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June 1, 2009

#1. Call to order/roll call. The Board met in regular session with Chairman Bill Lloyd calling to order. Ronda Hornbeck called roll with Bill Lloyd, Ed Higbee,Tom Rowe, Paul Mathews, and Ronda Hornbeck being present.

#2. No minutes for the meeting of May 18, 2009 were presented. They will be approved next meeting.

#3. Approve vouchers in the amount of $ 8457.54. Motion made by Tom, Paul 2nd, passed.

#4 Supervisor Report by Steve Chouquere $83,111.36 left in budget for road materials. Tom, can you work with the stimulus money. Steve, said if product is available, can do some. Where is the Highland Knols project. Shane, it is not on the list. The project was not voted on to move forward. If we found money somewhere, then the project could be brought back. Steve shows projects on list are Beaver Dam Estate-chip; Panaca-chip. Clover Creek- chip, Alamo-chip, and the on road down the Canyon, there are still questions on where the road should go. BLM wanted to condemn this road. UPRR is in opposition. One of the deals is a 99 year ROW or easement . BLM/UPRR will not deal with the County until this is settled. Mr. Hargraves and Shane have talked. However, no time line for moving forward from Carp to Rox. Shane gave them all the mileage and specs that the county was looking at. Shane said that there was only one spot that the county would come onto the UPRR ROW. We are flexible on
where the road should go.

#5 Discussion on authorization for the Road Department to do work at the Pioche Golf Course. Shane stated that there is an area that needs to be brushed. Shane has talked with B. Walker and Rick Stever. Driving range at the Lincoln County Golf Course needs to be worked on. The request was made for the road department to help with this. Paul moved to approve, Ed 2nd, motion carried. Shane and Steve said they would donate their time if they could use county equipment.

#6 No Public Comments.

#7 Motion to adjourn by Paul, seconded by Tom. Adjourned at 11:35am.
































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