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Agenda for September 11, 2008, 6:30 P.M. Meeting

Lincoln County Court House, Pioche, Nevada

1. Roll Call, Open Meeting Law:

2. *Minutes approval or denial/corrections for August 14, 2008.

3. *Discussion/Action Item: Renewal of Special Use Permit for City of Mesquite for a Firearms
Practice Range for the Mesquite Police Department and others located in the Toquop Planning area, which consists of approximately 35 acres. APN #008-261-01

4. *Discussion/Action Item: Recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners to
amend Title 15 by Ordinance for Coyote Springs Investment, LLC. This amendment would
add language to Chapter 6 for fees per the county fee schedule and amend the use tables to
allow for the development of resort hotel use in specified districts of Title 15.

5. *Discussion/Action Item: Continuance for a Special Use Permit for Toreson Industries, Inc.
for a Medium Security Private Prison housing up to 2,000 inmates located 4 miles West of
Rachel, NV in a portion of the Lincoln Estates Subdivision, which consists of Unit #4, block
6, lots 1-16, block 7, lots 1-16, block 8, lots 1-16 and Unit #3, block 1, lots 1-16, block 2, lots 1-16, block 3, lots 1-16, block 4, lots 1-16, block 5, lots 1-16, block 6, lots 1-16 and block 7, lots 1-16. Current zoning is heavy manufacturing and is comprised of approximately 100 acres.

6. Department Update: Work Plan Review, GIS Needs Assessment, County Planning Business.

7. Public Comment: No action will be taken on any items discussed in public and board
comment, but items may be placed on a following agenda for action.

8. *Set date and time for next meeting.

9. *Adjourn





I, Dawne Combs, Planning Coordinator for Lincoln County Planning Department, says that on
September 2, 2008, I posted a copy of this agenda at the Lincoln County Court House and the
Pioche Post Office. I also faxed a copy of said agenda to the Panaca Post Office, Caliente City Hall, and Alamo Annex for posting. This agenda will also be posted on the Lincoln County Website at the following address:


Items may be taken out of order. Accommodations for the handicapped may be made by calling
the Planning Office at 775-962-5345 in advance so that arrangements may be made.



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