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August 17, 2009



The Board met in regular session with Chairman Paul Mathews calling the meeting to order at 9:05. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Tommy Rowe, Ronda Hornbeck, Paul Mathews, Ed Higbee and Bill Lloyd being present. A quorum was present and the agenda was posted on 8-11-09 to comply with the open meeting law. The Invocation was offered by Ed and Bill led the Pledge of Allegiance. District Attorney Greg Barlow was present as well.


2* Approve/Deny minutes of the August 3, 2009 Commission meeting.

3* Approve/Deny schedule change for payroll to be paid September 4, 2009, instead of September 8, 2009.

4* Approve/Deny Tax Strike, Mark & Linda Holt %Frank Barton, APN 13-180-07 1,503 Assessed.

5* Approve/Deny Best in the Desert “Nevada 300” race scheduled for September 26th, 2009. Race route starts at Alamo Canyon Road and US 93 and ends at gravel pit area south of Maynard Lake south of Alamo. Bureau of Land Management permit is being processed. This event includes a “fun run” on 12th & 13th of September. Liability Insurance certificate is in process naming County as additional insured.

6* Approve/Deny Interlocal Contract between the Nevada Division of State Parks and Lincoln County for work to be performed at Echo State Park.

7* Approve/Deny Contract Change Order with Jim Wilkin Trucking for the Rail City linear Park project in the sum of $30,976.90

8* Approve/Deny Business Licenses with staff recommendations (an itemized list of business licenses is available for public review in the Building Department prior to the meeting).

Ed made a motion to approve the consent agenda, with the exception of Item #5; seconded by Ronda. All voted in favor.


This item concerns a race scheduled for September 26th. The race route starts at Alamo Canyon Road and US 93 and ends at the gravel pit area south of Maynard Lake. BLM permit is currently being processed. This event also includes a “fun run” on September 12th and 13th; liability insurance certificate is in process naming Lincoln County as additional insured. Tommy stated there is a board that reviews all these races prior to final approval by the Commissioners. Connie Simkins, a board member, advised that the race committee hasn’t heard anything about this. Tommy feels that this race should be approved by the committee long before coming to the Commission. Greg advised that the screening committee needs the opportunity to go through the proposed race prior to Board approval. Ken Dixon advised that maps were sent to all members of the committee, but he hasn’t received any response. Ken is concerned about the area by Ridge Springs. Greg advised that Casey Folks hasn’t spoken with him about the race, which comes down Antelope Canyon. Ken stated that Casey said he has spoken to Greg; this will be looked into. Ken commented that the committee needs to be revisited as the only active participants are he and Connie; this is a four member committee. BLM has approved the route chosen for this race. Tommy made a motion to approve the race, and asked that the committee situation be addressed on the next agenda; seconded by Ed. Ken stated that the liability insurance has been received. All voted in favor.


Recorder/Auditor Leslie Boucher presented the vouchers. Louis Benezet presented comments on the Robison/Seidler vouchers for today. The cover sheet indicates pay for Vaughn Higbee and Ace Robison; Louis discussed the pay rates. The itemized accounting shows that much of the work that Ace did was simply conferring with Higbee and meeting with the Caliente Mayor. The total is $10,000 for two weeks work for people that have been working together for a long time. Many of the hours for the power alternative education program by Higbee were put in prior to approval by the Board. Louis is concerned that the bulk of the education material comes form the Nuclear Energy Institute. Louis is opposed to the idea of having NEI educate the children of LC about power alternatives. Louis cited that he believes these bills to be fraudulent. Funding is provided to protect our citizens and Louis doesn’t believe it’s being used correctly. Louis further stated that the Board has known about these fraudulent charges for a long time but hasn’t done anything about it because they are dealing with two “Stake Presidents”. Ronda stated that there are many telephone bills that have been submitted without the required telephone logs; notices were sent to all offices advising of the need for the logs. Ronda cited that the telephone logs have to be completed by all offices/departments. There is some discussion about not paying the phone bills if the logs are absent. Greg advised that the SO will not comply with the phone log nor publish who they talk to or how they conduct their business. Greg also commented that his office is the same; they don’t compile a phone log as phone calls from his office are confidential. Greg further said that he reviews all phone bills to ensure that the calls meet the required county standards. Ronda said that it is difficult when some offices are complying and some aren’t. Dan McArthur sent someone up to audit the phone bills. Dan has commented to Greg that it was a waste of time as approximately only $33.00 in personal calls were identified over the last several years. Ed made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented; seconded by Bill. Greg advised that there isn’t evidence of padding in the R/S bill and the rates they are charging are according to contract. The bills contain nothing that indicates they are fraudulent or inaccurate. The meeting between the consultants and the Mayor of Caliente were with the new mayor; it’s an appropriate way to transition. Unless there are other facts to substantiate Louis’ claims, the bills are not fraudulent. Greg advised the Board to consider the R/S bills for payment. Marge Detraz stated that this has gone on since 1995 and Mike Baughman hires his wife and son for $100 per hour. Marge stated this is so fraudulent it’s terrible. All voted in favor.


