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March 19, 2014

Action may be taken on items denoted with an asterisk*.

  1. *Call to order, open meeting compliance, roll call, prayer and pledge of allegiance.
    Meeting called to order at 10:07 a.m. Present: Kevin J. Phillips, Adam Katschke, Paul H. Mathews, E. Edwin Higbee, Jr., Wade Poulsen-General Manager, Dylan Frehner-Legal Counsel, and Shannon Simpson-Administrative Assistant. Absent: Paul Donohue. Prayer: Kevin Phillips. Pledge: Ed Higbee.

  2. Public Comment and Discussion. No public comment.

  3. *Discussion/Possible Action: Approve/Modify minutes from the Lincoln County Water District (LCWD) February 19, 2014, meeting. Motion by Kevin Phillips to approve the February 19, 2014, meeting minutes, 2nd by Ed Higbee, motion passes unanimously.

  4. *Discussion/Possible Action: Approval of vouchers paid on check dates March 3 & 17, 2014. Motion by Adam Katschke to approve the payment of vouchers for check dates March 3, and 17, 2014, 2nd by Ed Higbee, motion passes unanimously.

  5. Discussion: Board and Staff member reports:
    • Dennis Ryder – Looking to shop 1000 a.f. of water again. The problem last time was that he has an agreement with the BLT Group. He has the majority share of the water; BLT has about 300 a.f. and he has the remainder of it. The agreement that he has with BLT is that he can’t do anything with his water unless BLT agrees he can. He is going to contact BLT to see if they would sell their water to him and he would sell that water to the LCWD. We could use this water for the energy site to supply an extra 1000 a.f. that would bring it close to 4000 a.f. available for this site.
    • Jim Toreson’s realtor Jan Cole contacted Vidler to see if they are interested in his property. Terms were a little high for Vidler. Vidler is interested if they come down on the price. Vidler will do an economic analysis on the viability of that property and the water and what is a good price to pay for it. Dorothy and Wade will discuss whether it is worth doing a joint venture.
    • Hasn’t heard anything from Brent Hafen on the 120 a.f. of water in Barclay.
    • Met with the Virgin Valley Water District about giving the concept to them about servicing the water in the Toquop area. Very receptive. Concept seems pretty sound to them. Will work on putting some numbers together to see what their costs would be and how to make it happen. When Wade has concept and hard numbers together he will make presentations to both Boards for approval.
    • Power regeneration plant (incinerate garbage) that was going to be built in North Las Vegas (NLV) the NLV City Council voted to take it out and not allow them to come into NLV. Wade will be contacting Scott Seastrand who has contact with the people involved with the power plant to see if Lincoln County might be able to reach out to them.
    • April is Wade’s annual evaluation. He passed out evaluation forms to the Board to complete for next month’s Board meeting.
    • Meeting time—Does the Board want to discuss changing the times & days again of our monthly meeting? Will put on the April agenda for discussion/action. Possibly change the time to 3:00 p.m. on the second Commission meeting of the month.
    • The National Park Service (NPS) sent the LCWD a letter on the Tetra Tech Water Model. The LCWD gave some comments on the model. The LCWD sent a letter stating that we are going to go after the best science and that we didn’t feel that this model used the best science.
    • One of the bonds with Merrill Lynch matured. It was reinvested; ½ into T-Bills at 1.97% and the other ½ into home bank loans at 2.03% (mortgage-backed securities). Both fund mature in 2020; 6-years.
    • Joe Davis, General Manager of the Moapa Valley Water District, wants to get together and have a regional meeting regarding the effects of Order 1169 and their pumping. This order will affect all of us.
    • Subpoenaed by Pardee Homes for document discovery on Coyote Springs.
    • Moving forward on Water Resource Plan. Sunrise Engineering has started writing it and wants to verify some particulars.

    • Subpoena for documents on Coyote Springs (CSI) case. Most of the documents are sealed. List is extensive. Coordinating with Vidler (they have been subpoenaed too). It appears that they are interested in any agreements with CSI in regards to water and/or potential water agreements. Has call into the attorney to see if the list can be narrowed down.
    • Received information on the geo-thermal issue. Will put on April’s agenda.

  6. Vidler Update.
    Ryan Hoerth:
    • Responding to the subpoena for CSI. Will take a lot of time.
    • Letter to NPS. Comments more towards Tule Desert and the data that Vidler has collected out there so far. The study did not address any of Vidler’s site specific data regarding Tule Desert and Clover Valley in their model. Not a good model to represent Tule Desert and Clover Valley for the purposes of Vidler’s stipulation with them.
    • Received permission from the Southern NV BLM to start the cultural and biological clearing on the access road from I-15 to the Toquop site. Will start culturally clearing this week; will be done in-house. The biological will have to be contracted out.
    • Still waiting to hear from the NV State Engineer on the change application in Kane Springs which has been over a year now.
    • Continuing to monitor.

  7. *Discussion/Possible Action: Establishing guidelines, policies and procedures authorizing the LCWD General Manager to sign Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with other water providers in Lincoln County.
    • Alamo Water and Sewer approved the basic MOU; non-binding.
    • Wade asking that the Board authorize that he is able to sign the MOUs at the other water purveyors Board meetings.
    • The Board has approved the format of the MOU.
    Motion by Ed Higbee to authorize the LCWD General Manager to sign Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with other water providers in Lincoln County, 2nd by Adam Katschke, motion passes unanimously.

  8. *Discussion/Possible Action: Authorizing the LCWD General Manager to obtain licenses and/or certificates for the operation of water distribution systems.
    • Wade would like to go and get his water distribution license/certificate. Will be good for the LCWD.
    • He will need to become a member of the Nevada Rural Water Association (NVRWA). NVRWA provides the training and the testing.
    Motion by Ed Higbee to authorize the LCWD General Manager to obtain licenses and/or certificates for the operation of water distribution systems, 2nd by Kevin Phillips, motion passes unanimously.

  9. *Discussion/Possible Action: As to the timing of separating financially from the Lincoln County accounting functions due to the County changing financial institutions as a result of the sale of Bank of America.
    • Discussion surrounding the upcoming banking changes that Lincoln County will be making and how it affects the LCWD.
    • Discussion on what accounting functions may need to transpire in the future as the LCWD grows.
    • Discussion on the LCWD obtaining their own checking account.
    Motion by Ed Higbee for the LCWD to open their own checking account, 2nd by Adam Katschke, motion passes unanimously.

  10. *Discussion: 2014-2015 Tentative Budget.
    • Wade has met with Dan McArthur. April 15 next meeting to approve this budget.
    • There will be an increase in Service and Supplies anticipating move to Panaca.
    • Increase in travel budget since we are usually right to the wire each year.
    • Walls, etc. will come out of capital projects fund.
    • Money used to pay the County the $80k will come from the CD at the PVFCU.

  11. Public Comment and Discussion. No public comment.

  12. *Adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 10:58 a.m.


Minutes submitted for approval on May 15, 2014, by Shannon Simpson, LCWD Administrative Assistant.

Approved by:      /s/ Paul Matthews, Chairman

Date:May 15, 2014

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