaries (no COLA, no longevity, no steps) for the year (since there is no package with the bargaining units the Board will have to go back and work through these issues), to eliminate the County Manager position, and to move the Senior Nutrition position from General County back to Senior Nutrition (Senior Nutrition needs to live within its budget), all of these are effective July 1, 2009; seconded by Ed. Ronda amended the motion to change the paid mileage rate to $.29 per mile, effective July 1, 2009; seconded by Ed. County Manager John Lovelady advised that one of the things that can be looked at is the additional revenue for projects that will be coming online this year. John’s current employment agreement runs until December and he suggested that this could be the cutoff date for securing potential revenue. If John is allowed to work until December it could provide enough time for some of the revenue projects to be brought online. John asked the Board to entertain this idea as opposed to terminating him today. Ronda advised that this decision isn’t against John personally; the county needs to be fiscally responsible. John cited that the budget for this year is balanced and the statutory carryover is in place. John feels that elimination of his position is premature and could result in loss of revenues for the county. Paul discussed the need for decisive action and fiscal responsibility. Tommy agreed with John in that he should be allowed to work until his contract expires in December to finish up current projects. Tommy cited that Western Elite should be paying money to the county; money should’ve been drawn from them for the past fifteen years. Bill agrees with Tommy and reminded everyone that John only has until December; he should be allowed to finish his contract and get these other monies in place. Paul stated that with keeping the County Manager in place the county goes into an entirely new set of budgetary unknowns. Dylan Frehner asked if the Board looked at the cost of termination; is there a buyout? No, John said, there is no buyout. There is a 30 day “out” clause. Ronda said that if the economy hadn’t gone south this conversation wouldn’t be taking place. Paul addressed the amendment to the original motion and reminded the Board that they need to take action to either defeat it or add it to the original motion. Paul commented that travel has been a worry and at $.50 per mile it almost gives people incentive to travel as they can bank more money than it costs for gas. There are also county vehicle options. There is some discussion about the county purchasing a used vehicle to include in the motor pool. All voted in favor of the amendment, which is now part of the main motion Ronda made. Tommy questioned how there can be a pay freeze that goes against the Union when agreement with the Union can’t be reached. Everything that the Union has come up with so far hasn’t saved the county any money. In regards to implementing a pay freeze, Greg advised that the Board is acting on what must be done to balance the budget. There will be “housework” to do once the freezes are approved to get an agreement in place. Either the county or the Union can ask for arbitration or other resolution. The final budget must be turned in by 5:00 this afternoon. The county will be fair inworking towards an agreement with the Union without losing the 3% that the county’s trying to gain. Paul is in favor of keeping it on the table today. Paul said that the Board must keep working the dialog until suitable agreement is reached for both sides; something should be worked out since things have been taken away from them. Ronda reminded the Board members have worked very hard to keep as many jobs as possible. Brenda Mason asked what happens to the County Manager’s assistants if he loses his job. These positions are already divided between other offices. Paul cited that these people would possibly be the Board’s assistants and there are still a great many tasks that they can perform. If the assistants lose their jobs it would affect other offices, Brenda said. The Board understands this. Tommy agrees with the part of the motion that covers the rate change in gas and the salary freeze, but not with the elimination of the County Manager. Phyllis advised that there are a number of projects that John has been involved in and questioned what will happen to them if John is gone; many are funded by grants. Phyllis doesn’t know how to handle the things pertaining to the Alamo Industrial Park that John has been handling. Paul stated that certain portions of these projects will have to be moved to different departments within the county. Paul reminded those present that this discussion shouldn’t navigate from a budgetary discussion to a job performance discussion. If the Board decides that this isn’t the priority to cut, then the issue can be revisited, priorities can be reset, and cuts can be made in other areas. Phyllis said that these projects can be large money makers for the people in the county. With the proposed motion it will save the county $125,000-130,000, which can be added to the ending fund balance. The ending fund balance the Board is driving at is $379,000; elimination of the county manager position will get the county there with just a little bit over. Kerry reminded the Board that the proposed budget doesn’t show the amount of money that will be turned back from offices for the current fiscal year. Dan stated that they’ve gone over this with a fine tooth comb and it doesn’t appear that there will be any fluff coming in. Tommy made an amendment to the motion to continue the County Manager’s contract until December, at which time it will be reviewed; seconded by Bill. Paul said that his issue with this motion is that now a dollar amount is being assigned to this position that John has to bring in. Paul stated that if there is no definite termination date to the County Manager’s position, then the county has only rounded up an additional $17,000; as the motion stands no headway has been made on the ending fund balance. Ronda reminded the Board that at some point enough drastic action must be taken; they need to stop back tracking or just hand in a zero ending fund balance. At some point, the Board must take the bull by the horns and protect the county, Ronda said. Ronda, Paul and Ed are opposed to Tommy’s amendment. Tommy’s amendment fails 2-3. The Board readdresses the original motion as made by Ronda. Paul calls for the vote. Ronda, Paul and Ed vote in favor of the original motion (freeze all of the bargaining units’ salaries and all county employees’ salaries (no COLA, no longevity, no steps), to eliminate the County Manager position, and to move the Senior Nutrition position from General County back to Senior Nutrition, all of these are effective July 1, 2009); Bill and Tommy are opposed. Motion carries 3-2. Ronda made a motion to approve the budget as amended; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor.


