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Minutes for March 12, 2009 6:30 P.M. Meeting
Lincoln County Court House, Pioche, Nevada


1. Roll Call, Open Meeting Law: The Board met in regular session with Chairman Varlin Higbee calling the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. Planning Coordinator Dawne Combs called the roll with commissioners Steve Combs, Sue Austgen, Varlin Higbee, Glennon Zelch and Spencer Gray being present. Ross Stirling and Kaye Medlin are absent. There is a quorum and the agenda was posted on March 3, 2009.

2. Minutes approval or denial/corrections for January 8, 2009: Motion made by Steve Combs to approve the minutes for January 8, 2009, seconded by Sue Austgen, motion carried by all in attendance, Varlin Higbee abstains. 6:32 P.M.

3. Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map & Boundary Line adjustment for Nolan, George to correct deeded parcels and correct a boundary line, zoning is RR3 (15,000 sq ft Rural Residential) located in the town of Alamo off of Main St. APN #004-041-01, 004-041-02 & 004-011-07.

Lenard Smith is present for this item. Lenard states that these parcels were never legally parceled as they were done with deed, so they are now doing the parcel map. Varlin asks why the strip on the north side is being left, Lenard states that this is the easement to the inside parcel, and Lenard explains that the original easement was on the Southside but they have been accessing the property on the North so they are moving the easement. There is some talk concerning the boundary line adjustment that will follow the parcel map if approved. Steve asks if all of the property owners are willing to sign the maps, Lenard states that they are. Glenn makes a motion to approve the parcel map, seconded by Sue, motion carried by all in attendance. 6:48 P.M.

4. Department Update & Training: Planning Department update and possible training.

Clint updates the Board with the GIS server installation, it will be approximately 2 weeks for the installation, and he explains that this will give the planning department a chance to service the County with our GIS information. Clint updates on the training that the planning department & assessor’s office is going through for the GIS system. He updates the Board on the new aerial photography that will be coming in soon; this will be the major roads within the County. Clint informs them that LVWD has supplied a base station to the County and it will be installed in Pioche, he states that when it is up and running it will be live and it will be accessible on the internet & a cell phone if you have the program, Clint will identify the control points that all of the surveyors will have to use. Clint informs the Board that road department is being audited by NDOT for the roads that are being maintained by the road department, so he is working with the road department on this. Clint states that the Business License Ordinance is back on the agenda for the Monday Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, he has review the revised ordinance and has made some comments, he is still concerned about who will be taking care of the business license and that each license will be approved by the BCC, Clint states that he does not want to get involved with any existing business and checking the zoning, but moving forward all new businesses will be checked for the zoning on the property. There is some talk concerning the different aspects of the ordinance. Clint states that he has sent everything off to LS Power so this is complete. Clint states that NV Energy is in the process of getting BLM approval for their corridor, which will follow pretty close to LS Power’s corridor and he is expecting them to be coming in soon for approval by the County. The Toquop power plant is still moving forward and he has already talked with their attorney on the steps that they will need to take. Clint states that Mark White is almost done with the model development agreement, when Clint receives it he will review it with the Board. Riverwest has requested the information to start the process for their development agreement. There is some more talk concerning the model development agreement and what it will cover. Clint informs the Board that we have an opportunity for a grant to purchase the road sign equipment & materials to make the street signs, there will probably be a match required for this grant. 7:35 P.M.

5. Public Comment: No action will be taken on any items discussed in public and board comment, but items may be placed on a following agenda for action.

6. Set date and time for next meeting: April 9, 2009 @ 6:30 P.M.

7. Adjourn: Glenn makes a motion to adjourn, seconded by Sue, motion carried by all in attendance. 7:36 P.M.




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