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Victim/Witness Services


802 Avenue E.
Ely, Nevada

Mailing Address:
1758 Great Basin Blvd
Ely, NV 89301

Victims, Witnesses to violent crimes, or community members with questions in Lincoln county may call 1-800-372-7202, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 12:30 pm or they may reach Maxine Lantz, program Director/Advocate anytime at 775-296-1633.

Who We Are

Victims/Witness Services (VWS) is a system advocacy program for the Lincoln county Sheriff's office and DistrictAttorney's Office. We actually serve three counties (Lincoln, Eureka and White Pine) and two Shoshone Indian Reservations (Duckwater and Ely).

What We Do

Our advocates provide a number of services to help people who have become victims or witnesses to violent crimes. We provide Criminal Justice system information; case monitoring; accompaniment to court/law enforcement/prosector; assistance in filing for victim compensation programs - both county and state; liaison with prosecutors and/or law enforcement; supply 911 emergency cell phones for those that have no phone access; locate resources; assist with emergency shelter; provide information on topics of crime, criminal justice system and other related systems, such as Division of Child and Family Services and Child Protective Services.

There is no charge for any assistance by VWS advocates. There is no age, gender or ethic requirement.

Because we are system-based, government related, we become involved when law enforcement, prosecutors and/or Child Protective Services is accessed by a victim or victim's loved ones. We receive calls from deputies, prosecutors, medical, CPS and direct calls from victims, witnesses and community members.

What Can I Do to Help?

Donate time, money, office supplies, educate people about our services.

Become a Victim/Winess Services Volunteer Advocate.

Victim/Witness Service Program



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