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Lincoln County Water District
181 Main Street, Suite 115
P.O. Box 206
Pioche, NV 89043

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2011 10:00 AM

January 19, 2011

1. * Call to order, open meeting compliance, roll call, prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Present: Kevin J. Phillips, George T. Rowe, Anthony P. Donahue, Paul H. Mathews (via telephone through item 4), Wage Poulsen - General Manager, Dylan Frehner - Legal Counsel, and Shannon Simpson - Administrative Assistant. Absent: E. Edwin Higbee, Jt. Prayer: Anthony P. Donahue. Pledge: George T. Rowe.

2. * Discussion/Action: Reorganization of the Lincoln County Water District Board; appointment of new Chairman, vice-Chairman, and Secretary.

Nominations made for Paul Mathews as Chairperson, Kevin Phillips as Vice Chairperson, and Ed Higbee as Secretary.

Motion by Paul Donahue to approve the nominations, seconded by Kevin Phillips, motion passed unanimously.

3. * Approve/Modify minutes from November 22, 2010, meeting.

Motion by Kevin Phillips to approve the November 22, 2010, meeting minutes, second by Paul Mathews, motion passed unanimously.

4. * Discussion/Action: Payment of vouchers. (Invoices are available for public review at the Water District Office prior to the meeting).

Motion by Paul mathews to approve the payment of vouchers, seconded by G. Tommy Rowe, motion passed unanimously.

5. Discussion: Board and Staff member reports - May include but not limited to meetings attended, actions taken, agreements, projects status, future needs arising since last meeting and other relevant information for the Board.



6. Vidler Update.

Power Point presentation given by Don Pattalock, vice President Vidler Water Company, "Project Overview - Lincoln County Water District and Vidler Water Company.

7. * Discussion/Action: Kane Springs Valley U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service $50,000.00 payment.

Don Pattalock - Since the Kane Springs project and books have been closed, vidler Water Company is proposing the LCWD and Vidler each issue a check for $25,000.00, to the Nevada Department of Wildlife as requested by the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service in a letter addressed to Vidler Water Company, dated December 13, 2010. Payment to be made from the Planning & Development fund.

Motion by G.Tommy Rowe for payment of $25,000.00, to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, seconded by Paul Donahue, motion passed unanimously.

8. * Discussion/Action: Dan McArthur - 2009-2010 Annual Audit Report

Daniel C. McArthur, LTD. presented the LCWD Report on Financial Statements and Supplemental Material, June 30, 2010. Page 2 gives the Independent Auditor's Report. In summary it states that we are looking at clean financial reports. No N.R.S. violations. In compliance with Open Meeting Law.

Motion by G.Tommy Rowe to approve the audit report as presented, second by Paul Donahue, motion passed unanimously.

9. * Discussion/Action: On Lincoln County Resolution 2011-01. A resolution accepting Lincoln County's appointment of the Lincoln County Water District and its staff as Lincoln County's agent(s) and/or representative(s) on water related issues involving Lincoln County.

This item will not be considered on this agenda due to the denial of the resolution by the Lincoln County Commissioner are their meeting on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

10. Public Comment and Discussion. No public comment.

11. * Adjourn.

Motion by G. Tommy rowe to adjourn this meeting, second by Paul Donahue, motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 11:37 a.m.

Submitted for approval by:
Shannon Simpson, LCWD Administrative Assistant     /s/ Shannon M. Simpson

Approved by:      /s/ E. Edwin Higbee Jr.

Date: February 16, 2011

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