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November 18, 2013



Commission Chambers
Lincoln County Courthouse
181 Main Street
Pioche, NV 89043



Adam Katschke
Ed Higbee
Paul Donohue
Kevin Phillips
Paul Matthews


Paul M. called the meeting to order at 10:12 a.m.




Adam Katschke
Paul Donohue
Paul Matthews

Ed Higbee, Chair
Kevin Phillips, Vice Chair

Lisa Lloyd, Clerk
Rick Stever, Fire Chief


There is a quorum and the agenda was posted on 11-12-13 to comply with the open meeting law.


Paul M. called for public comment. None offered.


Adam made a motion to approve the minutes; seconded by Paul D. All voted in favor.


None offered.


Adam made a motion to approve the vouchers; seconded by Paul D. All voted in favor.


This item was discussed and voted on at the previous meeting but was revisited due to some missing information. Information was received from Tuffy Ranches concerning their participation and the land transfer. Adam thanked Emilia Cargill and the Seeno bothers for donating the land. There is some controversy as to who owns what land. According to Tuffy Ranches, the land is theirs; they are willing to let the county have it and then allow the county to give a portion of the land to both the Hornbecks and the Lloyds. Adam would like to see the land split three ways. Cory Lytle has been working on this issue for nearly two years. Originally a record survey was done with all landowners agreeing to set the lines for what would be the fire station lines. Currently no one owns the existing fire station, which sits on private property and is owned by private residents in Eagle Valley. When the map was done the county road was still in private hands. The property sits in a flood zone and isn’t worth much. Tuffy Ranches has paid a great deal of money on this project. Cory felt that the fire district needs to pay for the property since they don’t own the property or the building yet. Also, the property sits in a flood zone so it isn’t worth much. Cory feels the fire district should pay for the entire survey costs, or $3,000. There may expenses down the road wherein the property owners could pay a portion of the expenses. Mick Lloyd asked how Adam figures the county is giving up ground. The county isn’t giving up anything. Mick stated Tuffy Ranches isn’t deeding him any property. Lenard Smith was hired to do a boundary line adjustment, which would bring Mick’s property line out to the edge of the street. Tuffy Ranches is giving the property to the county with the exception of Mick’s property to the street and Ronda’s property within the fence. The idea with this adjustment is to cure all three problems in one fell swoop. The fence line between Ronda, Dave, and Mick is part of the boundary line adjustment; they’ve agreed that the fence line is the boundary line. Ronda has pulled deeds to when Chamberlain deeded the land to Hammonds. The fence line has been there for over 100 years. When they bought the property they purchased it in acreage. The only thing that’s stopped the existing fire station from washing away is Ronda’s embankment. The county isn’t losing land; it’s been in the Hammond family for many years. Mick stated the people of Eagle Valley purchased the fire truck. The truck was then moved throughout the county until they could come up with the money and land for a fire station. About $5,200 was spent on the building. Louis Cole and Mick installed the power on weekends, at their own expense and on their own time. The county is gaining a lot. Dave Hornbeck stated that he’s helped Rick by working around the existing fire station, doing maintenance and cleaning up. Dave suggested that the residents need to have meetings about this. Dave stated he wasn’t even aware that EV has a new truck. Dave stated that he believes that he, Mick, and Louis would be willing to wire the new building for power, at no charge. Dave stated when the building is empty it’s hard to maintain. Adam made a motion to pay the $3,000 to Lenard Smith for the survey; seconded by Paul D. All voted in favor.


Paul M. asked why the bid amount is so much more than the engineer’s estimates. The bid is $30,000 higher than the engineer’s estimates. Time of year has a great deal to do with the higher amount, as does prevailing wage. Rick suggested that the best decision would be to wait until spring and re-bid it. There was some discussion about the risks of leaving the building lying out all winter. Paul D. stated that if prevailing wage is an issue it won’t be any lower come spring. Emilia Cargill stated that Albert Seeno is ready to sign the deeds. The issue is the county surveyor accepting them deeding off a record survey versus having to pay Lenard Smith go back out and do a parcel map. The county surveyor won’t let them deed off a record of survey. Emilia needs to do three deeds to complete this transaction (Mick & Lynn Lloyd, Ronda & Dave Hornbeck, and LC Fire District). Cory stated that we don’t need the county surveyor to sign off on a record of survey. Cory advised that we need Lenard’s stamp and he’s working with Daniel on a couple of different ideas to complete this transaction. Paul D. made a motion to approve the bid for construction from Pearson Brothers Construction for the Eagle Valley fire station in the amount of $79,300 and that construction will begin as soon as possible due to the season; seconded by Adam. There was some discussion about whether or not the building can be erected on land that doesn’t belong to the county yet. No digging or pouring will start until the surveying issue is resolved. Daniel has spoken to Cory about doing a stipulated quiet title; this is a very simple, viable option. It would be a clean resolution as long as all the property owners sign off. Nick stated that he would like to start one week from now due to weather constraints. Rick asked if dirt work can start based on our understanding. Daniel responded that the biggest issue would be building a building on property that the county doesn’t own yet. Nick is fine with starting on December 1st. Paul M. amended the motion that the contract will be void if the project is held up past December 1st; seconded by Adam. All voted in favor.


Paul M. called for public comment. None offered.


There being no further business for the Board to attend, Paul M. adjourned the meeting at 10:47 a.m.


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