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Photograph Credits

The photographs below were taken by Dennis LeFevre of Cedar City, Utah. All photographs were taken in eastern Lincoln County, Nevada

Mule deer buck
Mule Deer buck
Three wild horses
Mule Deer buck
Horse in silouette


The following pictures were taken by Cathy LeFevre of Caliente, Nevada

Horses near the White Rock Wilderness Area in eastern Lincoln County, NV

Miller Point on Highway 93, two miles north of Panaca, NV

Highland Knolls subdivision, eight miles north of Caliente, NV

Lincoln County Courthouse
Pioche, NV

Rainbow Canyon near
Caliente, NV

Rainbow Canyon near
Caliente, NV
desert flower
yellow desert flower


These photographs were donated by the individuals listed below their photo and are used on this web site with the photographers permission.

blooming cactus
Photo taken by Susan Barteau of Caliente, Nevada
Cactus blooms in the desert
Photo taken by Susan Barteau of Caliente, Nevada
Mountain Sunrise
Photo donated by Cory Lytle
Panaca Warm Spring
Photo taken by Randal Allen



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