RECORDER/AUDITOR Leslie Boucher presented the cash balance reports. General County has a balance of $301,792.53 with estimated expenditures being $175,942.63. This leaves General County with a balance of $125,849.90. Transportation has a cash balance of $19,219.10 with estimated expenditures being $2,665.08. This will leave Transportation with a balance of $16,554.02. Nutrition has a negative cash balance of $3,094.36 with estimated expenditures being $9,980.02. This leaves Nutrition with a negative balance of $13,074.38. Taxes will be apportioned at the end of this month. Detention Center has a cash balance of $284,272.80 with estimated expenditures being $92,783.72. Detention Center will have a balance of $191,489.08. Solid Waste has a balance of $17,863.65 with no estimated expenditures. Leslie hasn’t transferred the previously approved $30,000 in this fund but will do so at the end of the month.


This item is handled under separate agenda.


This item is handled under separate agenda.


This item is handled under separate agenda.


Louise Buettner presented an update on the ambulance program. Pioche Ambulance is now functional with limitations. There are 4 EMTs in Pioche, one works for BLM and one for Honor Camp. A letter has been sent to Sgt. Trousdale to page Pioche Fire, Pioche ambulance and Panaca ambulance. A new class starts 9-12 and there is an ad in the newspaper. Louise has a contract that expired in April; is this to be renewed? Louise is working hard to help people take and pass the class, but she can’t make them volunteer. Louise hopes to get more trainees in the new class from Pioche and Panaca. Louise is allowed 40 hours per month for the ambulance administrator; she works part time at the hospital. The new class will meet all day on Saturdays and Tuesdays/Thursdays from 6-10 p.m. It has been brought to Louise’s attention that reporting to the Treasurer is required. After speaking with Melissa Rowe, it has been decided that Melissa will meet with Treasurer Kathy Hiatt on 8-19 to establish reporting requirements. Once this is done, Louise will ensure that all information/reporting that Kathy requires will be done. The county has paid for ambulance attendants and various training in the past, but Louise doesn’t believe the county should pay for it if the individuals aren’t active and attending. Louise will monitor hours to ensure that the individuals qualify for a county-paid physical. Louis will work on policy and guidelines to regulate hours for these individuals. Louise hasn’t ever seen the budget nor did she have any input. Louise asked if there was money in the budget for training. Ronda believes the budget for this program was just Louise’s salary. There is revenue in the Treasurer’s office that can be assigned. Bill stated that the money coming into the ambulance program goes right back into it. Louise suggested that the rates need to be raised.


This item concerns a letter of request from Lincoln County High School automotive instructor, John Lucht, for the donation of an old vehicle from the SO to the LCHS auto shop. Sheriff Kerry Lee advised that they are requesting older vehicles. There is an old Ford Bronco that was given to the SO by the test site. The Bronco doesn’t have a title so it can’t be sold. Kerry suggested that the Bronco be given to LCSO. Greg cited that it’s legal to donate this vehicle to the school district. Ronda made a motion to approve the donation of the Sheriff’s Office Ford Bronco to the LCHS auto shop; seconded by Ed. Toni Pinkham advised that she has a van and a bus that might be donated as well. All voted in favor.


