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Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for April 14, 2009 6:30 P.M. Meeting
Lincoln County Court House, Pioche, Nevada


1. Roll Call, Open Meeting Law: The Board met in regular session with Chairman Varlin Higbee calling the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. Planning Coordinator Dawne Combs called the roll with commissioners Steve Combs, Sue Austgen, Varlin Higbee, Ross Stirling being present. Glennon Zelch, Spencer Gray & Kaye Medlin are absent. There is a quorum and the agenda was posted on April 6, 2009.

2. Minutes approval or denial/corrections for February 12 & March 12, 2009: Minutes could not be approved as there is not a quorum of commissioners whom attended these meetings. To be approved at the next meeting. 6:33 P.M.

3. Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map for Whipple, Keith from 1 parcel to 2 parcels, zoning is A1 & A3 (2.5 Acres & 10 Acres Agricultural) located in Hiko off of SR 318. APN #011-080-01

Lenard Smith is present for this item and explains that Keith Whipple wants to divide this parcel at the highway so he can sell the lower parcel. Ross asks with the highway easement stated 30 foot right & 30 foot left if this means it is a total of 60 feet. Lenard states that this is correct; it is 30 foot from centerline. Steve asks where the driveway access is to the parcels, it is stated that the access is off from the highway and that there are gates that access all of the parcels through this area. There is some discussion concerning the parceling into 2 parcels and this being the natural break to parcel this lot. Steve asks about the discrepancy concerning the highway right of way, Lenard states that this has been worked out with the highway department. Ross makes a motion to approve the parcel map, seconded by Sue, motion carried by all in attendance. 6:50 P.M.

4. Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map for Bradshaw, Don/Wood Jr., Mike from 1 parcel to 2 parcels, zoning is A2 (5 Acres Agricultural) located in Elgin off of SR 317. APN #008-271-02

Kaye Medlin joins the meeting at this time. Clint states staff recommends approval with a condition; the Lincoln County Fire District had a request for an easement on the property to access the pond for emergencies only, in case of a fire in the canyon. Mike Wood Jr. states that he does not see a problem with this as it is his Grandfathers property. Varlin explains to Mike that this would be giving a key to the Fire District in order to access the property if this is granted, Mike states that he really does not want to do this. Varlin states that he feels that it is wrong to allow access to the ponds, as these are private ponds. Ross states that where the ponds are located it would not be easy to create an easement to access the ponds; Clint explains that it would be where the existing driveway is. Varlin states that if the Fire District feels it needs something in the canyon they should put a storage tank by the old school house. There is talk concerning using the creek water and that it would not have enough water in it in the summer, Mike states that the ponds are used to irrigate the orchard and does not have much water in it during the summer months either, and at times there is no water in the ponds. Sue talks about the possibility of making them put in some sort of water storage for fire suppression. There is some talk concerning the access to the current parcel and where the access will be for the new parcels if approved, and what the access would be
to the ponds. Ross asks if this is being rezoned for residential, it is stated that the zoning is correct for what they are asking with the parcel map. Varlin states that they could require a water storage tank be installed at the time a home is built on the property, there is talk concerning the Fire District asking for access to the ponds regardless if someone builds in the canyon and that they can just require storage tanks for fire protection. Ross makes a motion to approve the parcel map with the condition that a storage tank will be installed at the time a building permit is acquired, seconded by Sue, motion carried by all in attendance. 7:00 P.M.

5. Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map for Hammond, Lytle, Bleak & Donohue to legally create parcels from deeds, zoning is RR1 (10,000 sq ft Rural Residential) located in Eagle Valley off of Eagle Valley Road. APN #’s 006-241-26, 006-241-47, 006-241-46 & 006-241-48.

Clint states that several of these lots are not conforming to the zoning, but they were created before zoning was in place within the County. Lenard Smith is present for this item and explains that there are 5 maps within this process; he explains that deeds had been done after the parcel map law took effect and so some of the parcels are not legal, so they are trying to correct this at this time. Lenard explains the sequence of the maps to the Board at this time. Varlin asks if this cleans up a lot of boundary lines, it is stated that yes this will clean them up. Paul Donohue explains that everyone involved is in agreement and all of the properties owners will now know where their land begins and ends as the deeds were not matching up. Clint states that the big concern the County Surveyor had was the correct steps were taken so down the road this would all have a clear title on it. Sue makes a motion to approve the maps, seconded by Ross, motion carried by all in attendance. 7:17 P.M.

6. Discussion/Action Item: Parcel Map for Lytle Family to legally create parcels from deeds, zoning is RR1 & RR5 (10,000 sq ft & 1 Acre Rural Residential) located in Eagle Valley off of Eagle Valley Road. APN #’s 006-241-29, 32, 40, 42, 43, 44, & 45.

Clint explains that he requested that this be broke up into 2 applications and this is phase II from the application heard previous to this application. This application also has a series ofmaps involved. Clint explains that these maps takes in more of the patented land than the previous maps did. Varlin asks how many maps are involved with this application; Lenard Smith responds that there are 6 maps. Clint states that staff recommends approval of this item. Sue makes a motion to approve the maps, seconded by Kaye, motion carried by all in attendance. 7:26 P.M.

7. Discussion/Action Item: Similar Use determination review authority by Planning Director.

Clint states that his request for this item is that the Planning Commission gives him the authority to make a decision on the Similar Use determination instead of having these come in front of the Board. Varlin states that this will put Clint on the hook for the decision not the Board. The Board goes into closed session at 7:29 P.M. Board resumes open meeting at 7:44 P.M. Varlin states for the record that the Board did not want anyone’s personal business or names put on public record, he explains that the discussion covered giving the Planning Director the authority to administratively issue Similar Use Permits. Ross makes a motion to approve this item, seconded by Steve with the condition that adjacent property owners will be notified of this Similar Use determination, motion carried by all in attendance. 7:46 P.M.

8. Department Update: Addressing system, Budget status, Open Space Plan Update.

Clint gives an update on the Budget, he hands out some papers showing our current budget and where we stand and what the next year’s budget will be, he just gives a brief description of some of the items of concern. Clint updates the Board on the addressing project, he states that there have been about 150 modifications and we are going to get ready to send out the letters for those modifications. There is some conversation concerning what other process will be happening
now and the process that have been ongoing. There is some discussion concerning the street signs and what the process will be for getting them posted. Clint updates the Board on the Model Development agreement and that we should be seeing something within a few weeks, they will send it to us and the Board & planning department will have an opportunity to review it and make any changes and additions. Clint updates the Board on the progress of the Public Lands Committee and the next meeting date. Clint updates the Board on the new FEMA maps that are being done for the County, he shows the Board some of the examples of the new maps, and he explains that we will have these on paper and in our GIS system. Clint states that he has been invited to attend a planning exercise by the DOD; he explains that they have some federal monies through them and he is hoping that we would be able to utilize it for some of the other plans that need to be done for the County. Clint updates the Board on the Alamo Industrial Park and what is happening with the sale of the land. Clint states that Coyote Springs will possibly be before the Board next month with a Large Parcel Map application, as they are looking to do some solar on the Lincoln County side. Clint informs the Board that SNWA will be installing a base station in the court house in approximately month and this will be used by all the surveyors. The County will create a few points that the surveyors will need to be used when surveying. 8:40 P.M.

9. Public Comment: No public comment.

10. Set date and time for next meeting: May 14, 2009 @ 6:30 P.M.

11. Adjourn: Steve makes a motion to adjourn, seconded by Sue, motion carried by all in attendance. 8:43 P.M.





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