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January 21, 2014



Commission Chambers
Lincoln County Courthouse
181 Main Street
Pioche, NV 89043



Adam Katschke
Ed Higbee
Paul Donohue
Kevin Phillips
Paul Matthews


Paul M. called the meeting to order at 10:39 a.m.




Adam Katschke
Ed Higbee, Chair
Paul Donohue
Paul Matthews
Kevin Phillips, Vice Chair

Lisa Lloyd, Clerk
Rick Stever, Fire Chief


There is a quorum and the agenda was posted on 1-14-13 to comply with the open meeting law.


Ed called for public comment. None offered.


Adam made a motion to approve the minutes; seconded by Paul M. All voted in favor.


Rick advised that work is progressing on the Eagle Valley fire station; it’s about 80% complete. Sunrise did an inspection on the building and there are a few things that they’ve inquired about, things that aren’t finished. Rick received a letter from NV Ranches, LLC; they are prepared to do the final deed on the property.


Paul M. made a motion to approve the vouchers; seconded by Kevin. Adam abstained as he is part owner of Panaca Market. Paul D. abstained as he is an employee of LCTS. Motion carried.


The final bill hasn’t been received from Pearson Brothers as of yet. No action was taken.


The change order for Pearson Brothers hasn’t been received. There are three projects, including the installation of a door, the finishing of a door, and a bracing rod. The door was provided with the building but their plans didn’t show where the door went. Rick has been advised that since it isn’t in the plans it will cost extra. There is a bracing rod that must be moved. The manufacturer has sent a plate that must be installed. This will also cost extra. The third item is to finish a doorway. The price Rick was given was $5,500 but he feels it can be done for less and he’s working to get volunteers to address the issue. The existing building will remain where it is and it can be used as a community training/meeting room.


Paul D. made a motion to approve the purchase of fuel for volunteers traveling to Eagle Valley and Mt. Wilson to help with building construction; seconded by Kevin. These individuals will turn in receipts to Rick. Rick can also get fuel from the county yard and put it on his account. The Board agreed these are both good options. All voted in favor.


Ed called for public comment. Emilia Cargill advised that the deeds are signed as are the declarations of value. She will record them today and provide copies to the county.


There being no further business for the Board to attend, Ed adjourned the meeting at 10:50 a.m.


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