This item concerns a Petition for Leave to Intervene in the matter of the application of Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Power Company, d/b/a NV Energy, for a permit to construct the One NV Transmission Line Project under the Utility Environmental Protection Act. This item is a request from Bret Whipple, who cited that the county needs to be an intervener; doing such will give the county the opportunity to take part in discussions and working through mitigation. The petition was filed due to time constraints, so this item is ratification. Ed made a motion to ratify the action; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


Commissioners Mathews and Lloyd as well as DA Greg Barlow met with Gary Mauger a few weeks ago. It was believed that the negotiations issue was resolved and no one would be receiving COLA. The union offered a discount on the insurance, which would allow for the payment of step increases. It was believed that the cost of living wouldn’t be part of it. However, Mr. Mauger is insisting the Road Department gets cost of living. Greg spoke with Gary on Thursday and requested a seniority list for the union. Greg indicated that it was believed they had an agreement and everyone would get to keep their jobs. Greg spoke with Dan McArthur concerning the costs for steps, increases and cost of living; these numbers haven’t been received as of yet. Contracts, as negotiated, will be honored at this point but it could mean layoffs. At this point, Greg’s opinion is that the Board should honor the contracts and take appropriate action to balance the budget. Gary cited that if COLA wasn’t received by the RD, then the insurance discount would be taken off the bargaining table. Gary’s reasoning for paying RD COLA is that they are paid out of a separate fund. Other reasoning includes Gary saying that Clerical Unit received a raise in the form of an additional hour last year; this is why RD should get COLA. RD works 4 ten hour shifts. When RD gets holiday time they are receiving two extra hours of holiday pay; this has been going on for years. Ronda reminded everyone the budget has been submitted; there is no way to change it now. Alternatives left include putting everyone on furlough or having layoffs. Tommy has been contacted by a couple different people from RD; they’ve cited that they knew nothing about the negotiations. One person is responsible for representing the RD and he hasn’t kept the employees informed. Greg requested that the issues be put to the union members—that people will be laid off if others insist on receiving COLA. To date, Greg doesn’t believe this issue has been presented to the union members. Tommy commented the shop steward hasn’t anything to lose, but there are three or four other RD employees that stand to lose their job. Wade Poulsen advised that there are several ways for employees to get out of the union, if they are interested. It is up to the individual employee to request to get out of the union. The discount of the insurance premiums brings $56,000 back to the table; this can cover longevity and steps. Road Department COLA is $16,800; this is COLA only and doesn’t include steps or longevity. The Board is faced with many different decisions, including deciding on whether or not they will keep everyone equal or give certain units concessions that are different from other units. Captain Gary Davis commented, with contracts in place, furlough is not an option. Gary D. asked what the difference was with the discount. The difference is about $5,000 but it left the county with no money to pay COLA. Clerk Lisa Lloyd asked if the Board has considered the possible savings for cutting all employees back to seven hours as opposed to laying people off. No and it is believed that this will require contract negotiations again. The only way out of the current situation is to reduce hours worked or layoff employees, Paul said. Gary D. cited that it would benefit the members to know the exact cost in question to pay all step increases as well as COLA. Much of the tax numbers remain unknown for another month. Ending fund balance will not be known until September or October. Tommy commented that state revenues are down drastically and the Governor is calling a special session. If consolidated taxes are down, the county will receive even less in revenue. The county is spending approximately $200,000 more per year than it is bringing in. By putting the ending fund balance at the number it is at, it gave a two year cushion and eliminated the pressure for layoffs. Now, the county