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Street Naming and Addressing Policy - DRAFT - Dated February 20, 2008
This document outlines the draft policy that will govern street naming and addressing for Lincoln County. The new addressing system is scheduled to take effect in the spring of 2009. Over 2700 addresses have been identified for residential, commercial and industrial uses throughout the City of Caliente and Lincoln County. The County/City will be notifying all property owners their addresses once completed. Public hearings will be held to finalize the addressing policy, street names and the final grid numbering system. Most City of Caliente addresses will remain the same except where numbering or street names were incompatible with the County's E-911 system. If you are building a new home, addresses (outside the City) will be assigned by the County planning department. The fee for all new addresses is $20.

Street Naming and Addressing Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

Open Space Plan - Lincoln County is developing an Open Space, Parks and Trails Plan. This plan will help the county prepare for growth around existing communities, identify and protect open space, public lands access and identify new park lands and trails throughout the county.

Public Lands Policy Plan - as a county with 98% public lands it is important for the county to have a voice in activities on public lands that surround us. With assistance from the Nevada Division of State lands, the County will be updating in 1996 plan to address more contemporary issues the county faces. The plan will also include policies and criteria for the disposal and phasing of public lands around our communities.

Toquop Area Development Agreements - Lincoln County has approved two development agreements in the Toquop Area for up to 30,000 residential units, casinos, and other commercial land uses. These agreements provide for the timing and implementation of planned communities and a wide variety of public facilities to serve the area. an overall transportation and drainage plan was developed for these lands to identify infrastructure needs and landscape constraints for Lincoln County. Copies of these agreements are available for a fee through the Lincoln County Recorders Office.

In 2004 the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act (LCCRDA) was passed by Congress to stimulate the economy of Lincoln County and expand the tax base of the County, which is currently at 97.5% public lands. LCCRDA allows for up to 90,000 acres of public lands to be released for public auction around the existing communities of the County. In addition, another 13,500 acres of land north of Mesquite known as the "Toquop Area" was sold in the spring of 2005 for $47.5 million to private developers.

Other large projects facing the County include the proposed Toquop Power Plant, located 14 miles northwest of the Toquop Area, and the proposed Yucca Mountain Rail Corridor which would bisect the County running east/west. The final series of projects includes the proposed pipeline corridors for the Southern Nevada Water Authority and other proposed power corridors through the County.

The County has been busy planning for these projects while addressing existing land use concerns around the existing 5 communities. Two major updates to the county's master plan were done in 2006 and 2007. A Habitat Conservation Plan has also been underway for several years for the Desert Tortoise and Willow Flycatcher in the southern portions of the county. This plan is expected to be completed some time in 2008.


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