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Planning and Zoning Department

P.O. Box 307
Pioche, NV 89043
Fax: 775-962-5347

Telephone: 775-962-5345

Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday

Planning Commission meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm Pacific Time.

Clint Wertz, Planning Director

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Planning Director
Planning Coordinator
GIS Coordinator

The Lincoln County Planning Department was created in 2006 to prepare the County for future large development projects. While the County has had an active planning commission for over 30 years, the pace of change and the size of projects have been slow. Over the next 40 years there is the potential for 250,000 new residents to a County of only 4400 people. As the 13th largest County in the country (at over 6 million acres), Lincoln County is facing unprecedented growth.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Planning Department is to provide friendly, fair, and factual land use information in an informal environment. We strive to assist the public and provide direction for the Town Boards, the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners.


History and Project Summary - Read a brief history of the Planning Department and a short summary of ongoing projects.


Agendas and Minutes - Read past meeting agendas and minutes.

Lincoln County Planning and Zoning Code

Coyote Springs Planning Unit Development Code - Title 15 - An ordinance creating Title 15 of the Lincoln County Code establishing the Coyote springs Planned Unit Development Code for the regulation and maintenance of planning and zoning within the Coyote Springs Planning Area.

Lincoln County Development Code - Title 13 - The provisions of this code are intended to regulate the use of land and the division of same into separate interests for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare of the residents of the county. The code is adopted in accordance with and in order to further the implementation of the county master plan and such other plans, policies, and studies designed to promote the orderly growth of the county and its communities.

Toquop Township Planned Unit Development Ordinance - Title 14 - The purpose of this ordinance is to create, enhance and foster public health, safety and general welfare in the area known as the Lincoln County Land Act area (Toquop Township).

Lincoln County Zoning Ordinance Development Standards

Lincoln County Land Base Inventory Zoning

Large Projects Review Process


Lincoln County Designated Water Basins

Land Use Maps

Forms and Applications

July through December 2008 Application Submittal Dates for Lincoln County Planning Department - All applications and maps must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. in order to be placed on the agenda.

January through June 2008 Application Submittal Dates for Lincoln County Planning Department - All applications and maps must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. in order to be placed on the agenda.

Lincoln County Planning Department Fees

Application Requirements for Recorded Maps

Parcel Map Application

Approved Parcel Map Format

Application for Amendment to an Existing Map

Application for a Tentative Subdivision Map

Checklist for Holding a Special Event in Lincoln County - In addition to Bureau of Land Management requirements, each event promoter must comply with Lincoln County requirements.

Continuance Application

Development Agreement/Amendment Application

Extension of Time Application

Farm Management Easement

Master Development Plan Application - Conceptual Planned Use and Development

Master Development Plan Amendment Application

Record of Survey Map Application - Boundary Line Adjustment

Special Use Permit Application

Vacation or Abandonment - Application for Vacation or Abandonment of Right of Way or Easement

Variance Application

Zone Change Application





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