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Lincoln County Water District

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Lincoln County Water District to provide, protect and develop the water resources within Lincoln County. For the benefit of the citizens and for the economic development of Lincoln County.


Wade Poulsen - General Manager: e-mail:

Lara Heiselbetz - Administrative Assistant: e-mail:

Office Telephone: 775-962-8068
Office Fax: 775-728-4262

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 936, Panaca, NV 89042
Physical Address: Main Street, Panaca, NV 89042

Water District Board Members


Paul Mathews - Chairperson
Kevin Phillips - Vice-Chairperson
Adam Katschke- Secretary
Paul Donohue
Varlin Higbee


Water District Board Meetings - Generally the meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The meetings alternate between Alamo, NV and Pioche, NV. Contact the office to confirm meeting date and place, and/or to be added to the e-mail list to receive the monthly agenda. Agendas and meeting minutes are also available on this website.

Lincoln County Water District Ordinances

Notice of Filing Proposed Ordinance 2012-01 - The proposed ordinance would amend the LCWD Ordinance No. 2007-01, which provides for the distribution and management of revenues received through the disbursement of water, to clarify when the LCWD will deposit revenues into the Water Resources County Reimbursement Fund, and to clarify what percentage of revenues the LCWD will deposit into all funds and to clarify expenditures for each fund.

Proposed Ordinance 2012-01 - An ordinance amending the LCWD ordinance number 2007-01 to clarify when and in what amount the LCWD will transfer a percentage of revenues from water disbursements to Lincoln County, changing the language restricting the LCWD's use of water funds, changing the percentage distributed to water funds and other matters properly relating thereto.

Lincoln County Designated Water Basins Map

A water right application and permit are not required in order to drill a domestic well (NRS 534.013). Domestic purposes extent to culinary and household purposes, in a single family dwelling, the watering of a garden, lawn and domestic animals. The maximum use is limited to 1800 gallons per day.

Interbasin Water Transfers - Due to the state’s arid climate and limited water resources, transferring water from one basin to another is not new to Nevada.

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Nevada Division of Water Resources - All of the permitted information to obtain, keep or transfer ownership of water rights can be found on the Nevada Division of Water Resources web site.

LCWD Employment Application - Fields in the form that are highlighted in blue can be completed on your computer and will print out when you print the application.



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