Gordon and Michelle Wadsworth as well as Wayne Carlson offered a presentation to the Board. Wayne discussed the changes to the insurance, which includes an increase to the current deductible. There are options that can eliminate the increase, though. Wayne discussed the changes in the market this year, which resulted in increased rates. Overall increase at the current deductible is about 11%, or $21,000. Wayne reviewed the county’s share at varying deductibles, which are $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000. If the county goes with $1,000 deductible it won’t save anything. Net on a $2,000 deductible will be about $1,700 ahead. With a $5,000 deductible net gain will be about $5,613. The Board can choose the deductible. The deductible is “per occurrence”. Ronda made a motion to renew Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (POOL/PACT), deductible of $2,000, and approve payment for fiscal year 2009-2010; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor. Airport policy is now reviewed. Current premium is $2,600 per year. Ronda made a motion to maintain the Airport coverage at $2,000,000; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor. Lincoln County Fire Protection District will be listed as a sub-entity.


This item is covered under separate agenda.


LC HEALTH NURSE Jean Lucht advised that there are 111 cases of swine flu in NV, none of which are in LC.


This item is covered under separate agenda.


Tommy made a motion to approve and sign the United We Stand (UWS) grant in the approximate amount of $29,809 with no match; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.


Phyllis Robistow presented this item.

a) Update—Division of Aging has been monitoring. Homemaker and Nutrition did well. Nutrition inventory needs to be done differently and deposits must be done once per week. Other than that, Toni Pinkham passed the audit. IAF is looking to require counties to put up a $3,000 match. Indigent Accident Fund shouldn’t impact the county. Supplemental could impact the county. Pioche Sewer Project with CDBG is officially closed. The materials purchased with the grant must be accounted for. Phyllis advised that they are working on a policy for the Three Square voucher. Money was received for next year under CSBG in the approximate amount of $30,000. $36,000 per year will be received for Victim Witness. Next Monday is the CDBG presentations for Capital Improvement Plan. Phyllis is working several other counties on a broadband project. Phyllis continues to work on the communications tower in Coyote Springs. Maxine Lantz at Victim Witness tracks LC. Last year there was a total of 14 victims; in the last five months she’s had 21. An agreement should be received within two weeks from BLM for $275,000 for the HCP.

b) Match for American Recover & Reinvestment Act Grant from Division of Aging Services in the amount of $1,581—Ronda made a motion to approve the $1,581 match, paid through the PILT Match fund; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.

c) Request of Community Development Block Grant to change the budget categories on the Alamo Sewer Grant request—The Alamo GID went to the state revolving loan fund to get the money for their sewer project over and above the grant from CDBG. The change includes materials purchase only. Ronda made a motion to approve the request letter to CDBG; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.

