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Agenda for July 23, 2009

Lincoln County Court House, Pioche, Nevada

1. Roll Call, Open Meeting Law:

2. *Minutes approval or denial/corrections for June 11, 2009.

3. *Discussion/Action Item: Zone change for Flanagan, Lloyd from C (Commercial) to RR5 (Rural Residential – 1 acre) on the back 3 acres of APN #008-360-11 located at 1144 S. US 93 in order to divide the parcel for residential units.

4. *Discussion/Action Item: Zone change for Lytle, Farrel from A4 (Agricultural – 20 acres) to RR5 (Rural Residential – 1 acre) on APN #006-281-12 located at 2347 Rose Valley Hill Road.

5. *Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map for Flanagan, Lloyd to create 4 parcels from 1 parcel located at 1144 S. US 93. APN #008-360-11

6. *Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map for Nelson, Jake to create 2 parcels from 1 parcel located on Richardville Rd. north of Curtis Canyon Rd. APN #011-170-09

7. *Discussion/Action: Request to review operations at Eagle Valley Resort located at 12555 Resort Road and to reconsider a special use permit granted in 1992 by Lincoln County.

8. *Discussion/Action: Request for a refund for services rendered by the Planning Department for Carl Wilson of 8492 Dry Valley Ranch Road.

9. *Discussion/Action: Determination of public access for parcels located at 772, 808, 840, 862 and 894 Dove Crossing Road south of Alamo Town and along the Pahranagat Valley Irrigation Ditch.

10. *Discussion/Action: Adoption of “Orange Book” by Lincoln County for Engineering and Design Standards for Lincoln County and adoption of the Toquop Drainage Study Design Standards for all or a portion of Lincoln County.

11. *Discussion/Action: Recommendation to appoint Planning Director as Lincoln County Flood Plain Manager as specified in Employment Description.

12. Department Update:

13. Public Comment: No action will be taken on any items discussed in public and board comment, but items may be placed on a following agenda for action.

14. *Set date and time for next meeting.

15. *Adjourn





I, Dawne Combs, Planning Coordinator for Lincoln County Planning Department, says that on July 9, 2009, I posted a copy of this agenda at the Lincoln County Court House and the Pioche Post Office. I also faxed a copy of said agenda to the Panaca Post Office, Caliente City Hall, Alamo Annex, and Little A’Le”Inn (Rachel) for posting.

This agenda will also be posted on the Lincoln County Website at the following address:


Items may be taken out of order. Accommodations for the handicapped may be made by calling the Planning Office at 775-962-5345 in advance so that arrangements may be made.












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