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Forms Provided by the
Lincoln County Sheriff's Department


Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy Application - (pdf document, 16 pages) Please print this form and complete the paper copy. The Sheriff's Office accepts employment applications continuously, keeping them on file for one year..

Lincoln County CCW Application Form - This is the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office application for a concealed firearms permit. It contains general information and instructions. The form should be printed and completed. Some parts need to be completed by the applicant, other parts by the Sheriff's Office.

These forms are in pdf format and can be filled out on-line and printed.

Temporary Liquor License - (1 pages) Use this form for a temporary liquor license for an event.

Liquor License - (5 pages) Use this form if you are applying for a liquor license to sell liquor as part of your business.

Incident Statement Form - (1 page) Use this form to report an incident that you want to report to the Sheriff's Office. This form may be printed or e-mailed. Be sure to include your contact information so that the Sheriff's Office can contact you if they need more information.


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