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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

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Pioche, NV 89043

Dawne Combs - Planning Coordinator


The Web Map Room is an easy to use service that provides you with map images and associated information from Lincoln County's geographic information system (GIS) data. Maps of different kinds of information appear as distinct layers in the on-line map room.


The Lincoln County Community Mapper is an easy to use mapping tool that provides you with map images and associated information from Lincoln County's geographic information system (GIS) data. You don't need to know anything about maps or GIS to use the Community Mapper, you just need to be able to point and click!

Please read the Legal Disclaimer. Accessing and using the Community Mapper confirms your agreement with and understanding of the Legal Disclaimer.

Tips for using the the Lincoln County Community Mapper

If you encounter any problems while using the application, or would like to provide us with feedback on your experiences with it, please contact us at


Lincoln County embarked on developing a GIS program in 2006 to accommodate future growth throughout the County and to modernize the County's mapping capabilities. By using current staff and outside expertise the County has developed an enterprise GIS system.

This system consists of various locally generated datasets including parcels, roads, landmarks, recreational sites, political boundaries, municipal boundaries, utilities and other public services. In addition raster data (aerial photos) have been flown by the County to identify baseline County resources, to determine impacts from federal projects and inventory County assets. These datasets are now available on a public web mapping application.


The County would like to thank the following entities for their participation and contribution to the county GIS program.

Lincoln County Road Department
Lincoln County Telephone
Lincoln County Nuclear Waste Office
Pioche Public Utilities
The City of Caliente
City of Mesquite Planning and GIS
Clark County GIS
Douglas County GIS
Eureka County Assessor
Bureau of Land Management
Nevada Division of State Lands
Nevada State Parks
Nevada Water Resources Division
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Forest Service
Gnomon, Inc
Michael Baker Jr. Engineering
Extreme Technologies LLC
HJW Geospatial
IDT Services
Summit Engineering
Sunrise Engineering



GIS Needs Assessment and Five Year Plan - July 2010
Addressing Project - Spring of 2008
Census Designated Places Development - Winter of 2009
Imagery Flaights - Three flights between 2008 - 2010
Web Mapping - 2008 to present
Transportation Database Development - Ongoing
Geo-database Conversion - 2009 to present
Conversion of Paper Zoning Maps to Digital Overlay
Creation of Digital Master Plan Maps
Inventory of Community Lands Plan Database
Webserver Installation - Spring of 2010


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