is back in “no man’s land” and the risk for layoffs has increased drastically. Not only that, but the mileage rate was increased to $.42 per mile when the budget had included $.29. The “cushion” that the county has is a mandatory ending fund balance pursuant to statute. Derek Foremaster cited that Law Enforcement Association wanted to salvage jobs and avoid layoffs. Derek further said that the association would like to see hard numbers and proof of why they should give things up. The association is trying to do what’s best for the county and avoid layoffs. The only money fluctuation since budgets have been submitted is the $56,000 from the insurance discount. Derek cited that they have a possible $15,000 from physical agility that might be given up; this hasn’t been voted on yet and Derek asked for the numbers so they know what they need to hold off on in the contract. The $56,000 represents a $50.00 per month/per enrollee discount from the health insurance premium. Teamsters isn’t giving the county money, this is a discount. Those that are enrolled under Teamsters plan are in various units. RD has a separate fund with their premium being paid out of that. All other units are being paid out of separate funds. The discount that is put in place benefits a variety of funding sources. The Board needs to remember the county pays it all but it doesn’t all come from the same fund; this needs to be remembered in terms of who gets what. All cutbacks should be considered individually, Greg said. Choices are, at this point: go back to the bargaining table, accept the terms, or specify any and all things that the county wants to go back to the bargaining table. Once this action is taken, subsequent options can be proposed and terms can be discussed to address the shortfall. Ronda commented that the RD’s decision is the one that is causing the issues right now. Based on this the Board can request a list and it will be up to RD to make layoffs. RD is very salary heavy and all of the possible projects that could be accomplished can’t be done because so much of the money goes to salary. If this proposal is accepted, layoffs can’t happen. Greg cited that Gary understands that layoffs are still a possibility. Paul believes that the Board has to agree to Gary’s terms and layoffs can’t be considered. Greg disagreed, it is a managerial decision to conduct layoffs; the Board has a right to lay people off to bring funds into agreement. It is a separate act or issue. Gary D. commented that if RD gets everything they are requesting and then they can financially make it through the year, great; if not and they fall short, they will have to lay people off. Leslie questioned whether or not budgets will be augmented at the end of the year. Augmentations will have to take place as budgets didn’t include steps, longevity and COLA. Paul stated that they will augment steps and longevity, but not COLA. It was discussed what the Board intends to tell all others who don’t fall under a contract about pay raises and the fact that they won’t get one but those under contract do. If the RD gets COLA, what will all of these other people be told? Paul stated that he has tried to tell Gary this; there are many others that have to be considered. At will and unclassified employees are at the Board’s discretion for raises. This isn’t just LC hammering their employees; this is statewide and nationwide. Several counties have already had layoffs. If RD is the only one that gets COLA, what will the rest of the people feel like, Phyllis asked. Kerry suggested that this be passed as proposed and the county accept the discount; then, those funds that are over at the end of the year will have to be addressed. Dawne Combs, who only receives cost of living every year, suggested that the Board get this done. Later on down the road, if RD employees have to be eliminated based on their desire for COLA, so be it, Dawne said. As long as the Board holds the RD accountable for their choices, Dawne is more than happy to forego COLA. Ronda made a motion to have DA Greg Barlow create an amended agreement that gives the county the $50.00 per month insurance discount and the Road Department COLA (retroactive to July 1, 2009), Greg will present this to Gary Mauger for his signature and approval of the amendment will be on the next agenda; seconded by Bill. This amendment will run for one year. Next budget cycle the Board will have to work on this issue again. Dawne questioned where the money for unemployment will come from if layoffs occur; it wasn’t budgeted for. All voted in favor.