Lunch 12:22-1:15


George McGrath and Paul Yamamoto are present for this item. Paul M. reviewed the history of this issue, especially in relation to the increases. Paul Y. reviewed the draft proposed amendments to the contract. Paul M. has read through the amendment, which closely matches conversations he’s participated in with Norcal reps. Paul Y. offered a brief review of the amendments. Norcal accepts the 3% increase as approved by the Commission and forgoes all past requests to increase rates by 30% plus. Norcal agrees to an upper cap and lower limit on the rate increases that the Board can approve for hauling services; this ranges 6-12%. As consideration for the reduction in rate, this amendment extends the agreement for three years. Whatever the difference is between the current allowable rate increase, which is 30%, and whatever the Commission approves will be placed into a set aside account. Greg has some questions as to what these will accomplish. Greg believes that some of the percentages still exceed the amount for the Western US. Tipping fees are being used as an expense in order to justify the rates; this isn’t an expense, but a book keeping feature. The tipping fee expense doesn’t exist except for on paper. Greg hasn’t had the opportunity to look at the fax he received this year concerning the next year’s rate increase. Rate requests are to be furnished by June, with action to be taken first part of October. Paul Y. discussed the hauling costs, which exceed the revenue. Even if Norcal removed theoretical profit for the landfill they’d still be losing money. Losses in LC for Norcal are real. Hauling company operations are losing significant dollars, Paul Y. said. Norcal will lock in the losses and with these percentages it guarantees they will continue to lose money through the life of the contract. Greg cited that the understanding has always been that they are expecting to bring in waste from Southern CA to feed the landfill and contract. Greg hasn’t seen any proof of this. Greg’s inquiries haven’t resulted in proof that there will be trash coming in from So. CA at any time soon. Paul M. advised that there was a letter from L.A. stating that they were going out for RFP. George McGrath addressed this issue. The RFP continues to move forward and it is anticipated that the draft RFP will release in June. A resolution for release of the RFP has been approved. L.A. has portrayed they are going forward. As it stands today, L.A. continues to move towards the June release of RFP, George said. This contract, if put in place, will eliminate the set aside account. A key element of the set aside account is that if the waste doesn’t arrive then the account will be relieved. Ronda questioned the payback to the county if Norcal starts hauling from CA. The payback is related to the volume calculations in the existing agreement. If a contract comes in for a very small amount the set aside account will have to be paid for under whatever tonnage is coming in. The landfill doesn’t work unless there’s volume; it wouldn’t be economic to bring in small quantities of waste. Ronda asked if the document amendment states the amount of tonnage that has to come in; it’s in the original agreement, not the amendment. The set aside account is effectively forgiven after five years from October 2008. Marge Detraz stated that she was here when all of this happened. There were several people here who wanted to bring it from Las Vegas; now these people want to bring it in from CA. Marge cited that Neldon Mathews is furious about this. Paul reminded Marge that the discussion must stick exclusively to the amendment. George advised that there was an element of risk that they assumed upon acquiring the landfill because of the rail haul but there was another risk they took based on collection. Paul Y. advised that cost increases are about 15% of revenue, but the Commission only approved 3%. With the proposed amendment the progression is effectively being locked in where they continue to be out of balance. Paul Y. feels that this risk demonstrates Norcal’s dedication. Norcal is hopeful that they will get the L.A.
contract. The Board’s job today is to either accept or reject the amendments, Paul M. said. Ronda has an issue with the 12% increase being passed on to the residents; she was okay with 3-6% increase. Norcal, through this amendment, is agreeing to reduce their ability to increase their rates by nearly 90%. Bill has an issue with the 6-12% increase as well and he feels that it should be more along the lines of CPI increases. Paul Y. advised that this isn’t a profitable franchise. The termination in the draft document is incorrect; it states “shall terminate after the expiration of eight years on October 15, 2014. The discussion before was that the contract would extend by three years. Paul M. stated that he understood that the expiration date, during conversations, was agreed to be 2012. George agreed; the termination date is October 15, 2012. Due to the time of year and budget, Dan McArthur was unable to get to Dixon for review. Greg cited that there are several members of the Board that haven’t had a chance to review the proposed amendment since it was provided to them only today. Greg would also like to have Dan run the numbers to see what this will mean to the county from a budget standpoint. Greg advised the Board to carry this item over and take action at a later meeting. George stated that the three years has to be added to the original agreement, which means that the termination date really is 2014. Greg suggested the Board hold a discussion on June 15th concerning this amendment, send any questions or issues that arise from that meeting to Paul Y., and then the final could be considered on July 6th.
Ronda feels the agreement on the tonnage needs to be addressed in this amendment. Ronda would like the amendment to state how much tonnage has to be brought in so that it’ll make sense for the county to sign this. Ronda reminded everyone that somewhere along the line this will have to be paid back. Norcal is required to pay the county upon receipt of the waste. The offset will be on Norcal’s books. The county expects to receive the host fees, but these fees will not be received until the deferred account is paid back in full to Norcal. The termination of the addendum sees the termination of the deferred account; the offset expires at the termination date of the amendment regardless of whether or not the waste is received the month before termination. Offset expiring is spelled out on page three under “Offset of Host Fee”. No action is taken and this item will be addressed on the June 15th agenda. The action item will be for 1:00 p.m. time specific on July 6th.


