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June 19, 2009

#1 OPEN MEETING/ROLL CALL. Chairman Bill Lloyd called to order. Secretary Ronda Hornbeck called roll call. Bill Lloyd, Paul Mathews, Ed Higbee, Tom Rowe, and Ronda Hornbeck being present.

#2 MINUTES. There were no minutes.

#3 VOUCHERS in the amount of $5,511.93 Motion made by Paul, 2nd by Ed. Motion carried.

#4 SUPERVISOR REPORT – Steve. Road crews with the graders are still out balding roads in Weepah. Then they will be working on the airport road in Alamo. Ed requested that the road crews do work on Coal Valley road while it is wet. Steve said that it is not that bad but will have someone go out. They will work on the airport road also. Steve reported that his supply of oil is what was ordered last year at last year prices. Bill, have you looked at Heizers road. Steve said that Heizer was going to maintain approximately 2 miles of the roads by his project. He did not want to leave any more scars on the road than necessary.

#5 Ed asked if they had worked on the cattle guards at Water Gap. Steve said that he had not looked at the cattle guard. Ed. Said the right side of the cattle guard is not very good. They will take care of this before next meeting.

#6 John Lovelady asked if Steve had worked up a resolution with BLM. This resolution was to be directed to the county to encourage them to take care of their roads.

#7 This relates to the above issue. This is on RS2477. Steve said that he is working with NDOT and they are working on getting all of the roads in the County GPS system. The County and NDOT are working at Coal Valley. They meet last week with Dave Shumway. Clint Wertz stated that they are only working on the fuel tax roads. Also met with BLM and talked with them on all of the roads. This will happen within the next year that we work on all the roads. This is on the radar. Most of the GPS data that was done three or four years ago is still on our computers. Ed stated that Mike Prince talked to him on the road that goes to his house. This gets bladed by the county now. Mike said that there is type 2 on there now. Ed and Steve will go look at this road and see what can or needs to be done.
Tomorrow morning they will go look at this project. This road is also a fire break road.

#8 Public Comments. Clint Werts stated that south of the Alamo Cemetery there are about five properties that have concerns. This needs to be before the Planning Commission. The property owners will be notified that this will go on the planning commission agenda. All of the recorded maps do not show any legal entry into their property. They are working off a ditch easement. They have been using the roads for years and one of the property owners is objecting to the current use of that road.
Clint will work with this.

#9 Tom made the motion to adjourn, Paul seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:05 am.

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