Greg suggested that one or two Commissioners meet with John Christian to review the franchise agreements. This meeting will possibly take place next week and no action is taken on this item.

Lunch 12:00-1:00


Deputy Derek Foremaster is present for this item. Derek cited that it is approximately $15,100 for the physical fitness payment. They are willing to waive it for this year and put the money back into the county. Derek advised that this money could be used to cover COLA for LEA employees. The cost of living would be a little more than that. The $15,000 would be absorbed into their department to go towards COLA. Derek said the association will take whatever the county can pay if they can’t afford the 2% COLA. The increase will be $650 to each LEA employee. With this being given as COLA it increases the salaries as opposed to being an outright payment for physical fitness, Ronda said. This results in a higher salary to start with during negotiations next year. Paul is in favor of the use of these funds for COLA. This is a proposal that still has to be agreed to by the others, Derek said. Greg reminded the Board that there will be increases to benefits with the increase in salary. If the physical incentive is kept, with the discount they will still get steps and increases and this won’t result in increased benefits based on COLA. Kerry stated retirement and PACT will all increase if this money is used as COLA. LEA feels that this money being used as COLA is a better benefit to them than physical fitness incentive. Everyone gets COLA, but not physical fitness incentive. Ronda reminded everyone of the need to live within the budget that was submitted to the state. Ronda proposed that, at the end of the year if funds are short, the Board should agree that augmentations for salaries will not be allowed. Kerry stated that salaries increased beyond the frozen amount. At the end of the year, Kerry will still have to lay someone off if there are no augmentations for salaries. With the steps and longevity augmentations will take place, Paul said. The augmentations need to be controlled. Ronda was alluding to no augmentations that would be over and above what is expected based on contract negotiations. There will be no augmentation to salaries over and above the longevity and steps, Ronda said. This will be the requirement of the Road Department (RD). There will be absolutely no augmentations other than longevity and steps, commented Ronda. The members are questioning how much money the county is lacking. The only money that has been added comes from the discount on the insurance. The county continues to be more than an estimated $40,000 short. With the use of these funds for COLA, it removes the cushion from the Sheriff’s budget. With the percentages being divided between benefits, the employee may actually receive less money than if they’d just taken it as physical agility. The physical agility funds are paid one time per year, with testing happening in September. Glennon Zelch suggested that these funds are held until next May as a cushion; if it’s still there, then testing for physical fitness can be held and this money can be paid out.

#19-RESOLUTION #2009-32

There have been some instances where employees have had their children riding along in county vehicles. There is liability associated with this. Tommy made a motion to approve the resolution to amend the personnel policy concerning children at the workplace; seconded by Ronda. Paul read the resolution into the record. There is an exception for a Supervisor to grant temporary exception to this rule, not to exceed one work day per month. Dawne Combs stated that she doesn’t even understand why this is being brought forward. Dawne commented on the liability of people in the public bringing their children into the building and they run around. Bill cited that he is aware of a situation where the children were in a county car and turned on the lights and sirens. All voted in favor.


Toni Pinkham presented this item.

a) Update—Money is coming in for Nutrition. Phyllis advised that this is a cash flow problem and they will be meeting to discuss and consider ideas to get the funding here sooner. The 501(3)(c) has helped with some costs. To date, no one has shown an interest in sitting on a board to run Senior Nutrition. Phyllis stated that the budget is under control at this point; it really just boils down to a cash flow issue. It appears that NDOT is giving them a new bus; no match required. One of the old buses will be kept as a back up and the other will be auctioned off.

b) Wrecked Senior Nutrition truck and possible purchase of a new truck—Toni spoke with the insurance; the county should get between $6-10,000 for the wrecked truck. The frame is split on the truck, but the box can be transferred if there is someone who can do the work; this is a
refrigerated unit. A new truck is $40,000. Toni spoke with the Division of Aging; they want to see where the Board stands before they come up with funds to help. Paul suggested that the insurance money could be used at auction to purchase a used truck and the existing box could be used. The transportation van is being used for deliveries.


Emergency Manager Rick Stever presented this item.

a) Update—Rick is going to Carson City for a workshop Wednesday through Friday of this week. The state has been involved in an evacuation program. Evacuation trailers are now available and LC will receive two of them. Rick has made arrangements to pick up one of the trailers when he goes to Carson this week. One of the trailers will be located in Alamo and the other will be close to Rick’s office in Panaca. A Red Cross representative has moved into Caliente; he’s very active in establishing Red Cross connections. There will be training this Saturday, 8-22. This individual is working on establishing a Red Cross chapter in LC.