Connie Simkins presented this item. This memorandum of understanding (MOU) renews a standing agreement that LC has had with White Pine County for a number of years. It provides the opportunity to share information between two very similar counties in eastern NV and helps both counties to have the most accurate data for the decision making process. Ronda made a motion to approve; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor.

#20-RESOLUTION #2009-17

Glennon Zelch presented the resolution to increase the Pioche Public Utilities sewer rate for residential and commercial users. Paul read the resolution into the record. Tommy made a motion to approve the resolution to increase the PPU sewer rate for residential and commercial users; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


a) Update—Cory Lytle updated the Board concerning the traffic study for Mesquite. Cory will have a contract on the next agenda for the Board to sign in order for Jim Wilkin Trucking to do the dirt work at the Fair and Rodeo grounds. Cory is working on rental agreements for the Thompson Opera House (TOH). The Chamber wants to take over the management of the TOH. There is already a wedding and family reunion planned for the end of the month. Cory discussed private party insurance, which averages about $175 per one day event. Cory advised the county’s Ranger is in good shape; the green car is not worth anything. The front and rear end of the green car are worn out. Cory doesn’t believe that the county will get 15,000 miles out of the new tires that are
on the green car. Cory has the Special Events Permit (SEP) in place. Cory is emailing copies of the SEP for feedback. The air conditioning at the senior center in Alamo has been repaired. Cory is working with Greg concerning the business licenses. Cory will be posting listings on the internet for the business licenses and it’s believed that the licenses themselves will be ready by July 1st. Cory is taking care of the weeds at the Panaca Airport. Ronda discussed the need to set a start date for the business licenses and designate the department to administer them. Clint asked if there was an expectation from the Board that letters need to be sent out to current business owners. Cory reminded the Board that it will cost money to get this up and going. Cory discussed signs for businesses. If signs are bigger than a certain size they are required to get a building permit. The signs must be visible from the roadway. Clint advised that there are several issues with the signs in the county based on ordinances that have been in place for over thirty years. Paul advised that this issue needs to
be addressed on an agenda.


PLANNING COORDINATOR Clint Wertz and Rick Hardy presented an update on the progress of the Capital Improvement Plan. Clint is getting ready to schedule another strategic planning session. June 18th is the day the session will be set. Surveys for the Open Space Plan went out; 200-300 have been returned. Community meetings will commence shortly. Clint is meeting with Sheriff Kerry Lee and Emergency Manager Rick Stever concerning an E911 dispatch demo. Clint discussed the ongoing fiscal impact studies. The consultants’ concerns center on the current economic situation. There are more questions than answers at this point and the focus of the study has been shifted. Clint advised them to look at short term impacts for the next five years. When the land disposals are done the consultants can do models for the county that will provide better background information.


County Manager John Lovelady presented this item.

a) Update—John has spoken with each of the bargaining units and they are all back to the freeze and double vacation. John will be preparing agreements for signature. This agreement includes accrual of double vacation, to be kept separate from regular annual accruals. The double vacation will be used within two years at the approval of the supervisor.


There is no one present for this item. No action is taken.


Doug Carriger advised that they had more than 600 rounds of golf last week at Coyote Springs. The Mesquite Nonprofessional Tournament was held on Coyote Springs’ Golf Course; it turned out well. Half of the Coyote Springs Parkway has been paved on Hwy. 168. They are getting ready for the opening at the end of 2010. 700,000 cubic yards of dirt are being moved for the PGA building. AB522 passed with regards to renewable energy. CSI believes that Bright Source will be building solar energy plant there by the end of 2010.


There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Ed made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:00; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.































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