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February 7, 2011



Commission Chambers
Lincoln County Courthouse
181 Main Street
Pioche, NV 89043



Tommy Rowe, Chair
Ed Higbee
Paul Donahue
Kevin Phillips
Paul Matthews


Chairman Tommy Rowe called the meeting to order at 11:04.




Tommy Rowe, Chair
Ed Higbee
Paul Donahue
Kevin Phillips
Paul Matthews

Lisa Lloyd, Clerk


There is a quorum and the agenda was posted on 2-1-11 to comply with the open meeting law.


Paul D. made a motion to approve the minutes of January 3 and January 18; seconded by Ed. All voted in favor.


Rick discussed the water tender truck that was previously approved. The truck should be finished by the end of this week. Rick hopes to work out an agreement with BLM to assist them locally should they need water. Rick advised that acquiring equipment creates the need for anyone who will operate this truck to attend an emergency operator training course. Rick will contact the different fire departments in the County to advise of the course and to work out an agreement for the use of the truck. The National Fire Code stipulates to specific requirements for fire departments. Rick has been working with the DA’s office to resolve the issues with the Eagle Valley Fire Department. Daniel is working on the legal aspect of the issues and it is hoped that a meeting will be held during the first part of next month. Rick has contacted the State Fire Marshall, who has advised he has no records for “Eagle Valley Fire Department”. The residents will have to decide if they want to come under the LC Fire District as “Eagle Valley Battalion”, or something like that, or do they prefer to formulate a separate fire department. There are two groups interested in this issue. Mick Lloyd, Louis Cole and Dave/Ronda Hornbeck spearheaded the original fire department; obtained a truck and got the building to house the truck. There are some new people to the area that are in opposition to the older faction’s plans. The newer faction has a “big city” mentality, such as “we had this in the big city, and this is what we want”; they’ve forgotten to form things correctly. The newer faction has caused some issues up state that are being worked out. Rick commented that he believes all of the issues can be worked out and all parties brought together to work towards getting this fire department established. Rick discussed the Rachel fire issues. Things are going well and the people are moving along. Rick is going to host AED training and he will go out to Rachel in the spring to go over the truck. A water tank has been installed in Rachel; the community was very helpful in the installation. There is some discussion about snow removal on the road to the water tank at Mt. Wilson; Rick continues to work on this.


Paul M. made a motion to approve the vouchers; seconded by Ed. Kevin abstained due to his ownership of Mountain Mercantile. Motion carries.


Tommy called for public comment. Louis Benezet discussed the SNWA water applications that had to be refilled. Louis feels the Commissioners should consider their position for SNWA and support for the pipeline. Louis feels the County agreements with SNWA could be thrown out. Louis suggested the County reconsider their position about opposing the pipeline project. Louis has spoken with Wade Poulsen concerning whether or not LCWD would file protests on the SNWA applications being refilled. Wade advised Louis that the County and LCWD didn’t file protests on the applications. However, Louis commented that Wade represented differently at a previous meeting.


There being no further business for the Board to attend, Tommy adjourns the meeting at 11:17.


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