Grants Administrator Phyllis Robistow presented these items.

a) Update—Phyllis advised that the county already owns a vault for placement of the cremated remains being held in Clark County. Phyllis and Wendy Rudder will take care of the remains. A letter was received from Southern UT Mortuary advising they will work with the county. There are about ten remains left. NACO is due and the Board needs to get a gift for the auction. Phyllis advised one of the Board members that they will have to bring the county flag. Leslie and Phyllis are working on the paperwork for the loan renewal of the Alamo Industrial Park. It is about $440,000 for renewal. Jeff Wilbanks and Adrian of SNPLMA will be here later this afternoon for project review. Denice will be going to Ely next week for CDBG application workshop. Denice will be handling CDBG this year.

b) Bid award for Lincoln County Fair and Rodeo Grounds event building — Bids were opened for erection of the building. Four bids were received, one of which was nonresponsive: Jim Wilkin Trucking, LLC ($53,521); Pearson and Sons ($69,100); Pearson Brothers ($81,600). There is money left in the budget to do add-ons. Change orders will be reviewed with a fine tooth comb. Cory is hoping to get sewer and water done as well. Tommy made a motion to award the bid to Jim Wilkin Trucking, LLC, in the amount of $53,521; seconded by Bill. All voted in favor.


Planning Director Clint Wertz presented these items.

a) Update—A meeting was held concerning the Public Lands Plan. The group worked half way through the plan. Another meeting will be held on August 25th. After that date, input will be requested on the draft document. The format of the plan is typical. Both Connie Simkins
and Cory Lytle have been very helpful and put a great deal of time into the plan. Clint hopes to have this completed in the fall. The Open Space Plan is half completed. The surveys have been received and tabulated. The main focus of this plan is how the county will handle the land bill’s 15,000 acres for open space in and around the towns. The county can receive conveyance for the land, but financially how will the county maintain open space parks? Clint stated they are working through different scenarios to address this question. They are looking at the 10% the county receives and setting aside a percentage of this money for maintenance. New development will have an impact fee. Clint is reviewing a range of options in terms of how other counties handle
these things. Room Tax is another source of funding for management. The issue isn’t identifying parks and washes, it’s long term maintenance. Ronda advised the 2004 bill outlines how the 10% can be used. The White Pine bill added to others for planning and HCP. Maintenance wasn’t addressed in either bill. Discussion with BLM has taken place concerning how the language was written and what it means on the ground. The 15,000 acres will be granted to the county, but the county has to pay for the EIS, Ronda believes. There is funding for the BLM portion for the development land. Ronda requested of Senator Reid that it be changed to read that LC can receive the 15,000 acres at no fee. Cory questioned why the open space can’t be treated as an Environmental Assessment instead of Environmental Impact Statement. RCI was advised that the cost for the conveyances would be covered by BLM; Clint will check into this. Another issue that will be addressed are the disposal areas. There may be some places where the county would like the lands to remain BLM. There also might be cases that require a dedication by developers. This is the level they are at now and a framework is in place for what the plan will/won’t include.

b) Review of draft model development agreement created by White and Smith for large development projects—Clint is looking for input today to submit to Mark White. Clint would like all comments by the end of this week. Wade Poulsen commented that he is concerned about pgs. 26-27, sewer service and reclaimed water. It makes it sound like the owner gets to decide how things will take place. From the water district point of view, Wade said they disagree. The WD should decide how this is used. The way it reads lets the owner/developer make the decisions. Wade is concerned that our right to the reclaimed water is being given away. Wade’s opinion is that reclaimed water is just as valuable as fresh water. No action is taken.

c) Review of Strategic Plan draft summary from March 25, 2009 and unresolved topics from the meeting—Clint wants to have Steve Lewis here again sometime this fall. The strategic plan identifies the issues the county is facing and what steps should be taken to address them. No action is taken.


