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February 16, 2010

The Board met in regular session with Chairman Bill Lloyd calling the meeting to order at 9:42. Clerk Lisa Lloyd called the roll with Commissioners Tommy Rowe, Paul Mathews, Ed Higbee and Bill Lloyd being present. Commissioner Ronda Hornbeck is absent. There is a quorum present and the agenda was posted on 2-16-10 to comply with the open meeting law.

No action is taken on this item.

$4,700 will be paid to Cat for Cat tracks and grousers. $7,275 is the cost for fuel but will be partially reimbursed by other departments. Paul made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented in the amount of $17,364.00; seconded by Tommy. All voted in favor.

Steve Chouquer reported that things are drying out for the most part. Delmue Road will be bladed. There are a couple washouts down the canyon that are being repaired today. There is a crew blading Kane Springs. Tommy advised that the water at Cottonwood isn’t quite making it to the track. There is a barricade. There is a mile of road on the bottom of Delamar that will be graveled; it has been bladed. The gravel will be hauled from Gregerson by the corral. There is discussion about signage on the main roads for safety of the road crews. Steve would like “Roads subject to maintenance at any time. Drive at your own risk.” Steve will work out the legality of the signage with the District Attorney’s Office. Signature will be needed for the Right-of-Way from Elgin to Highway 93 and will be put on the Commission agenda for approval and consideration. Bill offered congratulations to Steve and his crews. Two letters were received, one from Uhalde and one from an individual from Barclay that operate the mustang outfit. Ed spoke with Mike Baughman regarding application for funding for the flood area in Alamo. Ed will continue working on this. Ed advised there is a lady that travels on the back road that comes from Alamo to Logan Supply. There is a request for signage on this road as there isn’t very good visibility. There are also some humps to take into consideration. Steve will look into this issue and research the terminology. The road is by Rapport. Steve advised that signs on these back roads get shot at, especially speed signs, shortly within the time they are put in place.

There is some confusion as to why this is on the agenda. Ivin Jones, Site Supervisor at Recology LC, spoke to this item. A sign was erected at Alamo. People are dumping 50 feet from the bins. Service has been increased to Hiko, Alamo and Rachel. The facility in Hiko is being used as opposed to dumping it on the ground. A large trench has been dug in Alamo to prevent dumping on the ground, but they get through it. Paul received a letter from BLM, who has received a complaint from NDEP that the County is out of compliance with the site. The letter discusses the lease being renewed on a yearly basis. Dead cows have also been put in the bins. The sign says no dead animals, no tire, no commercial or construction debris. The branches can be put in the roll off as can many of the items that are being dumped on the side. There are refrigerators, stoves, and even a hot tub. There is some discussion about cost to the County if we aid in the cleanup. Recology is required to clean inside the fence, but there are so many individuals dumping outside of the fence. Ivin suggested public education and commented that if they would put the items in the bin Recology will haul it. The letter basically states if the area isn’t cleaned up we will not be able to renew. No action is taken.

Steve presented a list to the Board. Rick Stever commented on snow and fire hydrants as discussed at the last Commission meeting. It was determined that the Emergency Manager was the one who should address the snow removal around the fire hydrants. Rick received a call concerning the Mt. Wilson area road, which is impassable during heavy storms. These people can’t get out when there are heavy snows. Pioche Town and the Honor Camp dig up the fire hydrants after the RD plows. Rick will ask RD to aid with clearing the hydrants. Rick suggested RD work with the towns when it snows. Steve advised they only plow the main road as it is a County road. Steve believed the section of road at Mt. Wilson that is causing problems is the private road into the area. Denice Brown asked that 8 mile road be put on the priority list. Steve requested that Denice let the RD know when it needs to be done. Much of the time, before RD gets to certain roads, private individuals have already taken care of it. Sheriff Kerry Lee thanked RD for digging out the Detention Center on multipleoccasions. No action is taken on this item.

Steve received a letter from BLM concerning the application for an access ROW in the Mt. Wilson area. This is a fire escape road that is the old stage coach road. RD asked for a 30 foot ROW. Steve advised he will resend the letter concerning this issue. RD is working on it.

No public comment.

There being no further business for the Board to attend to, Paul made a motion adjourn the meeting at 10:12; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.


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