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Meeting Agenda

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Agenda for January 14, 2010
6:30 pm Pacific Time

Lincoln County Court House, Pioche, Nevada

1. Roll Call, Open Meeting Law:

2. *Minutes approval or denial/corrections for December 10, 2009:

3. *Discussion/Action Item: Zone Change for Wittwer, Harold and Annita have requested a zone change from A4 (agricultural – 20 acres) to RR6 (rural residential – 2.5 acres) on Parcel #013-080-13 & 013-100-05, located approximately 5 miles West of Beaver Dam State Park, off from Beaver Dam Road in order to merge and subdivide a portion of the property and have the capacity to parcel in the future.

4. *Discussion/Action Item: Merger & Re-subdivision Map for Wittwer, Harold and Annita to merge 2 parcels and re-subdivide into 4 parcels, located approximately 5 miles West of Beaver Dam State Park, off from Beaver Dam Road. APN #’s 013-080-13 & 013-100-05

5. *Discussion/Action Item: Zone Change for Herring, Charles from RR2 (Rural Residential – 12,000 sq ft) to R1 (Residential – 6,000 sq ft.) on Parcel #004-041-33, located in the town of Alamo, on the corner of Stewart & Olive in order to subdivide the property into 4 parcels.

6. *Discussion/Action Item: Vacation/Abandonment for Ferguson, Alden & Karen to vacate a 40 foot strip of Hoffman Street that was inadvertently omitted in the original vacation of Hoffman Street, located in the Town of Pioche adjacent to parcel #’s 001-089-01, 001-089-02, 001-084-02 & 001-181-01.

7. *Discussion/Action Item: Merger & Re-subdivision for Higbee Jr., E. Edwin & Richard to merger 3 parcels and re-subdivide into 3 parcels, located North of Alamo of from Alamo West Road & Bar X Bar Road. Parcel #’s 011-192-04, 011-200-40 & 011-210-01

8. *Discussion/Action Item: Amendment to Coyote Springs Development Agreement dated July 5, 2005 to increase land use allocation acreage from the current limit of 4,500 acres to the gross acreage of the planned community of 22,285 acres for Electrical Generation, Station uses.

9. Department Update: May include but not limited to: meetings attended, actions taken, contacts made, project status, future needs arising since last meeting and other relevant information for the Commission.

10. Public Comment: No action will be taken on any items discussed in public and board comment, but items may be placed on a following agenda for action.

11. Set date and time for next meeting:

12. *Adjourn




I, Dawne Combs, Planning Coordinator for Lincoln County Planning Department, says that on January 5, 2010, I posted a copy of this agenda at the Lincoln County Court House and the Pioche Post Office. I also faxed a copy of said agenda to the Caliente City Hall, Alamo Annex, Little A’Le”Inn (Rachel) an Eagle Valley Resort (Ursine area) for posting. Faxed or emailed to Susan Austgen for posting at the Panaca Post Office.

This agenda will also be posted on the Lincoln County Website at the following address:


Items may be taken out of order. Accommodations for the handicapped may be made by calling the Planning Office at 775-962-5345 in advance so that arrangements may be made.

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