Cory Lytle presented these items.

a) Update—Richard Simpson is completing the roof repairs and drywall work in the Library. The bathroom has new fixtures and new flooring. Two new air conditioning units have been installed in the courthouse. Another will be put in shortly. Stimulus funding is hoped to be received within the next year or so. The Annex roof repairs are complete. All of the safety caps are on in the Rachel barn. Cory will work on town meetings. The letter of agreement with the Pioche Chamber of Commerce is complete. The Labor Day Committee will hold an open house on Labor Day weekend. Cory received information on the RS2477 roads. Any roads/trails the county wants on the maps need to have GPS information for submission to BLM. Prior to sending someone to do the GPS Ronda suggested the county check with Tri-County Weed as they’ve already done much of this work; no sense reinventing the wheel. Next year is when BLM will work on the travel management planning with the county. Cory feels that a separate transportation policy needs to be created. Tommy advised that the RS2477 bill took effect May 2009 and it will be vital to the operation of the county to preserve the roads and trails. A workshop is being set up for October to address only this bill. Much of the GPS data is already in place, but Clint needs help on the GIS side of the issue. Roads are a huge priority.

b) Lincoln County Special Events permitting and application—Comments have been received from the various departments that will be affected. Cory doesn’t have a definition of what constitutes a special event. The definition needs to include whether or not it is on public or private land. Commercial activities need to be addressed as well. All organized races and town celebrations are considered special events at this point. Rodeos, trail rides, mountain bike races would be classified as a special event. Neil Graham advised that the Chamber is trying to get a bluegrass festival in here; this would be a special event that would be open to the public. The reason for this is to ensure adequate emergency services coverage. If everyone applies properly it will provide some maintenance funding for the parks. Alamo Town is going to require a deposit prior to use; if all is in order the money will be refunded and, if not, the money will be used for repairs. This policy needs to be restricted to commercial events. There is some discussion about the possible need to charge for the Fishing Derby; fees will be based on department requirements. If the departments choose to charge a fee for something like payment of an extra officer on duty, then it will be included in the total application fees. This won’t be a revenue source, but more of an avenue for cost recovery. Ronda would like this refined to the point where it includes a definition of special event prior to approval. Neil advised that health permits should be required of all vendors who are preparing and selling food. Neil asked for a definition on food, do cotton candy and popcorn count? No action is taken.


Vaughn Higbee is unable to attend the meeting. No update is offered at this time.


Connie Simkins presented this item. The September JCCIAC meeting has been postponed until after Congress acts on the budget. There will be a Nuclear Waste Technical Review meeting in Washington, D.C. in September; if the full budget is approved Connie will request authorization to attend this meeting. There is a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) being prepared for solar energy in the Ely District right now. Connie will be presenting information on this at a future meeting. Several of the Dry Lake permittees have spoken to the Board about the PEIS. The maps BLM is using now include the Mt. Wilson allotment. This is an effort put forward about 60 days by Senator Reid. Senator Reid has suggested three places in LC for study to
see if there are good areas for the placement of solar: Mormon Mountains, south end of Delamar Valley, and north of the Hershey place in the Mt. Wilson allotment. The Board has previously recommended placement of solar starting from the Hershey place and going to the south. Areas along the utility corridor were identified by the county. When Ronda approached Senator Reid about this issue, he asked Ronda to present this issue to BLM so that they might prepare a PEIS. This would allow for interested parties to come in and maps could be created to identify areas for solar. This PEIS affects several people. N4 Grazing Board will be requesting no net loss of AUMS and cooperating agency status. Clint has a draft template letter that he can use to address this. A response should be delivered directly from the county that lists the concerns of the county. Connie presented information to the Board about the PEIS. Ronda commented that she has received several phone calls from people who have applied for government jobs and have had problems with their new address in that the new zip codes are being rejected. This is because it never existed before, Clint said. All of the issues go back to the Post Office Management Branch; they have to change the database on their end. The Post Office will feed all of the delivery services and they have all of the information they need. Clint is aware of these issues and cited that, as of last week, the Post Office Manager is working on this. Marge Detraz advised that funding for Yucca Mountain is gone. Marge read from the recent “Tracks” publication. Marge accused the Board of creating “Tracks” under the supervision of the Central NV Protection Working Group. Marge advised the Board she is taking all of her information to Catherine Cortez-Mastos. Marge then referred to several newspaper articles, dating several years back, concerning nuclear waste and Yucca Mountain. Marge questioned where the Board was going to get their water to build a railroad. The LDS Church opposes nuclear storage. Marge advised that the real hero in all of this is Senator Harry Reid.


There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Paul adjourned the meeting at 3:34.



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