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April 1, 2013



Commission Chambers
Lincoln County Courthouse
181 Main Street
Pioche, NV 89043



Adam Katschke
Ed Higbee
Paul Donohue
Kevin Phillips
Paul Matthews


Chairman Ed Higbee called the meeting to order at 11:09 a.m.




Adam Katschke
Ed Higbee, Chair
Paul Donohue
Paul Matthews
Kevin Phillips, Vice Chair

Lisa Lloyd, Clerk
Rick Stever, Fire Chief


There is a quorum and the agenda was posted on 3-26-13 to comply with the open meeting law.


Ed called for public comment. None offered.


Paul M. made a motion to approve the minutes; seconded by Paul D. All voted in favor.


Rick Stever reported that he attended a fire cooperators’ meeting in Ely. Rick has received feedback on the Eagle Valley fire station and the equipment that was housed there. The equipment belongs to the people, who have advised Rick to get rid of any that is of no use/value. Rick has a meeting with property owners at McDermott on 4-13.


There were no vouchers submitted.


This item concerns the cooperative agreement with NV Division of Forestry for the Wildland Fire Protection Program. Tim Woolever, Fire Management Officer and Division Officer for NDF, was present answered any questions the Board members had. Paul D. commented that he’s been considering the question of the $50,000 cost; he feels that this is the same as the cost of an insurance premium. Paul D. asked if it is possible to choose the amount of coverage with this program. Rick’s conversation with the state office is that the $50,000 is the amount the county is locked into; it’s nonnegotiable. The cost for this program is $50,000 per year and it is a two year agreement, based on the Legislature’s review. The county’s that have opted into this program will go before the Legislature on 4-11. This program isn’t only for wildfire; it includes floods and all manner of critical disasters. This agreement will benefit the county should we have any catastrophic event. Paul D. made a motion to clarify the language as included in the draft documents and address this issue at the next meeting; seconded by Adam. Rick stated the majority of this cost would be in general county. Rick suggested the costs should be shared between LCFD and the county. Rick contacted the other fire departments and was advised that they simply haven’t the money to help pay for this agreement. Adam addressed excluded expenses. If the BLM comes to provide mutual aid, they will still bill the county as it is listed as an excluded expense. Tim responded that once the BLM bills the county it would then be paid by NDF via this agreement, but the language is confusing in the manner in which it is written. Tim will check with the state to see how the payment will work. The agencies can bill amongst each other, from department to department. When the final bill is received it will be sent to the state. The goal is to keep the fires as small as possible. Daniel will work on the language and clarification. All voted in favor.


Ed called for public comment. None offered.


There being no further business for the Board to attend, Ed adjourned the meeting at 11:36 a.m.


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